That Christmas feeling


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So a big happy Christmas to everyone and one and all. Hope you have all had an amazing past few days with lots of laughs. I have been so busy with my home photography studio - last minute christmas portrait shoots and running around trying to get them printed for clients right. But I always try and make some things as there is nothing like abit of a homemade feel to christmas, another rule that I have is the Tree and the wreath have to be real - no fakes here! I love the smell of a real tree, to me that is the smell of Christmas. One of the other things that is great about this time of the year is you can get up and have a champagne breakfast and no one looks twice mmmm I love champagne in the morning. Here are a few snaps from the past few days - including a sneak peek at Johns new Ralph Lauren jacket which will be in an outfit post soon.

mmmmm orange juice and South African sparkling wine at 8am is the best

Homemade Gift tags....they are so quick and easy to make and make me oh so happy

I love my real wreath...the prettiest on the street

Home made bunting chillin with the Run DMC dolls

Arthur being Santas little helper

My two boys in their new outerwear - John in Ralph Lauren and Arthur in the Swedish made Kozi Kidz fishermans suit.

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Little Mr A wears....stylish son


So to sort of tie in with the post below about Ben Sherman - and please note this is in no way a sponsored post - I am just so lovin my sons new Ben Sherman fishtail parker jacket for 12-18months, a gift from his grandmother, it's seriously like a mini adults one and so well made. He walks really proudly in it and looks like such a stylish little boy.
Mr A wears Ben Sherman Parka, Miniclub jeans, Timberland tee and Clarks shoes.

So the one thing about the cold and christmas I do love is the german stalls in Cardiff, a place where you can warm up with a german sausage and Mulled Wine (mmmm yum yum I love Mulled wine) So first really xmas day caught on instagram

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What a dapper man


So Ben Sherman is one of those quintessential British brands that has been around forever, but there web presence has been somewhat hit and miss, but they have launch a new site that's all slick and shiny. They seemed to have dropped their women's clothes (from the website anyway) and broaden their mens collections and accessories. I have to say we are super impressed with their current look book and thought we would share the love with our fav picks

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Dior Love


So yes I am easily swayed sometimes but adverts - I am simply lovin the current Dior really makes me wish I was french living in's now going on my christmas list.

Miss Dior

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Movember love


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So John has gone full out with handle bars for Movember love. As he put it the other day to me - Prostate Cancer is the Male's Breast cancer - it's such a worth while cause!

All men secretly want moustaches so this is the perfect time to do that

I show my support in a different way - by drinking it - saw this bottle in tescos and had to have it

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All I want for Christmas


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All I really really really want, ever since I laid eyes on the Alexander McQueen Knuckle duster collection I have wanted one....anyone...hmm pity I just lack the £1000 to buy one.

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Vera shoes LookBook


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So the nice peeps over at Vera shoes kindly asked me to shoot some images of their new hiking boot range for winter and John and I jumped at the chance, I mean who wouldn't want to wander around the woods in really cool shoes. The founder Neil Morris, a welshman and former owner of Droogi, a store that was for a while Johns 2nd home, being one of the only shops in Cardiff which stocked Vintage Levi's, 6876 label, Duffer Of St George, Edwin Jeans and Red Wings to name a few. Vera shoes are made in Spain and are individual, original and high quality and they also do womens shoes. They had a really amazing range of Espadrilles for summer and now have these super slick hiking boots for winter. Here are some of my favourite picks from the shoot.

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Folk and Fun


So winter is really on it way, time for the warm coats, scarfs and gloves. The sun graced us in Cardiff on Sunday and we thought this was a perfect time to take a nice relaxing walk in the bay over the barrage to Penarth. Also John wanted to try out his new Folk Jacket from OiPolloi. Please note this is NOT a sponsored post and John paid full price for his jacket


Folk Canvas Overcoat £285 from OiPolloi

Mens fashion

Mens fashion

John wearing Van shoes, Ralph Lauren socks, Albam jeans and Folk Jacket

Mens Fashion
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So every now and then I just feel like a change, alittle spontaneity and at the moment I am really feeling like getting a new tattoo - just something small, I really want alittle rockabilly diamond on my finger, since I love my moustache tattoo so much I am going to get this to go with it.

Moustache tattoo

Thats me! Rocking the Cazals and my finger tattoo

Knuckle duster

I want!

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Laura Likes John Likes


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So here are two little things that are making us happy right now. First of all just want to say this not a sponsored post - it's just what we are lovin at the moment. John is really big into Moroccan Oil at the moment and since he is a Barber it's his industry inside tip - it leaves his hair smelling soooo sweet and I am easily bought by anything with the word Morocco in it as it has to be one of my favourite places in the world, one of the things that reminds me the most about travelling is Moroccan Mint tea...hmmm but now I am digressing. Back to the Oil - it also reviews hair and strengthens and conditions and it must be doing something because loads of celebs are digging it as well (not that we want to jump on that bandwagon) and the bottle is super cute. Now my current love is L'Occitane 20% Shea butter hand cream, with the baby I find that I am washing my hands all the time and they are becoming dry and when I saw that Tatler recommended this as one of the best hand creams out their I had to see for myself - and I see why - The Shea butter makes them feel so soft of moisturised without feeling oily. I always think when it comes to anti-ageing it is always important to look after your Eyes and hands because the lines on both are a major giveaway and now that I am 27 I am starting to be more and more aware of these things and taking the steps now to project my youthful skin.

Moroccan Oil and L'Occitane hand cream

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Photographs of Noel Gallagher


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Ahh how I need to live closer to London as I have been invited to the private view of Lawrence Watsons new exhibition of black and white reportage images of Noel Gallagher - who is always seeming stylish and the show is put on in association with Adidas and they always seem to know where it's at. I am hoping to catch the exhibition before it closes on the 13th.

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Bad Luck run soon be over


To remind you what we look like since we have been away for a few weeks.

So it's been a while since my last post and for good (well in my case bad) reason for it, first of all about 3 years back I had knee surgery - ACL reconstruction (the reasons why are another long story) and it's been totally fine since I finished the physio but then a few weeks ago I turned to wave goodbye to a friend and my foot stayed in the same position but my knee did not and I think I may have torn the cartilage - only just got off crutches - paired with a short break away, then my one-year-old son had his MMR jabs which have made him feel awful - for a week he has had a high fever which means I have been up 24hrs and the past few days I have been fighting a really nasty cold - BUT HEY no more of the moaning - hopefully thats my full for the rest of the year! Detox to follow soon in all areas of my life - food, closet, house, life etc.....out with the old and in with the new and on that note....I am loving Full Circles new line

I am in love with this seasons trends and autumn colours of heritage and 70' combined together - so much good stuff out there at the moment. I love combining block colours with black - I am really into my black at the moment and cannot get enough of my two tone brogues and leather jacket.

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