Feeling Inspired at The Muller Anniversary Games, London


Muller Anniversary Games

On Sunday the 22nd July I travelled across London to Stratford and the famous Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to take in a day of inspiring and world-class Athletics at the Muller Anniversary Games. Having done sport my whole life this was a real highlight for me and something I had been looking forward to for the whole month. 

I would of loved to have had the chance to sit in this Stadium at the 2012 Olympics in London but as we all know the tickets were like gold-dust but what makes the annual Muller Anniversary Games so fantastic is how accessible it is to everyone. With tickets starting at £10 you can be a spectator to some incredible sporting feats from the best in the world and it was only a 6-minute train from St Pancras or if you decide to drive in there is plenty of very reasonably priced parking. Being able to see first-hand world champions such as Luvo Manyonga win the long jump was really something special.

Muller Anniversary Games

Despite it being very warm as the event landed over one of the UK's longest heatwaves the atmosphere was electric and this made for the perfect day out and it was great seeing so many families there as this is the perfect way to inspire the next generation and get kids excited about sport. 

The Stadium itself was breathtaking and much bigger than I ever could of imagined and you really felt you are a part of something when you were inside. You can also view nearly all of the events from wherever you are in the stadium and we had fantastic views of the high-jump, long-jump and hurdles events. 

100m Hurdles

Living in the UK certainly has it's perks and I always feel incredibly grateful that world class events like this happen here and are so easily accessible and affordable. Even if sport isn't really your thing you would be hard-pressed to not be swept away in all the excitement of the day and this is certainly an event I would recommend. It falls over the summer holidays so makes for a great day out with the family and certainly one you won't forget for a longtime. 

Olympic Stadium

I'm looking forward to next year and taking my two boys with me as my eldest is starting to show an interest in running and I know something like this will only encourage that even more and hopefully inspire him to see that if you put the hard work in amazing things can happen. Plus as always London is such a vibrant place and having the chance to spend a couple of hours in the Olympic Stadium was incredible.

Disclosure: We were invited to the Games by Mumsnet and British Athletics. All words and images are my own.
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Keeping Kids safe online this summer

Amazon fire

Even though my near 8yr old has very limited screen time and what he does have isn't connected to an internet browsers that doesn't mean I haven't taken a lot of time and thought when its come to keeping him safe as it can be so easy to overlook. I'm always aware as he gets older he is asking to play games and want more digital freedom so knowing how to keep your kids safe online is key. Kids today are digital natives. They might not know how to interact with relatives at a family gathering, but if they are pre-teens and upwards they do know how to comment on Facebook, like a picture on Instagram and make a Snapchat. Kids these days are experts at socialising online and you can't blame them, as they are growing up in an age where everything is shared online and some things are done solely with the purpose of posting it on social media.

While it has made everything global, people stay connected all the time and staying in touch with your high school friends isn’t a problem anymore, it has also created some problems for the youngsters.

Social media can be both empowering and a positive space but equally a space of negativity and making fun of other people. Social media is rife with this issue because a lot of people feel they can say what they want from behind a screen or leave hurtful comments anonymously. Even if you are trolled some sites provide complete anonymity in which the victim doesn’t even know who is harassing them. Kids can get deeply affected by such acts and can become depressed and withdrawn. 


Social Media as we all know can be highly addictive and not only to adults but also children. Kids develop a constant need to refresh their news feed or check their notifications. It leads to a point where they check their phones after every 5 minutes even when there is nothing new happening. 

Behavioural Changes

Recent studies have show that too much time online can affect children and young adults real time communication as we need to interact with others face to face to build our social skills. Out-going individuals can also at times lose interest in physical activity and prefer to stay indoors and at home and can in the long-term put them at risk of depression and anxiety.

Personal Information risk 

Stranger danger is no longer limited to the streets. People can pretend to be whoever they want to be online and while as adults we know not to give out personal information children can sometimes be more naive or be led into situations where they have built trust with a total stranger and could give out personal information and put your child at risk.

How to put a constraint?

These issues can be very alarming and often parents want to take their kids’ phones away when they hear about them. But let’s not forget the fact that these devices also keep you connected with your kids, especially in a time of crisis. There is a more practical solution and that is keeping a check on them with the help of Android parental controls rendered by digital apps such as FamilyTime. You can take different steps with the help of these apps such as you can see what social media apps they are using and block them. You can put screen limits on their device use and keep them from getting addicted. Other than that you can monitor their web activity and other activity like text messages, calls, contacts, etc. to look out for cyberbullying and stress due to that. Apart from the cyber safety, keep them safe with the help of location tracking and Geofencing alerts etc.

kids online

Always teach them to be vigilant while sharing and interacting with people online. Keep them away from these sites for as long as possible and after that allow supervised use only. A little investment in Android parental controls can ensure kids’ safety on social media and they can lead a balanced, stress-free life.

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Create your own Chocolate with Cadbury Inventor


Create your own Chocolate

Over the summer holidays the normal daily routine for us all goes out of the window and we tend to embrace the moment as well as indulge in a few treats a long the way. We love to bake and get creative and naturally my boys love chocolate (as do I) and I still have memories of baking chocolate cakes and brownies with my mother and it's something I like to do now as a family as it's a chance for all of us to get a little creative as well as experiment with different flavours.

I know at one point or another we all wished that we could own our own chocolate factory and have a go at making our own mad-capped inventions while now you can have the chance with Cadbury Inventor which is a fun interactive website that allows you to create your own Cadbury Dairy Milk with the chance of it being made into a real Limited Edition Cadbury Dairy Milk bar. There are over 90,000 possible combinations which means you can get as crazy and weird as you want with flavour combo such as popping candy, mixed berries, cashews or even spicy chilly and fiery mustard, the options really are limitless. Each participant can submit up to three of their favourite flavours with the chance to become one of three finalists whose creations will be sold in stores, just imagine that!

So while I personally would go for something fairly safe like pecans and cranberries I thought we would mix it up a little more and include the whole family on this important decision making so after plenty of debating and going back and forth we decided on Apricots, Cornflakes and sprinkles which I'm not really surprised by as it's a combination of some of our favourite things right now, but how they would work together? I thought it would be a fun idea to make our digital dream Cadbury Dairy Milk bar come a reality by melting down a bar of Cadbury and use some of our heart shaped moulds and see what they come out like. It was fun and a nice simple summer craft, all you have to do is pick up a chocolate bar, melt it down and add your chosen additional extras, we simply popped the apricots and cornflakes into my small processor, whizzed them around and added it to the melted chocolate topped with sprinkles. Admittedly we didn't make as many as we thought we would as chocolate was definitely consumed along the way.

While the apricot and cornflake combo made for an interesting and slightly crunchy texture the boys wolfed them down and declared their creation the best! If you don't feel like going through the mess though, go wild online with the inventor page then make sure you do it before the 31st July to be in a chance of your creation being made into a real Cadbury Dairy Milk bar.

In collaboration with Cadbury Dairy Milk

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Summer budgeting tips to ease family financial stress



The summer holidays are without a doubt a welcomed break but can also quickly become a very expensive time for most families. It often feels like we cannot leave the front door without spending money and even "free days" can add up when you factor in petrol, parking and any snacks you may need to pick up on the go. What should be a fun time making memories together can quickly become a stressful one especially if you work freelance and are having to take time off to look after your kids which can cause even more of a pinch on the finances.

We all know that money itself cannot buy happiness or true fulfilment but on the flip side it does ease stress and financial worry which can way heavy on families. No matter how we get around money can affect relationships but by working together, planning for the future and having good communication means you can often avoid any major issues and create a real sense of stability. I always find the summer holidays come really quickly and I do like to be prepared to make sure costs don't spiral out of control and we can stick to what we have planned. We always have a few activities that are real treats and are on-offs so will cost more but between these we try to keep costs to a minimum so I thought I would share a few ways you can stay on budget this summer and keep stress levels down.

1. Plan your activities

Every summer I sit down with my boys and I ask them what they really want to do, if there is a special outing they are looking forward too or films they can to see at the cinema for example. We also write down all our favourite and often free local destinations such as a day at the beach, walks up the forest, different parks to explore around Cardiff. We use the "free" activity days to space out the ones that may cost admission and this way we have a clearer view of what we want to do.

2. Prepare packed lunches

As a society we spend so thousands of pounds eating out and it's one of the biggest areas we can save money on and also a very simple one. Like most parents I prepare a packed lunch for my eldest when he goes to school and simply following through with that on days out saves so much money. A simple sandwich, fruit and plenty of water can help keep off any hangry meltdowns as well as keep your bank balance happy.

3. Save throughout the year

Even if you are not going away for the holidays and plan to keep things low key I would recommend budgeting around £10-£15 per day for two children and one adult as this should help cover petrol, parking and the odd treat or cup of coffee while out. You could simply set up a savings plan of some sort or a tax-free amount with an ISA with a reputable company such as Shepherds Friendly. Having a lump sum at the start of the summer holidays will certainly make things less stressful.

4. Embrace the outdoors

There are so many fantastic places outdoors to explore across the UK from country parks and castle ruins many of which are free. Also simple activities such as a water fight or building a den in your back garden cost very little if nothing at all. Getting outdoors is not only good for your pocket but also for your fitness and wellbeing and the summer holidays are the perfect place to embrace it.

5. Get Social

If your kids are getting bored and climbing up the wall why not invite some friends around for a playdate. You can keep things nice and simple with a few activities and crafts planned inside the house and garden or take a stroll to the park - the main thing is playdates are great for keeping kids entertained with little extras needed even if it's raining as you can plan an indoor cinema with homemade snacks.

6. Google It

You will be surprised how many free or low cost events are happening in your local area and this where google comes in. It's really worth spending a couple of hours researching local groups and summer events and check community hubs such as your local Library which usually host some special events.

7. Free Activity Ideas

Here are a few ideas for those long summer days and have been a hit with my kids - Baking, get creative with lego, collect stones and decorate them, have an at-home dance party, have a go at face-painting, go bug-hunting, dress up, visit the library or local park, go rock-pooling, wash the car, get dirty gardening. These are just a few ideas but imagination is limitless and it really doesn't need to be costly.

 When your working to a budget research and planning is key and not overly time consuming but will save you a lot of money. Remember these days may be long but the years go by so quickly so the main thing is to laugh and have fun and not get fixated on the latest tech or material product. Quality family time is often when you keep things simple and create real meaningful memories. If your looking for more inspiration I have also written a post about our No-spend weekend which has some more suggestions.

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An Unexpected guide to Bath



Exploring Bath

Bath a historical city of culture, art, beautiful architecture and food and a city that has been well trodden by many a traveller, especially the thousands that flock to see the Roman Baths first hand every year. I have visited Bath many times in the past either for the day or a short weekend break but every single time I've visited this place has surprised me with something new. When Visit Bath and Bath University invited to come explore the Unexpected side of Bath I couldn't wait to see what they had in store. It was an action packed trip and really enjoyed experiencing the city from new perspectives and sharing what I got up to with you and hopefully inspire you to visit this unique destination over the summer. 

1. Brewery Tour and Tasting at Electric Bear 

Located in the Bear Flat are of Bath is the Electric Bear Micro Brewery which creates both traditional and experimental small batch nanobrews. What is really cool about this place is that they have a Taproom open every Friday and Saturday that allows you to try out their rotating beers and pilot brews right inside the working Brewery making for a unique and accessible experience for those beer lovers out there and it's child and dog friendly too! My personal favourite was the Lizard People Mango Sour which has a subtle sweet fruity flavour and for someone who doesn't drink much beer this was a real hit with me. You may find yourself a little peckish after beer tasting so take a short stroll to The Locksbrook Inn which is only a couple of minutes away and as the name suggestions sits right next to a canal with a beautiful sunny garden space and I highly recommend the freshly made pizza.

Beer tasting


Eating al fresco

2. Cool down with Gelato from Swoon

If you like me have a sweet spot for Italian creamy Gelato then Swoon is one place you really need to visit. At Swoon they only use the finest ingredients and everything is churned on site with the Gelato chefs making everything from scratch. With an array of flavours including 5 guest flavours each month there is plenty to tickle your taste buds and did you know Gelato is around 50% less fattening then normal ice-cream but creamer so you don't even have to feel guilty! With so much choice is really was hard to pick, I had a little taster of the Charcoal Gelato which was a first for me but went with Pistachio in the end and I wasn't disappointed. 

Pistachio Gelato

3. Learn all about wine at Le Vignoble

Did you know you can do Wine tasting right in the heart of Bath? I didn't either but thats where Le Vignoble comes in with it's unique concept of combining a wine lounge, shop and learning space together to provide a new type of experience for those wanting to know more about Wine. I had the chance to do a short introduction to Wine and learn a little more about grape varieties, how wine is produces and most importantly how to taste it. Le Vignoble is also a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle as it's nestled away in a beautiful building with an elegant and welcoming atmosphere. 

Le Vignoble Bath

Le Vignoble Bath

4. Paddleboarding on the River Avon 

Everyone who visits Bath usually makes sure stop by the famous landmarks that are the Abbey and Pulteney Bridge but what if you got to see these sites while meandering down the river Avon? Thats exactly what I did when paddle boarding with Original Wild and it was the perfect way to spend a warm evening as the sun lowered over the city and the calming feel of being on the river. This was the second time I had been paddle boarding and for those who may be nervous there really isn't any need to be, the boards are extremely buoyant and stable and you don't need any previous skills at all. I really recommend this unique experience as it's something I won't forget. 

River Avon

Orignal Wild

5.  Stylish Overnight Stay at Bath University 

During the summer Bath, like most cities can become quickly booked up as well as expensive when you are thinking about staying over. Most people don't know however that Bath University offer rooms in their well designed Student halls from £36 and have a large amount of availability which makes it perfect for those last minute getaways. I was really surprised at how stylish my single ensuite was and had excellent facilities such as a TV, mood lighting, fast wifi and plenty of storage. They have accommodation for all including solo travellers to family breaks away and you can also access all the sports facilities including an olympic sized pool and fully equipped gym, but if you rather sit back and relax the campus ground are beautiful. There is also plenty of places to eat on campus and I was extremely impressed with the food on offer and this is a fantastic option for those looking for a getaway on a budget this summer. 

bath Campus food

Bath University Bar

6. Morning Yoga with Robyns Yoga

They all say to start the day as you means to go on so waking up and doing a spot of relaxing and gentle Yoga is definitely a positive way to start the day. During my stay in Bath I had the chance to do a slow Yoga Flow class with Robyn, an experience and passionate teacher who is welcoming to all levels and experience. She runs a morning class at the YMCA Bath on Saturdays so if you fancy a spot of wellbeing while your a way then I recommend treating yourself to one of her classes. 

Morning Yoga

7. Take in the view from Sham Castle 

Sham Castle is a sham in that it was built as a folly around 1762 with it's main purpose to appear as a castle from the front view and improve the prospect of a wealthy land owner, but is in fact is only a screen wall, although a very impressive one at that. The walk up to Sham Castle through fields is a nice little outing and you are rewarded with some of the most fantastic views from it's elevated position across the city of Bath. Sham Castle is certainly a hidden gem and one I didn't know anything about until this trip and makes for a great photo background so if your looking for something unusual and unexpected then head up to this folly.

Sham Castle

Sham Castle

I really hope this guide inspires you to visit Bath as well as uncover a few more unique experiences you can have there. Of course one shouldn't miss out on wondering the beautiful side streets and quaint boutiques and coffee shops as well as the Abbey and Roman baths but there is so much more to this place than meets the eye.

bath Guide

Thanks to Visit Bath and Bath University for inviting to be apart of this press trip, words 100% my own. 

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Body Positivity in motherhood



Body confidence

Body Positivity - the hot word right now and for the right reasons although I often feel people get little confused about what it means and feel it only fits to one section of society or is an excuse for women to wear inappropriately short shorts which simply isn't the case and it's something that can really affect us all. Body positivity isn't about size it's about how you feel in your body wether you are petite, normal or plus size and what bothers one person about their body will not be the same for others but that shouldn't devalue their feelings. For a long time for us ladies (of course men are also included in this) the media have sold what an ideal women is and that just isn't reality in fact the typical 6ft size 6 model is very much the exception and not the rule and that has left us all feeling inadequate when it comes to how we think we should look and society perceives us.

Before I had children I didn't have that many hang ups, okay I wasn't a big fan of my arms as having done sport for years my arms were always more muscular than my friends but in general I was happy with my body. I was also extremely lucky to no be badly affected by stretch marks after having kids but that doesn't mean my body hasn't changed as I have gone up a dress size, my toned arms and legs have soften, I have cellulite creeping in and my confidence has dropped. I don't think I have ever felt so judged as when I became a mother, not just in terms of just how you look but what you do and how you parent so over the past few and this has had an effect on my self esteem and something I am working on.

What is great to see with the Body Positive movement is that mothers are embracing it as well and that we are not only parents but also people and can often feel discounted and diminished especially when it comes to simple things like time at the beach with our kids. Our bodies may not be perfect anymore but simple things like enjoying time at the beach without feeling judged goes a long way. We all age and everyone adapts psychically and mentally to motherhood in different ways but everyone is welcome to the conversation when it comes to body confidence. Now I know I am not very big, around a size 8-10, but until this year I hadn't worn a bikini for almost seven years because of my own personal hangups bit because of people like Molly Forbes who has been a positive force when it comes to mothers and being proud of their bodies, I put a bikini on the first time this year, in fact more than once and I am so glad I did.

body confidence

Coming to terms and learning to love yourself is really key, in a world where we tend to overshare we leave ourselves open to criticism but I found when you really are comfortable in your own body comments hurt less and tend to bounce off you despite being unpleasant and with support from others we learn to rise above it. We all have the right to enjoy clothes, to dress in our own style and just because we don't fit the picture perfect image that is seen in magazines that doesn't mean we don't matter.

Another issue I have personally experience is because it has taken me a while to accept my post-child thirty something body for a long time I didn't treat myself or spend money on my and rather the kids. I think this is fairly common and us mums tend to overlook our own needs even when it comes to essential items and put our families needs first. Having a well fitted bikini or underwear really does go a long way in how we feel, it's these small things that have an impact. So this past year I made sure to pick up a few items that made me feel good inside and out including a new bikini, underwear, and supportive tanks and tees from Knix that work with my body shape.

What I am really working on is accepting ageing but also embracing it and I know that I will look back when I am 60 and think why didn't I enjoy the body I had and make the most of it and that is my goal for the next couple of years to live in the moment and no get hung up and my own hang ups. Perfection is a myth and uniqueness is what makes life the amazing and diverse place we live and love.


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Medieval Glamping at Warwick Castle



Kids knights

Like many young children, my two boys are knight crazy and are fascinated with anything historical from that era and jump at the chance of being able to dress up like knights at every opportunity. We had heard fantastic things about Warwick castle so when we had the chance to stay a night in one of their Kings Luxury Tents we were incredibly excited and just hope it would meet expectations. 

With all overnight stays in the Knights Village you get a two-day pass to the castle which means you don't need to rush and can take your time getting there. We arrived in the early afternoon and with the parking located only a minute away from the Knights Village and quick check-in meant we still had time to get to the castle after checking out our accommodation.

We have done a lot of camping and glamping over the years and we always go in with an open mind as the amount of comfort can drastically different from one glamping experience to another but staying in the Knights Village with a four poster bed inside the tent was something we hadn't done before. As soon as we unlocked our tent we knew we were in for a real treat, this is serious luxury glamping with full sized beds with plush linen, wooden flooring, power sockets, wifi, two wooden thrones, table and cheese set and is set in an idyllic woodland area with babbling brook and friendly ducks to add to the peaceful atmosphere. We all agreed that we had the most comfortable night out of all our glamping experiences as the beds were so comfortable and warm plus there is proper lighting so no stumbling over in the early hours should you need to get up for a toilet break. 

Luxury Glamping

Warwick Castle Glamping

Avenue of Knights

Warwick Castle

After settling into our Kings Tent we headed over to make the most of the last two hours in the castle. We took it slow, visiting the birds of Prey, watching the Trebuchet being fired which was fasinating and also having a go at some Knight Archery which was very popular with my two boys. We also spotted some of the resident peacocks roaming the grounds and it was a great taster of what to expect for the next day and it was a great way to top off the first day at Warwick before heading back to camp.

The Knights Village has great facilities and the Glamping showers and toilets are clean and stylish and again the best we have seen in our experiences. You can also stay in Woodland lodges if glamping doesn't take your fancy although as I said it's really not like camping at all but still has that fun atmosphere kids love about sleeping under canvas.

There is a Medieval-style restaurant on site and I highly recommend eating here which is what we did as it's all apart of the experience. You sit in a large dining hall and tuck into an all you can eat medieval inspired dinner during which two knights had a sword fight which all the kids loved as well as getting to meet the knights afterward in their full metal armor.

Warwick castle

Glamping Warwick Castle

real knights

After a really good night sleep we woke up bright-eyed and ready to start the day but first of course was breakfast which is included in all overnight stays and there was plenty of choice for a hearty start. As we were up fairly early the kids had the chance to play with some other children on site while we had a moment to sit back and enjoy. 

The big highlight of the day for us was going to be The War of the Roses Live performance which is a critically acclaimed live-action family show which tells loosely the story of the War of the Roses with some fantastic horsemanship, jousting, sword fights and special effects and it was one of the most incredible live action shows we have seen and the boys were captivated from the get-go. With it being a sunny and warm weekend I was a little worried it was going to be too busy and manic but it wasn't at all, there is more than enough space for everyone while still creating a bustling atmosphere. 

There are of course plenty of other things going on in the castle throughout the day and we also watched the Flights of the Eagles birds of prey showcase and what I really loved about all the exhibitions and events was how educational and informative they all are.

Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle

Birds of Prey

With so much to see and do you can easily full up two days at Warwick Castle and we actually didn't manage to see everything. We did explore some of the Castle towers and ramparts as well as the impressive Great Hall and Staterooms with their lavish interiors. The grounds of the castle are also really nice to walk around and I highly recommend making a stop at the Horrible Histories Maze which gives you a quest to find answers and stamps before finally making your way out the other side. It's also quiter on that end of the Castle grounds and we decided to have a late picnic before taking a slow walk through the castle and thinking about heading home.

Warwick Castle

We absolutely enjoyed every moment of our stay from beginning to end and this is definitely somewhere we will be visiting again as there is so much to do for all ages and while it's very family friendly it's of great interest to anyone who loves history and makes for the perfect weekend break. 

Thanks to Warwick Castle for inviting us to try out the Kings Luxury Glamping, our words 100% our own
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My personal experience of Carbon Monoxide poisoning


personal experience

This month I am working with CO Be Alarmed on their campaign to raise awareness of the risks of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning as it's something I've had personal experience and was a scary experience both myself and my family. Each year around 30 people die and 4000 people are hospitalised from CO poisoning which is very preventable by simply fitting an alarm into your home. It's really important to remember that CO poisoning doesn't discriminate and can affect anyone of any age, including children. Being a parent the safety of my kids is paramount and while on average parents spend £222 per year on safety equipment a third don't invest in a lifesaving carbon monoxide alarm, which is really shocking statistics if you ask me.

Going back to my own experience I want to share it with you so that you can see how easily this kind of thing can happen to you. While studying in Edinburgh in my early twenties, I lived in a great little top floor apartment within walking distance of the city. It was dated but spacious and perfect for my flatmate and I plus the rent was reasonable. Now when your in your early twenties and have flown the nest like many young adults will do this year things like CO monitors is not the first thing that pops into your head when you rent a flat, but it should be so asking your landlord to provide a CO Alarm is essential.

Carbon Monoxide
CO poisoning can easily be prevented with a fitted alarm

I had gone to bed early as I had a huge deadline at college, I had set both my table alarm and phone alarm to make sure I wouldn't oversleep. My flat mate was working late and came back in the early hours and put on the gas radiator in our lounge before heading out again. I remember my clock alarm going off and feeling very groggy and confused but couldn't miss handing in my assignment so somehow manage to drag myself out of bed. It took me a long time to get myself together as I was drowsy and had a bad headache but once I did I noticed the gas radiator in our lounge was on but the flame was out and immediately turned it off (turns out the flame went out but gas was still leaking). I didn't know much about gas and Co2 but knew that wasn't good so I opened the large windows in our lounge to air the apartment out.

Somehow despite feeling really groggy, I caught my bus to college. When I arrived and handed my work in my friends noticed I was a bit off and my teacher told me to go home and advised me to call the doctor as I mentioned the radiator. I got home sometime after lunch despite being in the fresh air for a couple of hours I still felt unwell and decided to call the NHS help line number who advised me to go straight to my local A&E and they would be expecting me.

Be alarmed

When I arrived I was taken straight onto a ward. They had to draw blood from the top of my wrist through an artery, which was painful but that is how they test for Carbon Monoxide toxicity in your blood. The tests came back quickly and confirmed I was suffering from CO poisoning. I was put onto 100% oxygen straightaway, luckily a few hours I started to feel a lot better and quickly recovered from my experience physically but mentally I was very shaken up. I did want to go back to my apartment and the first thing I did was purchase a CO alarm, as well as banned the use of any of our gas appliances in my flat. Days, weeks and months later I replayed what had happened, what if I hadn't woke up, what if the worst had happened? So many what ifs!

This experience made me realise first hand how dangerous gas is and it's something I will never forget and wouldn't want anyone else to go through.  Also with so many young adults finishing their A-levels this year and heading off to University, it's not only a must to have a CO alarm in your own home but also in your children's places of residency. I was lucky but every year there are around 30 people who are not! I believe that CO alarms should be as important and essential to your home as fire alarms are and as a parent I need to have that peace of mind every time I go to sleep.

CO Be Alarmed have also put together a short video of the ABC rules of keeping safe when it comes to CO poisoning and I encourage you to watch it and keep your family safe - Watch Video Here . I have written this in partnership with CO Be Alarmed to help raise awareness of CO poisoning and how it can be prevented.

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