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A little interior inspiration reading is always on hand in our bedroom 

I have to admit that our bedroom is the most uninspiring room in our house at the moment, mainly because we have been working on our living room, kitchen and Mr A's room and only now are finally looking at making our personal space well more personal basically. I really want to add more colour, invest in some beautiful bedding, wall art and well designed pieces such as a free standing mirror. For now however we have been dealing with the essential changes first such as getting the awful artex on the ceiling removed and re-plastered, re-carpeting as well as repainting the whole room and recently upcycyling our bedside tables, but now those things are finally done we can look at personalising the space more. Slowly books, makeup and little bits and bobs are finding a home in our room.

Boden necklace

Mini Eiffel tower

We have recently got a new king sized bed which is a really welcome sight after squeezing into a double as Mr A still comes into our room at least twice a week and with the new arrival not far away a king was the only way forward. We still however have not bought a mattresses, mainly because we have been so busy travelling, working on the house and something always seems to happen like a car MOT etc, but we are finally trying to sit down and order a mattress that suits both of us as John does get a bad back and prefers to go with a medium firm orthopaedic one when I am not so fussy. The great thing is as soon as we get a mattress it means I can finally do some bedding shopping, which for me personally is pretty exciting as it's such a focus point of the bedroom and it's a great way to bring some colour and into the room

We are also looking at getting a new bed for Mr A to make him feel special when the new arrival comes as well as creating a new space for him and are leaning towards a mid sleeper bunk bed such as the lovely ones on Beds on Legs. After he tried out a similar one on a recent holiday and loved it  we really do believe that bringing something fun into his room with encourage him to sleep on his own. We have always have an open door policy with co-sleeping but with number 2 arriving in Feb next year we would love to create a bedroom that he falls in love with and wants to spend time in.

Kids bedroom

kids bed

 This is a collaborative post, words and thoughts 100% our own 

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  1. Love that throw! And I'm sure that bed will entice him to stay in his room :)

  2. Cherry recently got a cabin bed and she loves it, she goes to bed without any problems now where she was terrible before! Tiger has gone into her bed though and it all felt a bit emotional, a real reminder of how quickly they are all growing up x

  3. The bed we have for Talitha is the height of the one in the last image you've posted. Hope you find something you like soon. We have The Selby too. :)

  4. that throw is amazing and I LOVE the Selby! x

  5. Personalising the space for the children is such a great way to make them feel comfortable and special.
    Love that throw too!! #loveyourhome

  6. My son has a custom made (by daddy) bed like that and he loves it!

  7. You sound like us. We have done most of the rooms in our house now apart from our bedroom although I have just brought a gorgeous throw for our bed by Cynthia Rowley. She has some amazing designs, might be worth checking out. We have a midi bed for our daughter and she loves it! Great for storing toys underneath too #LoveYourHome

  8. Gorgeous colour block quilted bedspread, and that blue and yellow colour combination in the little one's bedroom is lovely! #LoveYourHome

  9. Reading this make me realised that my bedroom isn't as finished as I thought it was, it needs all those finishing touches - and LittleOwl's room, that needs furnishing too! #loveyourhome


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