Crumpet love


A label I just had to share - so I have to admit I don't know anything about this label, except that I stumbled across their new look-book and I want to know more. They are called Crumpet (so cute) and they do a lot with cashmere and I want these autumn looks.

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The birthday posts


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So there is a good reason to why I have not posted anything for a while - basically within the same week it's my birthday and then a few days later Arthurs first birthday. I never knew that organising a one year old's birthday would be so much work!!! Lots of baking, wrapping, shopping, cleaning blah blah but never mind I felt really spoilt for my birthday - with some wonderful treats - a vintage belt, necklace, amazing little brogues and some beauty products - reviews and pics to follow soon, Arthur was also treated to a Ralph Lauren shirt for his big day. Here are just a few pics from the past week - more to follow.

Arthurs healthy banana muffin and my cupcake :)
My boy on my birthday
Arthur rocking Ralph Lauren 

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Wedding Fashion


So I shot a friend of a friends wedding on the weekend in Cheltenham, and wow did they have luck with the weather, as soon as the bride arrived it cleared up and was sunny enough to get some great shots after the ceremony. The groom hired an amazing blue corvette which I MUST have at some point! Ohh how I love old retro cars. Despite weddings being a special occasion for the couple ofcourse it is also in someways a sort of fashion show, as everyone (well usually) don's what they consider their best dress, makes an effort with their hair and make-up, as well as being individual and often colourful. It's a time where men can wear fitted suits and women in "that" dress that is waiting for such an event. I love to watch people, see new styles and document moments. Here is a small collection of some "fashion" moments from this weekend, also don't forget to enter my giveaway (ends 16th Sept)

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That autumn feeling


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When I think of fall I always think of oranges, deep reds and fading yellows. It's that time of the year where you are not too sure of what to do - wear a thick jumper and risk being too hot or clutch onto what is left of summer and dress a little thin and risk being cold. This is when layers come into play, as well as small injections of colours, such as John's Ralph Lauren Socks or the red of my earrings. I also realised that I have hardly done any outfit posts with my Chinos, also I have come to realise chinos are slightly harder to pair up with than jeans. The little story behind my heart necklace is that John's father is a metal detector and a human treasure trove of wonderful strange finds and picked this up on Porthcawl beach - I bought a new chain for it and wear it all the time, I like to think it's been passed from a few people before it met me and I wonder about the people who may have worn it.
Ohh and don't forget to enter my Lingerie giveaway (found in the top bars)!!!

I'm wearing Ben Sherman Shirt, Artigiano jumper, Thrifted Belt and Necklacec, H&M chinos, Asos Penny Loafers, Topshop Earrings, Guess Watch

John wears a Nudie Jeans shirt, Albam Jeans, Ralph Lauren socks, BAPE watch and Vans shoes

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TK Maxx AW lovin


So on tuesday the fabulous people over at TKmaxx treated me and a few other lovely bloggers to an amazing lunch at Paramount, London. This restaurant has simply one of the best views across the city and was an awe inspiring setting for what turned out to be a wonderful fashion packed day. Had a chat with Sophia (of the TKmaxx TV fame) on how they select and buy the products for TKmaxx and the new labels that form part of their Gold Label - which includes Marc Jacobs, Versace, D&G, Moshcino

The food was incredible and the wine was flowing as well as the conversation, had a great chat to Pinkbow, Wolfwhistles, These Girls Turn heads and Fashion Pearls of Wisdom, it's always super to meet fellow bloggers in person, especially when you have followed them online. Pearl had the most amazing Chanel pumps on and gorgeous VWestwood Bag, major envy!

Dream plate

WOW view
After the lunch we strolled down Oxford St on our way to the Press Event of the AW selections for TKmaxx. They went for a circus theme and as soon as we walked in we where greeted with popcorn, big lollies and Top Hat mannequins. I know there is a preconceived notion that TKmaxx stocks mainly last seasons stuff and thats why their prices are lower but this simply is not the case and this year they have loads of amazing labels and current trends. They deal directly with the designers and brand owners and that's how they pass the savings back to the customers.
I really loved their Country Heritage line and Gold label (ofcourse) as well as their very preppy and on trend mens wear. I also learnt some new things about TKmaxx - one being that they are buying all year round, day-in day-out and deliver to stores on a daily basis so their stock is always changing, so literally everyday could bring something new and exciting to your wardrobe.

I heart Country heritage

I want this D&G dress!!

Mini Popcorn treats!
Me with some great dresses - I wanted all of them!!
I know some people are put off by the jumble element of TKmaxx stores but I think if you go in with the right frame of mind you will find some amazing things - so just open your mind and hunt for those hidden treasures!

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Music Mondays


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So we are bring music mondays back!!! A weekly slot of inspired musical style. This week is the iconic married couple that is Francoise Hardy and Jacques Dutronc, both super stylish French musicians who encapsulated the sixties style. Visually and vocally they are the perfect couple with such easy living timeless looks, I hope to look as cool to my son when he is older as they do in these old photos.

Sixties fashion

Biker fashion
I never get bored of the biker look!

Sixities fashion

French model

Once cool couple

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