Gus and Bella Box Review


child and cat

*Thanks to Gus and Bella who offered a one-off box in exchange for an honest review

I thought it was about time I'd introduce the newest member of my family properly, Yo-yo the cat (not my name choice by there we go), who joined us in Febuary, unintentionally just before lockdown. The last time I was a cat owner was in South Africa many years ago, when I temporarily fostered a cat for a few months and prior to that was when I was a child and we had a beloved cat for 17yrs, he was a true member of the family in every sense of the word so I was excited to see how Yo-you would fit in.

Well needless to say the boys adore her and take great care into looking after her wellbeing. We want to make sure we are providing her with the right nutrition and space to play and grow. Luckily we have a nice outdoor space which backs onto a river with lots of trees behind so she has been having lots of fun exploring. Finding food she likes has been a bit hit and miss, there are so many brands out there so giving different ones a go seems to work best while we find what she really loves.

Gus and Bella box

Which is why the Gus and Bella box is great for cat owners - it's a subscription box that offers treats for both the cat and owner, making it a shared experience with around 8+ surprises inside including cat toys, natural high end cat treats, health products and gifts for cat owners as well as supporting cat charities. Every month offers new treats and toys to try out and I had the chance to review the Halloween inspired October box. 

First Impressions

Firsty it's great that they offer free postage as the box was quite heavy when it arrived as it's packed filled with goodies. It's also good to see the box is cardboard and recyclable and in general the whole box was low on plastic. 

As soon as I opened the box I saw the cute slippers with a cat design by Wild feet - great timing as we move into the colder months and they fit perfectly too, these slippers retail at around £12 so good value so far, along with a large Halloween Milk Chocolate from Hames Chocolate and a cat inspired postcard from Innabox (worth £1) - these of course are the cat owner.

Moving on to Yo-yo's treats and the first one we opened was the Treat Dispenser toy by Catit - I had been thinking about getting one of these as she loves chasing a ball and with this is releases small dried treats as the cat plays with it. These Catit balls retail around £4.99

Gus and Bella box

The second toy, a handmade kicker toy by Etsy seller "Stanton's chums" was an immediate hit with Yo-you, she just loves it and it's great to see a subscription box like this supporting small independent sellers with this catnip seller made right here in the UK custom for Gus & Bella. Looking at their fantastic Etsy page these kicker toys are worth around £5

Moving onto the foodie cat treats, there is a really good selection and opportunity to try new high end natural brands that you may not come across. First was a bag of health treats by True Leaf Pets for anti-hairball support for cats and are grain free and include hemp, fig and pea fiber along with chicken and I was unsure if she was going to like them but she did! These Treats retail at £3.29

cat food

Next up is a Edgard Cooper and a grain-free cat food sachet and two dry food sample bags each 50g - Edgard Cooper focus on grain-free natural food packed with fresh meat along with their dry food packaging being bio-degradable. The sachet along costs around £1 in store with the sample bags I would say this is worth around £2.50 and is a great way to try a brand before you commit.

Lastly was the Webbox Cod flavoured tasty sicks and Yo-you LOVES Webbox sticks so I knew these would be a hit. Webbox is a premium cat brand with these sticks containing 75% meat and fish and are kitten friendly too. These retail at £1 in most supermarkets.

Is it worth it?

When it comes to subscription boxes I always feel they have to be worth it in terms of value and experience, while the box content's are the same value as the cost (which is always a big postive) the postage is free as well as including discounts to some of the food brands included and it offers up a lovely shared experience with you and your pet along with giving the opportunity to try new products and treats as well as the lovely surprise element. We loved the Gus and Bella box - I say we as in both Yo-yo and I - it contained lovely treats for both of us and nothing has gone to waste either - she has ate every treat in the box - another big positive. I would recommend giving this box a go if your looking for something a little different for you and your cat. 

There are three options when it comes to the subscription - you can opt for a one off box, a bi-monthly box or the most cost efficient is going for a regular monthly box which is £29.90 and includes free shipping. 

Gus and Bella Box

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How to make money from your home while travelling


family travel

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While many of us have travel plans on hold we are starting to look to the future and make loose plans for the year ahead in the hopes some kind of normality will return. For many, this period has made people reassess their priorities and what they want to do with their lives. Yes, it's been a financial strain for many, which could make the idea of selling it all and travelling the world with a backpack even more appealing. Although you don't need to sell your home if your a homeowner, instead make your property work for you and possibly help fund those travel plans at the same time.

1. Sign up to Airbnb

Airbnb has quickly become one of the most popular and well-known booking sites, making it easy for the average homeowner to sign up and start renting out their spare room or whole place, as the click of a button. The one great thing about listing your home to rent on Airbnb is the flexibility (along with security measures) so you can rent your home out for short stays, meaning if you cut your trip early you can come back and not have to wait months to for the tenants to leave. You can get someone to manage your bookings while you are away and it's a nice easy way to earn from your property. 

2. Rent out your driveaway

This is a very easy way to make extra money while your travelling as there is no need to access the home and with parking spaces in demand especially if you live near a city, train station or sports ground so this is definitely one to consider. Renting out your driveway is really easy but as always it's best to go through the proper channels - I recommend checking out Park on my drive and Just Park.

3. Offer storage space

Do you have space in your garage, attic or spare room that you could offer us as storage space? Well if so services such as Store Mates can help connect you with people who need a safe place to store their goods. For the most part, this is an easy and unintrusive way to make a little extra money on the side but you do need to make sure your home is safe and secure at all times. 


2 extra ideas for when your saving to travel

Host an International Student - this is both a culturally educational experience and a financially incentive one and perfect for when your saving to go away. It's pretty easy to find establishments looking for host families, I live near a University and I've seen them advertising for this before, also contacting places like language schools isn't a bad idea either. There are some online websites that also help such as Bright World. Do note that you will need to have a background check and house inspection before becoming a host family but the remuneration is usually fairly generous. 

Rent out your home as a filming location - while this is unusual it can be very lucrative should your home be used as a film set, earning in the region of £1500 per day. The one downside, however, is that this can be quite intrusive and disruptive but in general does only take a few days and they are obliged to return the property the way they found it, plus is a really fun and interesting way to earn a little bit of money. If this tickles your interest then register your home at Shoot Factory or Lavish Locations.

Make sure your covered 

Before you do any of these things you have to make sure that you are properly covered with your home and contents insurance as your property is most likely your biggest investment and needs to have the right level of protection before renting it out to anyone else. You will need to do your research for this and go with a reputable company, try getting a landlord insurance quote for CIA which not only offers insurance should you want to rent out your property long term to a tenant but also for holiday home lets and unoccupied properties should renting it out not take your fancy. They also offer Landlords content insurance which helps to cover things like furniture and furnishings, suitable for furnished and semi-furnished homes, covering everything from carpets to tables and chairs, meaning the little accidents in life stay just that, little. 

family travel
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Tips On Creating A Child-Friendly Garden


outdoor kids

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If you have a garden space outside of your home, don't let it go to waste. It can be used for all kinds of purposes for your children, both fun and educational and help to create space for connecting with nature. Your garden is also the incentive your children need to stay off their screens, as if it has been adapted with them in mind, they will have more cause to play and explore outside.  So, what can you do to make your garden child-friendly? Well, we have some useful tips in this article. Have a read, and then do what you can with your garden space at home.

1 Firstly make your garden safe

Health and safety is a big concern for all parents and while we want them to get outdoors, get muddy and enjoy the fresh air we also want them to be safe and reduce any unnecessary risks.

But what kind of dangers are out there? Well, there are plants and flowers for starters. As lovely as you want your garden to look, not every plant or flower is safe for your little ones, until I had children I wasn't aware that Foxglove was poisonous and ingestion of any parts of the plant can cause serious issues. Check out this guide to poisonous plants to learn more. If any of them are growing in your garden, consider removing them. Alternatively, create a no-go area for your kids, perhaps by creating boundaries around any areas where you don't want them to wander. 

Then there's your fencing to consider. If there are any holes at the bottom of your panels, your younger children could wander off into the street and if your fencing is wooden, it could leave your children susceptible to an injury if the panels are broken and splintered, in fact I've had this issue a few times myself. So, fix your fence if need be, or look into buying a replacement. You might also want to consider outdoor play area fencing, as this can be used within your garden as a means to safeguard very small children.

Other things to be aware of is any insect infestation such as bees and other stinging insects which could become problematic especially if there are nests nearby. If this is the case it's something that cannot be left and you need to get in touch with a professional bee removal services (or an equivalent) to alleviate any issues. 

Foxglove - pretty but poisonous

2. Create a family-focused space

While you don't want to clutter up your garden with toys and plastic, you do want to make it appealing for the younger family members and naturally encourage them to get outdoors. Creating a space for children to do some gardening, perhaps grow their own sunflowers and try their hand of growing some vegetables is both fun and educational.  Sticking with traditional and wooden based outdoor equipment, such as swings or climbing frames fit well into a garden while also giving hours of fun, if worried you can also consider the possibility of rubber play mats, as they will protect your children if they take a sudden tumble.

If your looking for more rounded family-focused games for all ages you could consider some giant lawn games such as Jenga, snakes and ladders and chess, put up a den or tent or if you have space you could fit in a basketball net - I loved having a basketball net when I was a child. These are just a few examples but consider your own children and what they like to play with, and then buy or create those things that will give them the incentive to spend more time outdoors.

outdoor den

3 Create a wildlife area

Your children can learn a lot from the local wildlife in your area, and they can be encouraged to protect the various bugs and beasties that come into your garden too. So, finding ways to let them interact with nature is a must. The first thing you need to do is designate a spot in your garden for your wildlife area. Make sure there is space to give your children the opportunity to dig and plant wildlife-attracting flowers, alongside a space for them to sit and watch the action unfold.

Then encourage your children to put their personal stamp on the garden. They could hand-decorated a birdhouse for example, or paint stepping stones that lead to various areas of their garden space. You can also add those items that will attract wildlife, such as bird feeders for our winged friends, and plates of water to attract hedgehogs and other local mammals. With your children, you might want to make a terrarium for bugs and beasties, or a wormery for...well, you can probably guess. These are just a few examples, but talk to your children about the wildlife they enjoy looking at, and then research ways to accommodate them into the wildlife area.

When everything is in place, provide your children with a magnifying glass to watch your garden inhabitants up close, or a pair of binoculars to watch the creatures that might scare away easily. And give them a notepad too, as they will then be able to draw the wildlife they see or make notes on the various creatures that they encounter in their special area of the garden. Of course, remind your children to be careful in their wildlife garden. There are some creatures that they shouldn't touch, so let them know what is and isn't acceptable.

bug hotel


If your children love to spend time outdoors, do what you can with your garden area to give them play and exploration opportunities. And do so even if your children are a little too addicted to their screens because if they have the incentive to go outside, they might spend less time glued to whatever screen they regularly use. So, I hope this article was useful, but if you have your own garden ideas, let us know in the comments section below!
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How to thrive while working from home


Coffee shop

Now more than ever people are working from home, in fact we are being encouraged to do so. I've been a self-employed freelancer for a few years now and have been working from my small but adequate office space in my home for over 6yrs now so I feel well versed in the work from home lifestyle. There are certainly pros and cons to working from home but it offers a lot of freedom once you get into a good routine and I find it works really well for me. So I thought I would share a few tips I've learnt along the way and if your making the switch to working from home hopefully these will be useful.

1. Create a daily to-do list

Having a structure to your workday is really important and having a clear idea of your daily objectives will really help you to stay focused and productive. Without having anyone physically there to supervise or oversee your work, motivation has to come from you so knowing your deadlines and prioritising the most important tasks is key. You can also break your day up into activity blocks, allowing breaks from work, including time for lunch, exercise and a spot of mindfulness - this is also important because you don't want to be staring at the same four walls all day. 

2. Keep a good morning routine

Working remotely often means more freedom to set your own working hours but personally, I find it best sticking to the same normal morning routine you have always had otherwise things can quickly slip. It's very easy to start sleeping in a little longer or staying in your pyjamas all day but that's not overly conducive to productivity and the great thing about working from home is the quicker you get things done the more free time you have. Aim to get up, get dressed, eat a good breakfast, maybe do a short workout or have a little peace and quiet before getting started. It's also a good idea to take some time out, maybe do a little meditation, yoga or if you feeling really flush could use a human touch recliner chair for a relaxing massage.


3. Get these WFH must-have apps

There are some really useful and time-saving apps out there that help manage tasks and keep you in touch with other team members or friends and it's time to get App savvy. 

Asana - this super useful management tool helps to create to-do-list, reminders and collaborative project boards with team members and best of all the basic version of this app is free. 

Google Calendar - another very useful and simple to use app to help schedule and manage your day effectively and is free to use. 

Spotify - Music can actually help your productivity, as well as help, lift the mood so why not put together some fun playlists for your new work from home lifestyle? Spotify is my favourite free music streaming app and it's really easy to use. 

Whatsapp - most people will already know and use this phone messaging app but if you don't it's perfect for group messages as well as calling others overseas as it's free to use through the app.

home office

4. Have a dedicated office space

This is really important, having a designated space to work, it doesn't need to be a big space but working from your sofa or a kitchen table, while may be adequate in the interim, it isn't a long term solution. Having a separate space also helps you to set boundaries between your personal and work life and can help you create a better balance between work and family time. I know many are short on space when it comes to our homes so this could be a good time to have a really good clear out to create more space and you could consider putting some of your things into storage, that way you don't have to get rid of anything sentimental or valuable but still create enough space. There are storage units all over the Uk such as Now Storage self-storage Herefordshire.   

5. Design your work from home space more like an office

As mentioned above having a dedicated space is important as is making sure it contains everything you need to be able to work easily and stressfree such as good wifi reception, notice board and storage space. You also want to try and keep it a nice and light space, preferably with natural light and fresh air and why not add a house plant or two as they are great for purifying the air. You also want to focus on removing anything that could distract you and keeping clutter to a minimum 

These are just a few tips to get you started as working from home can be a bit trial and error to begin with. Why not treat yourself to a nice coffee maker or new diary and always make sure to have some time out for yourself each day. I have also written a post about "How to succeed as a work-from home parent" do check it out. 

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5 Books that inspire kids to get outdoors


children reading

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We all know how important it is for both mental and physical wellbeing to spend time outdoors especially as the world seems to be filled with more screens than ever. My boys love our daily walks and outdoor adventures but even they need some inspiration to get them going especially as we head into the colder months, so I thought I would share my 5 favourite books they help inspire us to get outside and having fun.

1. The Lost Book of Adventure 

This is our current favourite and is packed full of beautiful illustrations and outdoor inspiration and makes us want to get our sleeping bags and tent and head out the door each time we read it. From tips on putting together your own survival tin, campfire cooking, wild garden camping, navigation, how to plan a bike ride, it's stunning adventure manual that is easy and accessible for both children and adults to use.

2.  Let's Go Outside - Jennifer Ward

This book contains over 50 outdoor activities and projects to get you and your get into nature. What I love about this book is there are quick and easy ideas that literally take no time at all to put together and then there are others that are slightly bigger projects or activities, this way you can easily plan for long sunny days or those short outings between the rain.

Outdoor books

3. The Night-time adventure notebook - National Trusts Books

This book has been put together by The National Trust and offers another list of 50 things to do before your 11 3/4 except at night. We have slowly been making our way through this book and there are some really fun ideas that I wouldn't have thought of on my own such as keeping a moon chart or going on an owl prowl. 

4. Earthwise - Carol Petrash

This is one of my favourite books for seasonal based nature and environmental crafts and activities for young children. What I love is the simplicity of the crafts and ideas and how they are broken down into easy to follow instructions as well as the focus on the environment and helping to teach children to respect nature. There are also seasonal suggestions on how to make your home or classroom more earth-friendly.

 5. Take me Outdoors - A nature journal for young explorers by Mary Richards

We haven't had this journal long but are really enjoying using it and taking it with us on our outdoor adventures. Not only does it have plenty of space for children to write, draw and record their adventures but there are some fantastic prompts, facts and ideas. There are also some great illustrations such as ones to help you identify different kinds of clouds as well as a lovely little certificate at the end of the book once all the prompts are complete - a really fun nature-inspired journal book for children. 

These kind of books are great to share and pass down so keep them in good condition. With the Take me Outdoors journal we are making sure to use a pencil in case the boys want to reuse the book. Of course, it's a good idea to have somewhere nice and safe to store and display these books such as a bookcase on website. As with the world around us, I always aim to encourage my boys to care for the things they own and can pass on to others so we have a few bookshelves in their room and the living to keep our books safe and easy to access when we are low on inspiration. 

I hope this mini-book list helped you and these are 5 books we use often.

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Tips on running your own travel blog

travel blogger

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When it comes to your entrepreneurial spirit, sometimes, finding a direction is as hard as making good on one and finding success there. However, it can also be that if you have something to share, or skill to impart, you will find your way naturally. Understanding that can grant you no uncertain amount of motivation, because in the long run, you will begin to see the possibilities open up.

If you are seasoned travellers like us, it can be nice to understand how to share your adventures with others. A great idea to get started is to run your own travel blog. The more the merrier in this space, as far as we are concerned! So, what does that mean in a practical sense? Is it possible to consider running a travel blog as a business instead of a place to simply post your thoughts? Well, of course, to a certain degree quality blogs can be monetized. Let’s consider some worthwhile tips to help you out in this direction, potentially helping your dream become a reality:

family travel

Worthwhile Hosting & Layout

Hosting your own blog requires dedicated server hosting and a domain name people can trust in. People often enjoy using template sites or content publishing platforms such as Blogger,  Squarespace or WordPress for this. Choose your domain name, one that will be easy to remember and using either a or a .com is best for google ranking. And also, ensure your content is readable, using the right fonts at the right size. This can help you avoid making your text hard to digest or understand. Furthermore, make sure your blog is easily laid out, that it’s navigable, and that the photography is attractive. This way, you will attract and retain visitors in the long run.

Consider Your Niche

Considering your niche is also important. What can your travel blog offer that others may not? For instance, if you are a disabled person who regularly uses a wheelchair, a travel blog detailing accessibility and travel advice in that vein could help you give your own, highly useful and practical advice. These are the kinds of perspectives that can generate interest, and more than that, they can educate those of us who might not share that experience. Consider your niche - it will no doubt help.

Set up Social Media Channels

Having social media channels connected to your blog is a great way to raise awareness and drive traffic to your blog posts. You want to keep everything preferably the same name with the same logo so that it's clear who you are. I would recommend that every blog should also have an associated Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. 

Have decent equipment

You don't have to go out and spend a fortune, in fact, these days so much content is made just using a phone but I would recommend a decent camera, one that takes decent photos and quality video as a lot of travel blogging involves some video creation. You can pick up good quality cameras second hand and do your research first as you don't have to spend loads but it's important to be able to consistently produce sharp images. 

Manage Practical Elements

Manage the practical elements of your brand. This is a worthwhile use of your time, because it helps you not only generate content but also more easily format that content and how you manage your entire project. For instance, business services for home office use that includes the chance to register a physical address, or develop your own comprehensive, secured inbox for correspondence can be a great use of your time. Furthermore, managing your content publishing platform of choice with delayed posts and careful measures of that nature can make a massive difference going forward - and may even help you come away with something quite positive in the short-term.

With this advice, we hope you can run your own travel column and blog in the best possible context.

travel photography

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Surfing at The Wave, Bristol - Review


The Wave Bristol

Who would have guessed that a swimming pool on the outskirts of Bristol could produce some of the best waves in England? Well, it can! 

In August I headed to The Wave as an early birthday present for myself for a whole day socially distanced session with Women and Waves, an all-girl collective inspiring women to get into surfing. Despite 2020 being very up and down, it's been a good summer, plenty of warm sunny days and luckily the coastline in Wales has plenty of quiet spots so I managed to get some good surfing, away from any crowds (lucky to have isolated spots) in before heading to the Waves for my intermediate session. 

Having grown up surfing in South Africa, it's something that I love and try to do as much as I can but being a busy mum of two means that my time on my board is often limited so places like this that guarantee perfect waves is very appealing to me and while it's not the same as being in the ocean, which has a certain magic about it, it's definitely an option when you are time short and in need of some pure surf stoke! 

The Wave Bristol

Located just outside of Bristol, The Wave is easy to find and well signposted, on arrival, there is plenty of free parking. You first sign-in at the far end of the car park before walking over to The Wave - while I was there this was all done contact-free with screens and plenty of hand santiser on the walls. Please remember that at the moment it's essential to pre-book your visit, even if your not surfing, this is done to manage visitor numbers and help maintain social distancing. 

After the initial check-in you then have to walk around 5-10mins to The Wave - if you have a skateboard this is the perfect place to use it and cruise over, which is what I did. Once at The Wave you have to register for your session, get changed (plenty of singular changing rooms with lots of santiser on hand) and listen to a health and safety briefing, which was really useful as this place really isn't the ocean so its best to know how to use the facility correctly before jumping in. 

The Wave Bristol

The Wave Bristol

You need to be at The Wave at least 60 mins before your session, even if you're bringing your own equipment. I took my 5'11 shortboard with me and I surfed the Intermediate wave which is perfect for those who are comfortable paddling to the back and can consistently take off and ride unbroken green waves and turn on the wave - I toyed between the intermediate and advanced wave but I'm glad I had the chance to do the intermediate first as it takes time getting used to The Wave, it's very different to the ocean, the take-off it quicker and fairly steep and the intermediate was more than powerful enough for my shortboard, I even managed a mini barrel.

The Wave Bristol

The Wave Bristol

Do bare in mind if you're going to surf The Intermediate/Advanced wave that the take-off is in the Reef area and requires a lot of paddling to the back, if your not yet comfortable paddling to the back then best to try their beginner wave - they also have a new session called the Waikiki wave which is a good bridge between the beginner wave and intermediate as the intermediate wave is quite powerful and you need to be comfortable on your board, paddling and swimming to get the most out of it. 

The water temperature is around the same as that of the sea so you need to pack a wetsuit that is suitable for the conditions - if you don't have one the price includes all equipment you need and the staff are really professional and helpful while remaining socially distanced at all times. 

The Wave Bristol

While I took food with me, there is plenty of options for food, both inside and outdoors, although you need to take a mask with you if you plan to go indoors. The main cafe is situated inside and on a lovely outdoor roof terrace. While I was there there was also a Taco food truck and Churros food stand, both of which were outdoors along with a coffee window for takeaway coffees. 

The atmosphere at The Wave is cool and laid back with many people skating around, but there is still a clear focus on health and safety which plenty of lifeguards on hand. The beginner wave looked fantastic for younger children and those starting out and I can honestly say it was smiles all round from everyone, it's just a great place to be. I can't wait to return and have already purchased another session and will be trying out the advanced wave next.

No matter what your level from complete beginner to Pro rider, The Wave has something to offer everyone and I highly recommend it. Spectator passes cost £2 and if your planning on hitting the waves then prices start at £40 for an hour session. 

The Wave Bristol

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5 action packed things to do in Dubai for Adventure seekers



While many people know Dubai as being the business capital of the United Arab Emirates and world-renowned for its luxurious hotels and shopping malls, well it's also a bit of a hub for those adventure seekers out there and in this blog post I'm going to show you the best activities that's on offer for those adrenalin junkies from sky diving to surfing to trying to most exotic foodie dishes, you can do it all in Dubai along with plenty of sunshine to boot. 

1. Sky Dive over the Iconic Palm

This is one for the extreme adrenaline junkies out there and there are many places you can brave a skydive but taking the plunge over the breath-taking Palm Jumeirah Island. You also don't need any experience to go skydiving in The Palm dropzone as you can fly tandem with an experienced instructor. This is something you won't forget in a long time that is for sure. 

Sky dive Dubai

2. Go Skateboarding at a world-class skatepark

XDubai Skatepark really takes park design to another level, this 3.100 sqm skatepark has quickly become renowned for its fantastic facilities which are suitable for all levels from beginners to pros with 29 different features from a large street section to the insane XBowl. XDubai is also set next to Kite beach and has a large space for skate events and often hosts skate jams, competitions and pro workshops. 

3. Eat with a View

Dubai is known for its world-class restaurants and eateries but if you're looking to add a touch of adventure to your date then there are plenty of options including Dinner in the Sky, which is on the Forbes list of 10 most unusual restaurants and with one of the most impressive views. You need to have a head for heights to eat here as the table is suspended by crane at 50 meters high, taking in the Dubai skyline, you can book a place this exclusive place using this website. If you like the idea of a view minus the crane than At.mosphere is another very special restaurant and takes the spot of being the worlds tallest restaurant located on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa. 

Dinner in the Sky

4. Go surfing Dubai style

Yes you can go surfing in Dubai, something I was surprised to hear when I first found out but it's true. It is seasonal however with the best chance of waves happening between October and April with water temperatures warm all year round and no need for a wetsuit (although wearing a rash vest & boardies is essential as covering up in Dubai is important). If you happen to be there off-season or just want guaranteed waves then they have a really cool artificial wave pool at WADI Adventure, which also offers wakeboarding, rafting and kayaking.  

5. Do a Desert Safari

It would be a shame not to take advantage of Dubai's location and the surrounding Desert so why not opt for a hair raising dune buggy adventure? Arabian Adventures offers exciting guided dune buggy drives across the dunes where you can take the driver's seat or if you prefer you can take it all in from the passenger side. This is a great adrenaline-pumping activity that can be done all year round. 

Dune buggy

While many people are happy with relaxing on the beach and soaking up the sun, others want to get their blood pumping, wether that may come in the form of trying a new sport, taking in the view from the highest building or eating 50 meters up, it can all be done in Dubai, so keep this in mind if your planning to visit in the future. 


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