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Early morning light
Early morning light is so beautiful 

I have mentioned on the blog before that we are not always the best at getting a good nights sleep which often means getting up late and in turn means pretty much running late for the rest of the day so I was super excited to be asked to be apart of The #EarlybirdChallenge by Free Office Finder. On average we all basically have around 25 000 mornings and most of mine are fairly groggy but it's proven that it's better for your physical and mental wellbeing waking up a little bit earlier than usual as it makes you far more productive and by doing some simple changes you can make huge improvements to your sleep routine and giving yourself more time in the morning for some peace quite and de-stress downtime.

french toast with banana
Love having time to make French toast with bananas in the morning

So how did walking up earlier benefit me in the past few weeks?

1. Being able to enjoy a quite cup of coffee before the little man gets out of bed, which is something that has been unheard of since now.

2. Being able to prepare wonderful breakfast treats for the boys including some yummy french toast with bananas, healthy greek yogurt pancakes, homemade wholemeal scones and lots of traditional porridge oats.

3. Enjoying the morning light

4. Getting crafts ready for myself and the little man to do that day as well as planning the day ahead to be as fun and productive as possible.

5. Giving me a chance to organise the house and kitchen and have a chance to shower or get myself ready in peace.

Making christmas decorations
Enjoyed some creative and craft time with friends early one morning

Highlights of the past few early starts

1. Taking a 6am flight to Amsterdam and watching the sun rise from above the clouds - simply magical

2. Crossing over the board to Bristol and spending a morning crafting wreaths with some lovely blogging ladies.

3. Enjoying morning walks in the park with the little man - such a fun and simple pleasure.

Enjoying a rare uninterrupted cup of coffee

On the days I have managed to get up earlier than usual I really did feel less rushed and that I had more time to do the things that either needed to get done or we simple really enjoyed doing. I also found that my patience improved as having a young child at home can be at times very testing and it's much easier to think clearly when you have had a good night sleep and have had some time for clarity and calm in the morning. I am hoping to carry on improving my sleep routine especially before the next arrival comes as being as productive as possible is key in my life at the moment.

Are you a morning person? What would you do with an extra hour in the morning?

Thanks to Free Office finder for having me apart of the #EarlybirdChallenge


  1. I'm REALLY not a morning person - I'm dreadful til about 10am - but this has inspired me! Mornings are something I think I should definitely try to get better at (I'm nearly 30 after all!)

  2. ah this is lovely! unlike most people i am totally a morning person, haha. though i wasn't when i was younger and never thought i'd say i like the mornings! also..that banana & french toast combo looks delish.

  3. Lovely post as usual Laura! I have a new job which means more of a routine which I love because I don't get up wasting my weekend mornings by sleeping in!

  4. I'm at my most productive in the mornings and am fine if I have to wake up early, as long as i've had a good night's sleep, as in not when I have a baby that keeps me up all night and wakes me up early! Lately I've been coming down before everyone else and getting some blogging done, I love it, so peaceful! x

  5. I haven't had banana on toast for so long! I'm much more productive in the morning then the evening x

  6. I like getting up early as I tend to sleep a lot easier at night. Got up really late once and couldn't sleep later on x


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