Dreaming of Utah



I have only been to America once when I was 9 and it was the colourful and sugar coated Disney dream of a trip, a trip that will always hold magical memories, but now I want to go back for an experience that is somewhat different. Both John and I would love an extended stay in the US, an adventure through this huge country as well as taking in Canada as well, perhaps driving across the Canadian highway from Montreal to Vancouver then down into the States and driving back from San Fran to New York. We want to be inspired by the vast never ending landscape, the cultures, accents, all the different style of properties from high-rises in New York City to the ranches in Texas and everything in between by hopefully taking in all the States.

I have slowly been researching different areas and even if we never get to do the mammoth road-trip we envisage there are a few places we would still like to visit if even on for a weeks holiday. One of them being Park City in Utah and especially at this time of the year with it's world-class skiing as it's home to the largest ski resort in the US as well as an array of stylish accommodations, shopping, award-winning cuisine and plenty or relaxation options there would be something to suit all of our needs. One of my all-time favourite family holidays was our skiing trip to Austria in my teens and with each passing winter we are talking more and more about taking the boys on their first skiing and snowboarding trip, especially my eldest who is starting to take up a real interest in board sports.

Skiing resort Utah

I have to admit we have a bit of a strange dynamic in our household, I love being active, out there, and trying something new, I would be the first person in line to pick up a snowboard each morning and head onto the slopes with my eldest while John actually prefers retail therapy, down time, relaxing in a hot tub or his favourite pastime that is watching films which is perfect as Park City is home to that famous Sundance Film Festival. A place like this would be perfect for this type of dynamic as we would both get a lot of out it, making it a great family friendly choice, especially with all their renowned ski schools and children’s programs as well as a huge array of off-slope activities.

Park City utah

Another element of a holiday like this is experiencing new surroundings and indulging in my passion for interiors and I would love to see first hand inside Utah’s only Forbes 5-Star and AAA 5-Diamond hotel the Stein Eriksen Lodge Deer Valley – with it's breathtaking and awe inspiring backdrop to it's luxurious but still rustic interiors one would be able to indulge in that magical snow-covered winter experience in front of your own log fire looking out across mountain views with a cup of hot chocolate or mulled wine if you prefer and enjoying that kind of relaxation only a holiday away in new surroundings can provide.

Perhaps it's just me but when winter falls I am all about the romantic and traditional side of things and to spend it in a place a special as Park City would tick all our family friendly travel boxes thats for sure.

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Room for change



Scandal interior

We are finally nearing the end of our current property journey - the house we bought two years ago was always going to be an interim project, not a full renovation like our last home but a project none the less. To be honest even though the proportions of the house are good it's never been our taste of property and we have done what needs to be done to sell and get the best price we can and have managed to detach ourselves from getting to personally involved. 

Being an interior lover this has been at times hard to do as I am now really looking forward to moving onto a more long-term project and home that will see our personal tastes come into full effect and my mind is already racing with ideas. In the ideal world we will be able to purchase a bay fronted Victorian property with exposed wooden floors and original features that we can inject some Scandi style and simplicity into as well as our love of travel and have taken inspiration from various places we have stayed over the past year, including this designer flat in Earls Court above which we spent some time in during the summer.

interior design

While we finish up our snagging list and enjoy the festive period as a family I am putting together a little scrap book of ideas to take forward with us to our new property to help us visualise what we are going want to achieve. Co-op Insurance have recently released a fun and easy tool called Room for Change to help you discover and define your interior style within minutes by simply swiping and clicking on items you like, kind of like tinder for interiors and it has reaffirmed my love for the 1960's and retro furniture. 

While I have a clear idea of what kind of space we want to create I have started collecting a few small home accessories as well as making little wish lists for myself, I think it's important to keep yourself on track while keeping open to new trends and ideas. I have put together a few things I am loving at the moment.

stylish interior

1. Karlsson Alarm Clock £17.50
2. Copper Industrial Pendant lamp £95
3. Amelie Vase £15
4. Candle in ceramic holder £7.99

So if you are a bit unsure of what your personal style is or just need a little bit of direction then try out the Room for Change tool, like I said it's super easy and fun to use.

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Christmas classic baking fun



Growing up I have really fond memories of watching The Snowman in the run up to Christmas - is there really any other animation that captures the Christmas feeling as much as The Snowman? Well not until 2012 when they followed up the classic with Snowman and the Snowdog - an equally enchanting and magical animation which will be shown on channel 4 this Christmas.

I was asked if I would like to take part in a fun Christmas style bake-off inspired by the short film. Firstly please not the beautiful baked cookies above are the product of the talent crew from Biscuiteers in London and you can pick up this exquisite box of treats for £22.50

We really enjoy baking in our house and Mr A especially loves cutting out cookies, this time however was a little bit more difficult than usual as the baby has been really under the weather this week and waking up constantly or as expected being a bit of a grump - we opted to make this in the evening once I had put him down but at the crucial moment of needing to take the cookies out of the oven he woke up meaning they are little bit more brown than we wold of liked - especially as the recipe we use is full proof.

Super simple Butter Biscuits

100gm cubed butter
150g plain flour (spelt flour also works well)
60g golden caster sugar
2 tbs milk or 1 egg yoke

1. Preheat over to 180c or gas mark 4. In a mixing bowl rub the butter into the flour until it has the same constancy as breadcrumbs, then add the sugar in and mix well.
2. Add the milk into the mix and roll into a ball, add flour if the dough is still sticky.
3. On a floured surface roll out the dough to about 3mm thick. Use your cookie cutters to cut out the shapes and place them on a baking tray, once all done put them into the over for 8-10mins
4. Allow to cool, get decorating and enjoy eating - simple as.

If your a fan of The Snowman and the Snowdog why not pick up your own pair of cookie cutters from John Lewis and join in with the fun. Also remember to check out Dani from The Handmade Mum for her baking delights tomorrow
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Precious Moments with Ty Hafan



Even when the world seems like a mad place, full or rushing, lack of time or that one is being thrust into a hectic lifestyle, I am always very aware of how the smaller moments are what count and help to put everything into perspective. I am continually grateful for being blessed with two healthy boys, a warm home and good food to eat as there are many in this world who are not as lucky. As a family each year we choose a charity to support in what way we can so when the local welsh children charity Ty Hafan got in touch asking us to become one of their ambassadors we were extremely touched, especially as it does such amazing work for terminally ill children and of course said yes.

Ty Hafan have launched a campaign called #PreciousMoments which encourages people to share their precious moments with the rest of the world. Each Monday throughout November and December they share a new theme for the week across twitter and this week it was all about "Cwtches" the Welsh term for a cute and cosy hug. Make sure to come and join in with your Precious Moment

Here is little bit about what amazing work Ty Hafan does - since 1999 it's been looking after children with life-limiting illnesses and their families ensuring they can make the most of every precious moments all completely free of charge through the work of 700 volunteers and 235 members of staff and with more and more families needing their help annual costs are rising. £10 could pay for outreach play therapy for one family, £15 for half an hour of physiotherapy to relief a childs pain and £23 for an hour of support for a family.

We are currently saving a little bit of money each week and will be making a donation to the charity this Christmas time. You can do the same Here

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Wild and Free lately



den making

A few weeks ago we got sent an amazing Den Kit from Wild and Wonderful and Mr A was over the moon as he is counting down the days to when he will be old enough to join Beavers and start his Scouting journey, although over the past few weeks at one point or another at least two of us have been under the weather which has made our normal ventures a little bit trickier than usual. It seemed like we were all on the mend and enjoyed a short break in the countryside of Sussex but on our return it was clear both boys had bad coughs and I was coming down with something, luckily we are all remerging again fit and healthy.

We plan to take this kit up the forest for a winter warming activity alongside a flask of hot chocolate and now that we are on the mend hopefully we can do this very soon. John and Mr A however have done a little dry run in the garden which they both really enjoyed especially as the kit includes camo face paint and a camping mug for a warming drink. We all agreed that the green cotton haversack makes a great outdoor bag for an adventuring loving child and Mr A really had so much fun with the wooden mallet knocking in the tent pegs and having lots of experience putting up tents every summer he was a wiz at getting the den up and hid out in out most of the afternoon.

den making

As you know we also like to support local companies and the lovely welsh based Wild and Wonderful online store focuses on products that inspired a love for the outdoors, nature and getting creative. They have some fantastic alternatives for Christmas and we were thoroughly impressed with the quality of the Den Kit.

outdoor toys

1. Bug Kits £12.99
2. Build your own boxcars £99
3. Moulin Roty Garden Case £53.99
4. Design your own Feather Crown £20.99

We cannot wait to head up into the forest and put this Den kit to the test in the elements and will be sharing with that you hopefully very soon. Until then even if it's raining why not get your wellies on and do little puddle jumping or who can spot the most snails and slugs, either way remember to have fun outside

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Thanks to Wild and Wonderful for asking us to review one of their amazing products.

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Street Style Sunday - Cosy Jumpers



Wow suddenly there is a real bite in the air this week as we come to the end of Autumn and say hello to winter. I thought I would take a moment to get cosy in this knitted Poncho I picked up two seasons ago from the Pure Collection. We have been a bit under the weather this week so have been keeping things fairly simple and low key and indulging in comfy fabrics such as wool and denim. This striped tee is from Next, jeans from Wallis and shoes from Esska.

The great thing about this time of the year is being able to layer which has also made me realise I am really in need of a few new cosy jumpers and knits this season that add a bit of pop to my outfits while still keeping me warm under a jacket on our outdoor adventures. They really are a season essential which is also the perfect excuse to have an array of options in your wardrobe.

1. Fair Isle jumper from Boden £99
2. Mother sweatshirt £45
3. Fine knit DUH! jumper from H&M £14.99
4. Eau De Nil Cable jumper from Lavitta £16.67

Make sure to come and share what you have been wearing this week or what has been inspiring you or is on your Christmas list with this weeks #StreetStyleSunday - make sure to also share on instagram.

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Never regret your style choices again



Picking the right style for your home is a huge decision. Many of us will have felt this pressure as we flick through home magazines or scroll through Pinterest. There are just too many different styles and, if you’re like me, so many of them stand out. The fear is that you’ll choose one of these beautiful styles, create your room based on this idea, add all the finishing touches and then another, better style will catch your eye.

You really don’t want to be redecorating every month, so it’s so important to pick a style that you’ll still love in a year or so. Not to mention picking products that will last as long as your love. So don’t stress, take a few moments to really think about your style and the look you want, using these tips to help you out.

Start small

Don’t back yourself into a corner with no way out. By this we mean, don’t go into overdrive and decorate the entire house without giving yourself time to reflect on your design choices. This could mean just decorating one room to start with or even just changing a few choice pieces of furniture. This way you’ll save yourself time and effort if you decide it really isn’t for you.

Get inspired

Magazines and online imagery can be overwhelming. Having too many great options can leave us more confused than before. But don’t despair and don’t throw away these amazing assets, they can be useful just used in the right way. Pinterest is especially inspiring when it comes to home decoration. Even when it comes to choosing the simplest thing as the right colour, the range of ideas on this one site alone can fuel your ideas. Check out Dulux Decorator Centre’s Pinterest board for new, exciting colours and ideas each week.

Start logically

To really find a style that works for you, you need to pinpoint exactly what you don’t like about your current decoration and what you want to achieve through a new look. Maybe it’s too dull, uninviting or even garish. Make a list of not only what you want to change but why and use these to figure out how you’ll make the right choices.

Do a mini-makeover

Visualising your room is hard. What looks fantastic in that chic studio loft on Pinterest, may not suit your cosy family living room. Luckily there’s a way to combat this though. Using the wonders of technology and Dulux Decorator Centre you can see your newly decorated room right in front of your eyes without even lifting a paintbrush. This is all done through the Dulux Decorator Centre Visualiser App. Simply download the app to your mobile or tablet and use the camera to decorate your room in any colour or shade that takes your fancy.

Regretting your decoration choices can be the worst feeling. Not only have you put in time and effort to creating the look, but then if it’s not right you quite literally have to live with it every day. So regret no more, just make smart and beautiful design decisions.

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Lets go skateboarding



I was always into alternative sports when I was growing up spending lots of weekends at the beach, surfing for hours on end and when the surf was flat then you could find me cruising around on a skateboard in the summer sun. A few years ago I damaged my knee, had surgery, recovered and shortly after had my eldest son which has not left me that much time to get back on the board although with Mr A now showing an interest in learning it's really exciting to get back on a board and encourage him to do the same. 

So when Plain Lazy got in touch asking if we would like a go at one of their super cool and colourful retro boards we literally couldn't wait for it to arrive. Penny boards as they are more commonly known are great for learning the basics and with large wheels and Abec 7 bearings for a smoother and faster ride they are great fun speeding along a promenade. You can also choose your colour combination of wheels and deck, we went for yellow and blue.

The quality of these boards are excellent and would make a fantastic gift for all ages this Christmas, including you mamas! I was really surprised how quickly Mr A picked it up, he has been on my full-size deck before but not recently and under my watchful eye he made some real progress. They are also pretty small and light making them great for on the go. Once my son is more confident we will get another one and keep them on hand for nipping around the city or park. These really are a lot of fun and we are looking forward to another dry day to go cruising.

Thanks to Plain Lazy for sending us this super cool retro board.
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On Silence, Gratitude and Perspective



Not many things stop me in my tracks but the recent events in Paris did just that and before you say anything yes I am completely aware that such tragic, awful and equally senseless events like this happen more often then we realise all around the world, saying that it doesn't make what happen in Paris any less relevant and certainly does not lessen the pain felt by those who have lost loved ones, as with anyone in this situation despite where you live. Perhaps personally it feels more poignant as I spent a few months living in France before having Mr A or perhaps just due to the fact it was normal young people going about their business.

John and I as well as the boys have all been under the weather recently and before Saturday I could feel the lack of sleep, being run down and rushed off my feet build up and stress was certainly starting to get the better of us. Then after a busy week, while relaxing watching a film I saw the first tweets, one of our favourite cities coming under attack, immediately our issues seemed pointless, in fact words started to feel meaningless, this extended to the blog, just until I found the words to describe how I was feeling.

Growing up in South Africa I had what I would describe as a free range childhood spent climbing trees and catching frogs in streams but my parents were very good at keeping what was really happening at the time out of our sight, we were not allowed to watch the news and they rarely discussed any fears they did have around us. As I got older and was able to read the headlines or listen to the radio and my out-going personality was split with real anxiety. I also became more aware of how crime or terrorism does not discriminate with a spate of bombings & attacks happening in Cape Town in the nineties. I have always viewed the UK as a fairly safe place to live although I can feel that anxiety starting to grow in my mind, probably because now i'm a parent and your sense become heightened when you have to look after someone else as well as yourself.

This brings me onto perspective and gratitude - I am fully aware of how lucky my family and I are, we have our health, freedom, a roof over our head, food in our stomachs as well being able to travel and eat out, things that are real luxuries to so many. I have always tried to instil in my eldest how gratitude is something we should practise daily and I actually keep a daily diary where I put down three things I am grateful for each day. I in a way feel guilty about having a sense of unease when there are children in places like Syria that face daily horrors but it's hard not too when such a shocking event affecting innocent people happens.

I am not a religious person per say, in fact the older I get the harder I find it to understand how when nearly all religion preach understanding and love that we are people of planet earth can do this to each other. I do however believe in People, I believe that as a species we could be great, I believe in equality, in helping others, in saving others. My heart goes out to all those affect by what has happened in Paris and the rest of the world...I wish a wand could be waved and the fighting would stop but until then my open minded view on the world will never change, I just hope we can all be kinder to each other.

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Win an HP Printer & a year's supply of Ink with HP Instant Ink



As some of you already know I have been working with HP Instant Ink on a book project where around 9 bloggers contribute a two page spread towards the book creating the  collaborative and fantastical story of Harrison and Hugo's Imaginary Zoo, something which I am really excited about and cannot wait to show you the final story very soon although you can keep up to date with the latest instalment of the story here

As part of my partnership with them I am pleased to announce that one of our readers is in the chance with win an HP Envy  5644 All-inOne Inkjet Printer worth £99 and a one year HP Instant Ink subscription which will provide 100 pages of ink for 12 months worth more than £40

It's super easy to enter and the giveaway ends on the 20th November 2015

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How to supersize your bathroom



freestanding bath
How stunning is this freestanding bath, in a treehouse no less

If you aren’t happy with your bathroom you can always make some subtle changes that make it more functional as well as more attractive. One of the first problems that you should address is the size of your bath. Making your bathroom look larger can help make it a more comfortable room in your home, so make sure your budget allows you to add some features that can dramatically impact the use of the space in your bathroom. Here’s how to supersize your bathroom on any budget so that you can get the most from a small space that isn’t currently working effectively for you, whether you are looking to do a full-scale bathroom redesign, or just make a few small changes that can have a big impact, here are some ideas. 

Begin with the Tub

The bathtub is typically the most expensive part of any bathroom upgrade, so make sure that the one you choose works well in the space you have. If your bath is too large, it wastes space that could be used in a more productive way. You may want to consider using a freestanding bath to open up the floor and wall space; this will make your bathroom look larger than it really is. If you just sit and soak in your tub, a smaller size could still accommodate your bathing needs while freeing up some valuable space. Visit JT Spas to find an excellent selection of freestanding baths that can complement any bathroom decor.

stunning bathroom

Use Corners Effectively

Freestanding baths work well in corners, where normally a lot of space is simply wasted. Keep in mind that simply using the space you have available in a different way can help improve the overall look of your bathroom. You may want to use a corner sink, a vanity designed for use in a corner, or a storage unit that helps to better organise your bathroom and remove any clutter. By artfully using the corners in your bathroom you can create a cohesive feel with a dynamic and unique design that makes the entire room more spacious and appealing.

Your Bathroom Suite

When you are buying an entire bathroom suite you should think small and consider basins and toilets that are functional without using a great deal of space. Think about using a toilet that is wall-hung and round rather than elongated. Keep your design aesthetics in mind and you can use smaller units that function well and still provide your bathroom with an interesting, new look.

bath time toys
We have kept our bathroom suite  simple as we plan to sell

Lighting Improves Functionality

When the goal for your bathroom remodel is to make it appear larger with a more inviting and attractive look, don’t overlook the lighting. Use natural lighting whenever possible to provide a light and airy feeling in the room. To make the room appear larger, use recessed lights and small sconces around any wall-mounted mirrors. Keep in mind your regular grooming tasks and make sure that even if your fixtures are smaller, you still have sufficient light to see what you’re doing. Use attractive colours on walls and the ceiling that reflect the light and your small bathroom will appear much larger than it really is.

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Safe and stylish travel with Cybex


kids carseat

We love to travel and are actually enjoying a little road trip this week down to Sussex and knowing that the boys are safe in the car is extremely important to us. Mr A has recently outgrow his car seat and finding one for his age that would grow with him was little bit more tricky than we thought so when Cybex got in touch to ask if we would like to review the Cybex Pallas M we couldn't wait.

The Cybex Pallas M is perfect for those moving up in size as it is a 2 in 1 seat that can see your child from 3yrs old all the way to 11years old. It also has some really impressive design features that make it stand out from the rest of the carseats on the market such as a one-hand adjustable impact shield which also reduces the risk of neck injuries without confining the child and a 3-position reclining headrest which also prevents the child's head from falling forward while asleep.

Kids carseat

From a parents point of view what I really love about this carseat is how comfortable Mr A is and how happy he is to sit in it, not one complaint as with our last one it was a constant battle as he didn't like the straps as the rubbed or he felt confined. The fabric of the Cybex is really soft and has a built in optimised ventilation system to help maintain a comfortable body temperature at all times.

I often say this but less is really more when it comes to baby and child purchases and investing in a decent product is always the best route, I am so happy that this seat can grow with Mr A and it's unlikely we are going to need another seat and highly recommend it

The Cybex Pallas M Fix which is comparable with ISO-Fix retails at £260 while the Pallas M is £230 - and like I said they are extremely well made, durable and very comfortable - in fact it's the only car seat Mr A has been more than happy to go in.

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Street Style Sunday - roundup



Its that time of the week again to share some family fashion inspiration, what we have been wearing or loving and as we are off on a mini adventure to a farm in Sussex today I thought it would be nice to do a little round up of some of the style post we have shared over the past few weeks instagram and the blog.

1. We had a lovely day last week cruising on this Plain Lazy Penny board - full post coming soon
2. Wearing a two piece from Luxemme 
3. Baby G in his snowsuit from LittleChickie
4. John is his Patagonia jacket and Vera shoes
5. The boy and I rocking some stripes
6. Last weeks outfit and my favourite Jumpsuit
7. Some new trainers from Bodens
8. Mr A in his Yeap tee from Melijoe
9. John treating himself to a new Ralph Lauren winter shirt

What has been inspiring you this week? Come and join in with you and your families outfits, style, wish lists of anything fashion related, also make sure to take yourself with #StreetStyleSunday on instagram

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5 Tips for Buying the Perfect Sofa


stylising living room

It's that time of the year when you want to curl up on a comfy sofa with a big mug of coco and some warm throws, arms around the kids or with a book in hand and wind down the day. The thing is both of our sofas are getting on a bit, they are well used but are like a Chesterfield which get's better with age, rather with our two the legs on both are starting to go, mainly do to an overexcited 5yr old who thinks it's very funny to jump from one to other, turned into a den or simply form just being used daily by a family of four, so we are on the hunt for some new sofas.

father and son
Could these two look more comfy?

It's surprising how important and central a sofa is to a room as they need to be inviting, comfortable as well as fit into the space rather than consuming it. You want your sofa to make your room feel spacious rather than small or cluttered with furniture that is too bulky. As buying a sofa is a rather large investment you need to do some pre-planning when it comes to picking the right one and it's always worth going with a company you know will provide you a quality item such as Camerich whose beautifully designed pieces of furniture are made by master craftsmen at affordable prices and they stick by their word by offering a 15yr guarantee on contemporary sofas meaning it should become a real part of your family home without the fear of falling apart as is the state of ours at the moment.

stylish sofa
Crescent two-seat sofa

Here are our top tips for buying a sofa

1. Firstly you need to decide on the style and make sure it ties in with everything else in the room as it's quite a large purchase you want to know it's going to work well within your space. Also, take into consideration the longevity of the sofa and opting for something simple and chic that you can dress up with throws and pillows rather than something to stylised or too much on-trend.

2. Decide on the purpose of the sofa - is it going to be a place for the whole family, do you need a 3 seater or even a sofa bed? Is it going to be somewhere you will be relaxing in your free time and therefore you want pillows that are comfortable but also fairly firm, or is it simply more of an occasional piece of furniture such as a chaise long?

3. Make sure to take measurements - this is very important and should never be overlooked and also check the size of your front door and that you can get it into the house.

4. Purchase a good quality and well-made sofa, whether new or secondhand go with a make that you trust and won't let you down, do your research and when you go to pick it up check the frame is sturdy and that have a little "test drive" by sitting on it for at least 5 minutes.

5.  Make sure that the sofa ticks all the current fire safety requirements, there should be a tag somewhere on the sofa that certifies it is made in accordance to fire regulations.

Personally we would love to have a chesterfield or something out of Mad Men but as we don't know what our next properties is going to look like it's quite hard to make that final decision but we are having fun putting a wish list together so long anyway.

Avalon Chaise 

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Win Exclusive cookery class in Cardiff with Spanish Chef Omar Allibhoy



I am very excited to say I have a brilliant giveaway for all you lovely readers and you are in for a real treat. If any of you follow me on twitter you have probably seen me mention my love of Olives which is one of my favourite foods and the wonderful people at Olive it! have paired up with Spanish chef Omar Allibhoy and Italian hotspot Giovanni's in the heart of Cardiff to bring you an afternoon of hands-on cookery tuition in a variety of tapas inspired recipes using olives.

Best of all is I have a pair of tickets to giveaway to attend this exclusive cooking class which is taking place on the 12 November 12:30-3:30pm at Giovannis Cookery School, Cardiff, UK. Once you have cooked up a variety of exciting dishes you get to set down and enjoy sampling the feast accompanied by carefully selected wines. It's super easy to enter and the giveaway ends on the 10th November 2015

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This Homeschooling life



Wow how did a whole month fly by so quickly? We have been so busy with the changing of the seasons and have been celebrating everything that Autumn has to offer with most days being spent outside. Half term also happened which means we also have a bit of a break and any "formal" learning went out the window and we did a whole lot more hands on activities during the dry weather

We enjoyed pumpkin carving in the Park, worm charming and apple pressing at Forest Farm Nature Reserve as well as Autumn crafts, wild art and being apart of a Spider survey which involved recording all our spider finds as well as coming across some earwigs and snails. Mr A has also shown a big interest in Bird watching and we actually spotted two beautiful Kingfishers over the weekend which was a real highlight

Another thing we have enjoyed lately is cooking together, something which Mr A seems to have a love hate relationship with, he is not a big eater and rather fussy and at times can be very enthusiastic about helping me out in the kitchen while at other times has no interest but he helped chop some veggies, stir, pour and dish up a wonderful supper with our Hello Fresh box as well as some delicious Gingerbread men using the healthy wholegrain mixes from SweetPea Pantry - we always cook from scratch but I think with both of these having all the ingredients provided in the right measurements took out some of the stress making the cooking process more fun and easier for little ones to join in with.

We have of course been carrying on with reading and writing skills and have decided to work on some season workbooks with our most recent one being all about Pumpkins, as well as animal, spider and owl crafts and indulging in an all time favourite - Castles and knights.

The main theme in our house however has been enjoying the outdoors before the real cold weather sets in, taking time as a family. We are also gearing up for a little off-grid adventure this weekend with Canopy & Stars to just well, get away from it all before the mania of Christmas begins.

If you are a homeschooler or home educator please come and join in with our monthly linkup and share what you have been getting up to so we can continue to inspire each other

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