Shmotter - my first outfit


So Shmotter is a new outfit site...where you can pick and mix and make up looks, it's pretty easy to use - I know there are a few sites like it but this is the first one I have used. I just felt like a edgy rocking kinda of look. I am also in love with ugly sweaters at the moment.

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Fashion Showcase Wales



So it's that time of year again - time for the Fashion Showcase Wales, which takes place on the 6th December at Cardiff Cole Exchange. I am really excited about this event,  as it's a real oppourtunity for welsh designers to show there lines and besides that it should be a good night out - with a live hair salon, marketplace, bar and a live tattoo area!!!

So once again loads of deadlines and been very busy....but it's christmas soon which means a lot more freetime - yey. So when I was reading the newspaper today i came across an article about Aliesha Dixon, I have to say I am not really a fan, but I noticed she has just released a collection of jewellery and though I would check it out. Like I said before I am not a fan of reality TV fame hungry C celebs, although she does work hard at it, so anyway as much as I hate to admit it I do like this little snake bracelet and wing necklace.
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Just a little sunday girl



So I was so excited when the post man pushed a little package through my door. I had wanted a moustache necklace for a while and I was not disappointed. It came in a cute little box and was just what I was looking for. I got it from this great little site called Sunday Girl Accessories, which have a great collection of interesting and one-off pieces of jewellery.

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Lovin little things


Soooo here a few little things that are inspiring me and making me feel all warm inside. I am in love with the blog - Vintage is the New Black and is run by Noir Ohio who is a stylish and ebay owner and sells all her wonderful vintage finds on her ebay shop - and she does find the most amazing clothes!

My next item to love is the new Gucci for Unicef bag for 2009 - I WANT IT!!! And after paying the high price for it atleast you will feel good about yourself knowing that a percentage of the profits goes to UNICEF programs for orphans and children affected by HIV.


My last loveage is for my mother for bring back these lovely pieces of jewellery from her trip to Cape Town in South Africa. They all have such an organic feel to them, either made out of stone, wood or shells, and I love the chunky red necklace. She also brought back these recycled earrings as a joke, as they are made out of the local beer can tops, but I really love the actually :)



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Just something different


So it's been major crunch time lately - hence lack of posts - but now I have handed in some big projects which means - more free time and more time to blog - yey. Got lots of news that will go up in the next few days. My mother just got back from her trip to South Africa and brought back some great jewellery, big chunky necklaces and bracelets and this really cut pair of bottle top earrings. On here flight back she had to stop over in Amsterdam and lucky for me she had a quick look around duty free and picked up Marc Jacobs Lola - was soooo happy - I love this fragrance!!!
Anyway here is just a quick "African" inspired outfit......just for fun really. It's been so cold aswell that I just felt I needed abit of jazz - so necklaces and alittle sparkly makes for smiles :)

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My Glam Show Outfit



So I havn't done an outfit post for ages and I am really into blacks and greys at the moment....must have something to do with the changing of the seasons and perhaps it also reminds me of french cuts. Anyway....this photo is literally taken at 6:30am.

So it's a Gerard Darel Jacket, Alyn Paige jersey top, a French Connection belt (which cannot be seen) trousers from Next, Shoes from New Look and a Francesco Biasia Bag
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The Glam Show



So I was a very happy girl to get the chance to go to The Glam Show this year in London, at Earls Court. Two days of pampering and fashion, presented by style guru Nicky Hambleton-Jones, who happens to be on the verge of giving birth but still looks pretty good. So I just travelled up for Saturday but it was a pretty packed day from the get go. When you entered Earls court you really have no idea of what to expect as it's all contained on the 2nd floor so it's not until you take the escalator up that you see what awaits. There really was something for everyone from Tigi Hair products to Teeth Whitening, makeup master classes and pedicures, to champagne bars and boutique and vintage clothing. One of my fast becoming favourite designers REEM was there, she makes the most beautiful clothing and jewellery, another designer who caught my eye was a girl called Amira.

One of the most exciting events of the day though was the Untold Fashion show - Untold is a collaboration of newly emerging designers and artists who sometimes find it hard getting exposure with the ethos of "Untold Talent yet no platform" and therefore making the platform to present their designs.



After the Untold show I had a look at some of the great stores and listened in too some of the seminars going on in the Sante Glow Zone. Also had a chance to watch the very fit and energetic dancers in the Dance Studio area, as well as working through the boutique vintage row...where I saw this girl whose dress I just fell in love with.

After that was The Glam Show fashion show which showcased designes from Freemans, Strawberry Bunny, Morgan Davies Bridal and Amira.

All Photo's taken by Me.

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Fun Halloween Shoes by Iron Fist




So I happen to stumble across these shoes by Iron Fist, and thought they where super fun for Halloween. I had heard of Iron Fist a while back when I used to work in a clothing store in Cape Town, as the founders of Iron Fist are South African but are now based in San Diego and the label is really starting to take off. Iron Fist though is not for the faint-hearted as their designs and artwork are bold, loud and colourful taking inspiration from skate, punk, hip-hop and tattoo culture. They already have some pretty glamorous celebs sporting there stuff such as Tommy Lee, Britney Spears and band The Sounds.

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Inspiration board - Vintage, Heritage and abit of Rock


Sooooo I have been quite busy lately - just came back from The Glam show this weekend - a post will be up very soon about that - it was in short - a great day! Been buying quite a lot of things lately, new pair of black peep toe shoes, a little Alyn Paige Mod dress and a vintage Fred Perry dress. I am on the lookout for big knitted jumpers aswell. I am also really starting to fall in love with Tweed - when you look at someone like Vivienne Westwood and what she does with tweed it's easy to see why. Still loving black shoes - as ever, but need to require some with studs I think. :)
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