Dinosnores & Airbnb Base Camp at The Natural History Museum


Natural History Museum

Like many kids his age my 7yr old is obsessed with Dinosaurs and natural his also a fan of the Night At The Museum films so the idea of sleeping over at The Natural History Museum as part of Dinosnores was a dream come true on more than one level. Dinosnores runs throughout the year and makes this magical experience a reality for children aged 7-11yrs old and I whole heartedly recommend this, we had a blast.

What makes this next year extra special is Airbnb and have collaborated with Dinosnores to offer raffle places to ticket holders to be in the chance of getting one of the coveted Base Camp spots, located at the top balcony of the Hintze Hall besides the 1300 year old giant sequoia overlooking the huge blue whale skeleton, I mean talk about a view!


Airbnb base camp

Base Camp 

As soon as we arrived at the Natural History Museum the atmosphere was buzzing with so many excited children. Despite there being a fair few school classes, cubs scouts and larger groups it was so well managed that it didn't feel packed or manic and the staff were so professional and efficient from start to finish. We were on the lookout for the Airbnb flag holder who then took us to the rest of the group before heading up to the Airbnb Base Camp tents, I think he Base Camp only has 20 beds and so much detail had gone into dressing up the area in an authentic vintage camping style.

An actor playing the character of Captain John Fishing met us at the base of the stairs taking us to the communal camp fire where he told us tales of his adventures before getting comfortable in our beds and settling in before joining the rest of the campers in a variety of activities planned for the evening. There was also a box full of dressing up clothes for the kids and my eldest opted for a 1950's explorer, all ready for what an evening of adventures.




While the Base Camp was absolutely fantastic and a really special experience we would equally have enjoyed it just as much camping with the larger groups downstairs. When camping as a group the Natural History Museum provides you with a foam mattress but many bought their own to double up and make things more comfortable so this is a good tip and just a standard sleeping bag will do you well anytime of the year, we were here during winter and while it did get a tiny bit chilly at night it was too bad as the museum is pretty well insulated.

Natural history museum

Natural History museum

Airbnb base camp


Once we had settled into base camp, had a little debriefing around the camp fire and met the other Base Campers we headed off to our first activity which was a fun and engaging lecture on Sharks and prehistoric marine life. The Museum Scientist which took the lecture was informative and humorous made the lecture both entertaining and educational, everyone also had a chance to pass around a Megalodon tooth which is a real hit with all the kids.

Next up was a Dinosaur t-shirt designing workshop which allowed the kids to get really creative and design their own Dinosnores t-shirt to take home the next day, using fabric crayons and stencils. Once again this was an educational but hands on workshop and everyone really enjoyed it from the 7yrs old to the older 11yrs old.

After the first two activities we headed back to base camp for snack time, even though we ate before arriving it's a long evening and the ask everyone to bring a light meal or snack for the evening this also gave everyone a little bit of time to socialise and the kids to strike up a few friendships with some like minded Dinosaur fans.

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

Camp fire

After snack time we headed down to the Dinosaur exhibition and the much anticipated torch light treasure hunt in search of answers which would be discovered once you had found all the different rubbings and a picture would be revealed. As soon as the children had been briefed to what their mission was with much excitement they ran through the dark exhibition with torches in hand and coming close up to the moving T-Rex. It was a fantastic way to finish the evening and a highlight for all. Pretty tired by this point we headed back up to camp, enjoyed talking a little longer around the camp fire before getting ready for bed and just taking the surroundings in. There was lots of hassle and bustle but as soon as the lights went out at midnight pretty much a silence fell on the museum and everyone seemed to drift off to sleep quickly. 

We woke up around 7am and got dressed and packed up before having a mess style breakfast, of course things move pretty quickly in the morning as they have to get everything ready before the museum opens at 10am. So after a muffin, yogurt and cup of coffee (for me not my 7yr old of course) we said goodbye to Base Camp and headed downstairs but this wasn't the end of the experience in fact we were in for a treat with the live animal show. The handler was clearly very passionate about his array of snakes, meerkats and spiders and despite there being a lot of children and of course because of the large numbers getting up close with the animals besides birthday children was simply not possible but the show was still very entertaining and engaging. 

After everything wrapped up we had around half an hour to explore the museum before it opened to the public so we made good use of this and in fact ended up spend another two hours wandering around all the fantastic exhibits before having a bite to eat and heading back. As it was such a glorious sunny day (although still cold, it was winter time after all) we decided we would walk through Hyde Park back to Paddington Station and thats what I love about central London is how walkable it is. We made sure to stop by the Peter Pan statue on the way and spot all the swans on the lake before saying hello and goodbye to Paddington Bear and heading home back to Cardiff feeling tired, excited and in awe of what a wonderful time we had. Please do check out our vlog from the experience and we highly recommend Dinosnores.

Thanks to the Natural History Museum and Airbnb for having us. 
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How to Have More Fun with Your Kids in Winter


happy family

Recently it feels like all it's done is rain and while Christmas distracted us from the cold of winter it now seems to be really lingering with many of us looking for those early signs of spring. It can be easy to get a little cabin fever around this time of the year, even when your passionate about getting outdoors as much as possible it's just so cold that most head back inside after an hour which means we need to get creative when it comes to having fun as a family. Spending time with your children is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but between keeping on top of the house, work, the weather, things can gets in the way of making fun memories that will last a lifetime and even when we are all stuck inside it's easy to reach for the remote rather than connect over some fun activities so here are a few low budget ideas on having fun this winter.

Have an indoor Picnic

My boys absolutely love having picnics and get really excited when the weather becomes warmer and we can start to eat al fresco, but it doesn't have to be just a summer activity, why not bring it indoors and have a floor picnic? Have fun dressing everything up, get the pretty picnic blankets out, why not a teepee too? You can surprise your kids with their favourite treats and older children can even help in the kitchen with some baking and packing the food into the picnic basket, make a real event of it, it's always gone down well in our house, you can see some inspiration here 

high tea

Build a Fort

Its probably something you did as a child and building your own special fort or secret play den never gets old or boring so if you’re looking for a fun and cosy indoor activity then why not build a pillow fort? Use blankets, sheets, pillows and plenty of imagination that you can all climb into them snuggle inside whilst watching movies in your pyjamas.

If you want to make your blanket fort really special then buy soft toys at gund.co.uk to decorate it. You can also use these for extra imagination play, asking each child to tell a fort story about their favourite new cuddly friend.

kids den

Have a Reading Marathon

Instilling a love of reading in your children is important from a very early age. Reading is a life skill that is essential, and if your child loves books when they first begin to read then they will love books forever!

You might think that reading is a fairly solitary experience, but if you want to have fun with your kids and challenge them academically at the same time then why not create a family reading marathon? Create a list of books and then snuggle down to read them together. The challenge of getting to the end of the list will inspire them to keep reading, and talking about their reading is a wonderful way to engage your children.

starwars book

Face painting and role-playing

Most kids love to dress up as their favourite characters so why not have a dress up day and get creative with it. If you have some face paints to hand than download a couple of easy tutorials from online and set up a little face painting station to get the role playing started. Popular styles are lions, cats, butterflies, knights and after the face painting you could also see what you have lying around to make a few hand made costume, cardboard boxes can be cut out into wings or a shield, imagination really is limitless.

lion facepaint

Get outdoors

Of course despite the cold and wet weather we do aim to get out as much as possible so pile up the scooters and skateboards into the boot or dust off your bikes, make sure you have plenty of layers and warm coats and head out for an hour, the fresh air will do you all some good. Local countryside parks that have a cafe are a good idea as you can set out on a short walk before stopping for coffee to warm up and then heading back out again. It really is so easy to become very sedentary during the winter but the more you move and the more active you are the better you will all feel.

young brothers

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Dressing your family home to sell



Scandi interior

As we are actually planning to put our house on the market soon - yes I know I have been saying that for a while but really we are gearing up for it now, I thought I'd share a little interior inspiration with you. When it comes to making your house look more expensive there are a few tips and tricks that will help you get there. Increasing the value of your home is a lot down to its appearance, so attention to interior design is crucial. Today, we are going to talk about a specific home furnishing that will help you in making your house more luxurious - rugs. This post brings you the styles, sizes and even layouts that are best when choosing rugs for design purposes.

Patterned Designs

Patterns are hugely trendy right now, and living room rugs with patterns are a great way to give dimension to the room and make it look bigger. Even if bold and bright patterns aren’t for you, there are plenty of patterned rugs that focus instead on softer colours and subtle designs. If colour and eye-catching looks are what you’re after than a patterned rug is a definite must. Trends are now moving away from neutral tones in favour for richer colours. This, paired with a geometric pattern, for example, can give you a gorgeous contemporary look. A word of caution for this look tough, don’t use too many patterns in any one room. Excessive use of mixed patterns can drown a room and make it look and feel small and cluttered. Use the rug as your centrepiece and work the rest of your smaller accessories around it.

Soft Colour Palette
In case patterns aren’t your cup of tea, don’t worry, soft colours aren’t quite done with us yet. They are still incredibly useful when looking for a minimalistic style. Soft colours offer a calming and relaxing atmosphere and are very popular for rugs when giving bringing a Scandinavian or Hygge inspired look to your home.

scandi interior

Size and Layout

The layout is very important to get the look you want for the room, it ideally needs to be well centralised. The reason for this is because the rug needs to give balance to the room. A misplaced rug will make the room look chaotic and untidy. In the living room, it is better if it placed in the seating area, such as in front of or in the middle of sofas and armchairs. This will help in giving you that soft and warm feeling underfoot since this is where you will be most likely to kick back at the end of a long day. In a bedroom, however, it will look better at the foot of the bed. As for size, this will vary depending on what room you are planning to use the rug.

For living rooms you will be better off with big rug to help create the illusion of more space. This is crucial when you’re looking at selling your property and space is the key selling factor. In a bedroom or kids playroom a smaller rug is better. You’re likely to have carpet in these rooms anyway so you don’t want to add too much texture to a floor. If you don’t have a carpeted bedroom floor, an area rug would be a great idea for bringing back some of that warmth to a room. It also makes getting out of bed easier when you know you’re not got a cold floor to step on!


Shaggy Rugs

Shaggy rugs are very popular at the moment as they are often used for the Hygge look. Their long pile and thickness will add texture to the room. They have a warm feeling underfoot which, coupled with their fluffy look, will add a touch of cosiness to the room. Shaggy rugs are perfect for the living room, but work very well in bedrooms too. Perfect for a luxurious and plush aesthetic.

When looking to attract potential buyers or renters for your property, looks are everything. Rugs are a great way of creating professionally finished homes that will jump out at viewers. We hope this post has helped give you some inspiration!

stylishly room

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Winter Sun - Where to go & What to Pack


sunshine holiday

If your like me you're probably feeling like January is dragging on that little bit too long and the realisation that spring on really starts to get going late March and the need for warm sunshine and a sipping a cocktail on the beach is on your mind then your not alone. I am really longing for temperatures that mean I can wear a t-shirt and not layers, to kick my shoes off and walk through the sand and there are some really good bargains for off-peak European destinations right now of if your feeling like really getting away then why not opt for a last minute long haul adventures.

Here are 3 fantastic destinations to get that winter sunshine fix

beach sunset

1. Tenerife

This is probably the most popular choice mainly because it's one of the closest and most reliable destinations for winter sun and because so many low-cost airlines fly there even from the smaller airports all across the UK it's easily accessible as well as being a hot spot for picking up cheap flights and a bargain off-peak break for the family. Tenerife also offers a lot of variety, I know it can sometimes get a bad name for being just a party island but that's a very short-sighted view as not only does it have beautiful beaches but also deserts, mountains, volcanoes and lush forests with activities for all interests.


2. Cuba

If your up for a long haul trip than why not tick one off the bucket list and head to Cuba, take in the colourful cosmopolitan capital of Havana before heading down to of many fantastic coastal regions such as Jardines Del Rey or Santiago de Cuba and take in that Caribbean lifestyle. The best time to go is actually now until April before it gets too hot. This is a fantastic destination for those who want to mix culture with a slower beachside lifestyle and a trip to Cuba really is a trip of a lifetime.

3. Cape Verde

If your looking for somewhere that truly feels far-flung but don't fancy a flight that is too long than Cape Verde is the perfect choice as it's only a 6hr flight from the UK to these beautiful islands off the coast of Senegal, West Africa but don't be put it, it has the most stable democracy in Africa as one of the most politically liberal nations in the world as well as a low crime rate. The Cape Verde islands are perfect for adventure seekers because besides the pristine sandy beaches you can also have a go at  kite surfing, jet-skiing, canyoning or hiking or if your a foodie there is plenty of local cuisines to get stuck into.


Once you have decided on a destination now you just have to make sure you pack everything you need. It's not something we often think of but packing for a different season to that of your own home country can be quite a tricky thing when your fashion needs are out of sync with what is in stores. Places like ASOS are great for sunglasses which you will need and of course pharmacies have sunscreen in stock all year round.

It's really important to remember sun safety no matter what time of the year it is, in fact I have written about this before, check my post out. Like most people, I always have some sandals on hand as I usually pick up at least one or two pairs every season but of course if your heading off on a beach break the one thing you do want is a stylish swimsuit.

summer hat

The best place for making sure you get the latest on-trend style no matter what time of the year is the shopping online, stores such as Simply Beach have everything you need for a winter sun holiday from designer swimsuits and beachwear, its a great one-stop shop for all your beach style needs. If your planning on spending most of the time on the beach than also make sure you pack a light and loose fitting kaftan or kimono, pair these up with some nice sandals and you can easily go from beach to cafe during the day.

winter heat

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T-shirt Style Trends to Follow in 2018


Breton top

As we move out of January and head towards February I can almost start to feel a slight air of excitement as spring and then summer is on its way. I am very much a summer girl, when we can let go of all the layers and embrace t-shirts and shirts as they are meant to be worn instead hidden under winter jackets. Already we are starting to see a few trends filter through as stores are slowly gearing up to changing their winter stock to summer styles. I thought I would share a few trends I predict are going to be very popular this year.

Let’s read on further, in order to learn more about new designs.

Ethical Tees

Isn't great supporting a label that gives a little back whether it be through a fair-trade initiative or supports a certain charity there are loads around at the moment. I am a big fan of People Tree, a sustainable clothing company that believes in cutting the middle man out and supporting directly the people who manufacture their clothing by nurturing them and investing in them. There are lots of small homegrown companies that have been set up by mothers and give back to charity.

Ethical clothing
Wearing my Equality Fair-trade Organic tee from People Tree

Pop Culture is a Come Back

We have always been inspired by Hollywood movies and pop culture. A decade ago, there were shirts inspired by pop music. In the next 12 months, we are going to see Hollywood characters, quotes and scenes from upcoming movies on the shirts as well as rehashed classic pop art prints from well know artists such as Andy Warhol.

Shout Out to Girl Power

We are living in age when girls are not less than any man. Women stood up for their rights, and now we will see #girlpowerand fashion slogans on their shirts too. you can say this is one of the great ways to acknowledge women’s strength. Along with these, inspirational quotations are much likely to rule this year. I love F Equals collection as seen below and they also have an ongoing partnership with Worldreader, a global non-profit organisation on a mission to deliver books to every child and their family, so girl power at it's finest.

Slogan tee

Polka Dots and Stripes

Both the Polka Dot print and Striped t-shirts and shirts have seen a rise in popularity over the years and there doesn't seem to be a decline in sight. The great thing about these two options as that they are both so versatile and work well in both a casual and a more dressed up outfit.

Ruffle Tops

While I was first very unsure of this look I have certainly warmed up to it and it's nice to see a different design feature come into the normal t-shirt and shirt looks. When it comes to the ruffle sleeve just make sure you do it right, keep things simple and avoid anything to clashing and it will work well.

You must be feeling excited and cannot wait for the summers and prepare to hit the stores. Be patient, and let’s wait what else is out there for summer shopping.

life is love

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6 Meaningful Ways to Fit More Exercise Into Your Life



family fitness

Sometimes it seems there isn't enough time in the day to do everything. Most of the time, people tend to prioritize other tasks and forget to take care of their health. However, there are many ways to fit small exercises into a busy schedule throughout the day.

If you wake up slightly earlier, you can easily gain some precious minutes to work out or go jogging. But in case you need some extra motivation, finding a willing companion might be the best course of action. Another option would be to enjoy the outdoors and engage your kids in some outside games, in fact I've written a post before about some ideas on keeping fit with your kids.

Exercise Early in the Morning

The easiest way to find more time to exercise is to create it. By waking up 30 minutes earlier, you have now created enough time to go for a walk or jog around the block. Some people plan their workout in advance by setting out their workout clothes, running shoes, and water bottle the night before so they are ready to get moving when the alarm goes off in the morning.

Start With Small Achievable Goals

When first starting a workout routine, it is important to start with reasonable and attainable goals to ensure success. If you start out too fast, there is the opportunity for injury and also burnout, added professional trainers from Opex Gatwick. Start slow and build up momentum and strength. One way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine is to stretch or do sit-ups during TV commercials or find extra ways to get more steps in each day such as parking farther away from an entrance or taking the stairs. If you are feeling particularly fatigued or have constant muscle ache after a workout it could be useful using a private label pre workout powder which will be packed with the right vitamins to ensure your energy and recovery levels are up. 

Trying new things and thinking out of the box

Think Beyond the Gym

If the thought of going to a gym doesn't excite you, there are plenty of other exercises you can do that can give you the same results. Why not do some rock climbing or kayaking? You could also practise some ballroom dancing and learn a new exciting skill. Additionally, you could join a community sports team and gain a new group of friends, which still getting exercise.

Buddy up With a Friend

One of the reasons working out can be challenging is the fact that you're doing it on your own. When you find someone to exercise with you, be it your partner or a willing friend, it becomes a team effort and more enjoyable. Having a workout buddy will also hold you accountable on those rainy days that you don't feel like leaving home.

trainer trend

Play With Your Kids More Often

Kids can be extremely energetic and seem to constantly need to run around in the park or play ball games. Instead of watching them from the bench, why not join in on the fun? They'll appreciate your company and you'll be working out without even realizing it.

Make Walking a Priority

Did you know walking can be as effective as running? Studies say that you just need 30 minutes of brisk walking a day to see the benefits, even if it's split into two or three sessions. Boost your motivation, you could use Lifesum's step counter app, because as the saying goes, “you can't improve what you don't measure.”

New Years fitness

Staying fit is no easy task, but even the busiest people find time to take care of their health. You don't need to be a superhero, it's just a matter of prioritising your body and transforming normal activities into exercise. I know it can be hard especially as life seems more manic than ever and being a mother myself I am so time short but equally, it's really important to set aside some time for yourself and fitness does make you feel better.

getting fit

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My Health and Wellbeing Goals for 2018


girls with glasses

So when the New Year rolled in I decided to not make a huge list of definitive resolutions because often these resolutions can become a focus for failure when we don't achieve them. I do feel however that I need to address the fatigue and stress that became too much in the latter of last year. I know that improvements do need to be made although being a mother of two those changes need to be realistic with the long term in mind not just a quick fix, I did a post about 3 changes everyone should make and really just wanted to expand on that. So I wanted to focus on simple changes that will have a big impact and I know I can find time to fit into my busy life.

1. Staying Hydrated

Making sure you drink enough water seems simple enough but I know I let this slip-on occasions but this year I am aiming to really be on top of it. I now have a reusable water bottle I carry with me at all times meaning I have no excuse to not stay hydrated throughout the day. It's just such a simple thing to do and has such great health benefits such as improving your skin, aiding digesting and flushing out toxins, as they say water has always been the original "superfood".

water bottle

2. Get more sleep

This one is harder said than done when I have a toddler who still won't sleep through the night but we are trying to find a resolution for that because it is having negative effects on my health and will do with anyone who doesn't get enough sleep for a continuous period of time. Besides working more on my sons night time routine I am also aiming to get to bed an hour earlier each day, this is a small change but really well made a big difference and I have to commit to it rather than be tempted by social media or watching TV.

3. Take Time Out as a family

Like most, I have a tendency to push myself even when exhausted and this can lead to feeling burnt out and this year I am working on knowing when to take time out and making sure we do it as a family. I also want to implement this into my daily life but finding 5-10minutes to be mindful practice some breathing techniques and reflect on the day and incorporate gentle yoga alongside the breathing. Yoga is also a great activity to do with kids, in fact, I wrote about it for Day out With Kids if you're looking for some inspiration for new things to do as a family. Together we also want to do a screen-free day out, most likely on the weekend, where we can just enjoy being together with no distractions.

Yoga for kids

4.  Look after my eyes

Last year I was suffering from headaches, I had to strain my eyes all the time, especially at the end of the day so I booked myself in for an eye test and it turned out I needed prescription lenses and it's made me realise how important it is to maintain your eyesight and give me eyes rest when needed. On occasions I have suffered from dry eyes, so making sure to use eye drops when this happens to sooth this condition which can at times become quite painful, if you struggle with this as well Vision Direct has a great tutorial on using eye drops. If your having issues with your eyes no matter how small I do recommend going to your local Optimist and having them checked out.

short hair

5. Socialise more

Between work, kids, school runs, food shops and everything else it can be hard to find time to just socialise and connect with friends. I am a natural worker so I often put my family and my work before anything else but I do know how important maintaining friendships are and it's something I want to focus on this year. Making time for catching up over a cup of coffee or seeing a movie, friends over diversity to the normal routine and research has shown that friendships make you feel happier as well as more mentally and physically stronger to face the world.

I do feel any of these are not achievable even for the busiest of people and I always think small changes over a duration of time often have the biggest impact in the long run. What are your health and wellbeing goals for this year?

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Why Free Play Is So Important


healthy childhood

I've paired up with Petits Filous who have just launched a Free Play campaign which encourages parents to unplug those screens and let your children lead the way and is something which I am very passionate about. 

I'm a believer that you should allow your children to be bored every now and then, often I find when I give little instruction and allow them to take the lead whether indoors or out they become more creative and imaginative than ever. In a world that is dominated with instant entertainment through screens it's really important to simplify things, giving children a chance to learn about cause and effect, develop cognitive and communication skills as well as discover new passions such as painting and crafting. Anita Cleare the co-founder of The Positive Parenting Project and parenting speaker, writer and co-founder has done a great post on why boredom is good for kids and it's really worth checking out 

Bute Park

Natural childhood

If you regularly read my blog you will know that I am passionate about natural and outdoor play, I also make a conscious decisions to step back, to let my boys discover things for themselves and not to stop the flow unless for safety reasons. With Siri and Alexa answering all questions at the click of a button I think now more than ever we need to give children the time and freedom to find the answers for themselves. 

Of course for kids to be active and full of energy keeping a snack on hand is a must which is where Petits Filous come in and as a family we have a pretty natural approach to food, opting for low sugar choices with no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives which I am happy to say Petits Filous fits into plus it provide your child with both calcium and Vitamin D which are essential for a healthy diet and bone development. They also have a Naturals range with no added sugar and this topped with some fresh fruit such as strawberries makes for a great after school snack as well as yogurt pouches for a treat on the go. 


strawberry yogurt

So instead of putting the TV on as soon as the kids come home why don't you keep it off and see what they get up too. I always find that the TV is a distraction or renders them immobile from natural play, which at times can be good if your trying to cook dinner or have 5 minutes peace but as soon as it's off I find my boys love to make dens, create worlds out of duplo, dress up, role play or get creative in their notebooks and it's also often the time they interact and play with each other the best which less arguing, just an observation but I feel its because they are not being over stimulated by a screen. 

I’m working with Petits Filous and BritMums promoting the #PetitsFilousPlayFree campaign about the importance of free  play
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5 Ethical Products that reduce plastic & give back


As they say Rome wasn't built in a day and unless you have been living under a rock this past year you will have seen and heard the urgency there is for us to make changes, especially when it comes to our over-use of plastic through disposable items as well as other high-impact goods. The thing is we all have to get up and go to work, do school runs, feed our families and we are simply not all in the position to get rid of everything we own and live in a solar-powered yurt (which I would love to do by the way!). We do all have to make changes but as we know in general most people are hard to change so the best way forward is to find more sustainable and ethical replacements for items we use daily.

Keep Cup

The Keep Cup is one of the best Barista standard reusable cups on the market and whether you opt for the robust glass model or their non-toxic lightweight plastic model by using one of these instead of plastic coated disposable cups you are saving on average around 3kg in plastic a year. This one simple change will have a big impact especially as disposable coffee cups are hard to recycle due to the polyethene lining.

Luckily even when your Keep Cup comes to the end of its life it too is completely recyclable and they have also teamed up with some charities such as the Unseen Keep cup which donates £5 each cup towards Unseen's work with survivors of modern Slavery or you could opt for the Sea Shepherd cups which donate 15% towards their vessel patrols that are on the front line of ocean conversation.

Who Gives A Crap

I love this creative, cool and very charitable company that produces toilet roll that really gives back. They donate 50% of their profits towards building toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world and to date have donated more than 1.1 million dollars and they are just getting started. Also the toilet roll is made with either sustainable bamboo fibre or 100% recycled forest friendly paper. Such an easy sustainable change to make and costs around the same price as your normal roll except you buy in larger sizes.

The Pearly White Club 

Last month I had the chance to review The Pearly White Club, the UK's first environmentally friendly bamboo toothbrush subscription and I was really impressed and won over. It's just such a simple change that can make an impact on what you send to the landfill with no compromise on quality. These toothbrushes are naturally biodegradable meaning even when it comes to replacing them they decompose over a short amount of time. The Pearly White Club has also teamed up with New Hope, a homeless charity and a donation is made with every subscription.

Bees Wax Wraps

One of the most sustainable things we can do is buy as local as possible and I am loving this small reusable food packing company from the Cotswolds. They hand make their food wraps in Stroud using 100% cotton and locally sourced bees wax. These food wraps can be used in the same was as clingfilm and keep your food fresh and clean as they are naturally antibacterial and have antifungal properties and can be washed in cold water with a little soap and then used again. They are also biodegradable and each wrap should last up to a year.

Reusable Straws

Plastic bottles aside another product that is proving detrimental to the environment is straws and while I don't use them personally I do have children and as we all know children love straws so instead of buying a cheap box of 100 why not invest in some long-lasting easy to clean reusable ones like these from the British Brand Seraphina's Kitchen and is stocked by Buy Me Once a fantastic online store with a strong ethos on encouraging people to invest in things that are long lasting, can be reused and reduce waste.

I have not been sponsored or asked to do this post - these are all products I genuinely love and use.
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