A tour of New York’s artiest highlights


Empire State building
Someday soon hopefully we will travel to the Big Apple as a family (image)

John has been lucky enough to visit New York three times and even though I have been to America I have never been to this amazing city and one day we hope to go together, as a family with the little man in tow of course. Even though John spent a lot of time going to various markets, exploring Brooklyn, visiting record stores and taking in all the street art he did miss out a lot of historically important Artistic highlights and places that would be on my list of must do. We have put together a list of places we would like to go together to be creatively inspired and hopefully it won't be too long of a wait before we can make this list a reality.

beautiful loft
Beautiful loft apartment (image)

First of all to start off our cultural and artistic trip I would love to stay in a warehouse conversation or large windowed Manhattan loft, I mean why not, you only get to do these things every now and then and I am sure there would be something in Airbnb thats amazing to rent...I'm feeling something like this

When you travel to a city as culture-packed as NYC, you have to prioritise. With its majestic edifices, glittering windows and bustling streets, it’s hard for the aesthete not to want to stand in one place and swivel a camera lens in the direction of anything that moves, but alas: there are sights to see. Feed your inner design enthusiast with a pilgrimage to worship at some of these global temples of iconic art and design.

Museum of Art and Design

With its rectangular façade of interlinking glass and steel shapes cutting a striking dash on the skyline, the Museum of Art and Design resembles a giant, perfect game of Tetris on the outside. Within, there’s a palpable dedication to the cultivation of creativity and artistic advancement. With four floors of exhibition space, an education centre and its own artists in residence, there’s plenty here to occupy a Manhattan morning, and this is a great alternative to the more crowded stops on a tour of New York’s museums.

Audrey Hepburn street art
I love this stunning Audrey Hepburn street portrait in New York (image)

Street Art Tour

The beauty of the urban canvas is that it’s in constant flux. New York’s street art simply cannot be constrained to the limits of a museum, so break with convention and take a walking tour of some of the enigmatic talent slathered across the derelict buildings, disused train carriages and other, forgotten corners of the city. Book a tour in Brooklyn, and remember to bring a camera to snap the transient artwork that may only last a generation.

Museum of Modern Art
The MOMA New York (image)

Museum of Modern Art

Housing some of the world’s most iconic pieces, this mecca for art lovers between Fifth and Sixth Avenues is unmissable. View works by modernist hard-hitters like Matisse, Picasso, Bacon and Cezanne, explore cutting edge sculpture or invest some time flicking through the staggering selection of photography.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This powerhouse of the arts counts over two million pieces part of its permanent collection, across 17 departments, and has been championing and preserving fine art since its inception in the 1870s. With everything from Egyptian mummies to armour from the Middle Ages, the artefacts on display span the ages.

Brooklyn bridge
A pre-bearded John enjoying the sights of New York

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  1. I agree with you, that Audrey Hepburn portrait is stunning x

    1. I know, it's so beautiful - I love Street Art in big cities

      Laura x

  2. I would love to stay in new york - thanks for the post

    1. You really should go - it's one of those places I think people really fall in love with

      Laura x


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