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John wearing Albam shirt, Edwin Jeans and Jack Purcell Converse

So you may think John has a lot of shirts like this, in this shade, well apparently not (this is what I have been told) it's a different kind of fit with a rounder edge at the bottom and as he described it it's more of an a relaxed "artist" fit over that of a tailored shirt and it comes from one of his favourite brands - Albam. it's smart enough for work but also casual enough for a walk outside with the family and pairs up well with his Edwin Jeans and Jack Purcell Converse and Ralph striped socks.

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On Side Street Style we also love to showcase brands that we are currently loving and thought we would share our recent new find in menswear that is Haxby, which mainly focuses on denim but also has some interesting sunglasses, belts and shoes.

Quality men’s wear is comprised of a few different characteristics. It must be durable and of high quality to meet all of the demands of the day, yet fashionable to complement the individual’s style. It is desirable for the pieces to be fashioned through tried and true creation processes to ensure the products will last for years to come. A true combination of all of these qualities is not always easy to come by; however, they can all be found in the newluxury menswear line Haxby.

Haxby denim

Passion, Devotion and Skill Unite

So what makes this brand different? For starters, the creators share a strong passion for and devotion to finely-crafted, limited edition pieces. Michael Dow, a leather craftsman with degrees in Consumer Psychology and Economics, and Timothy White, a leather-smith and silversmith, shared a desire to develop a brand that cohesively combined contemporary style with the great handcrafted traditions of respected artisans. In their endeavors, they have traveled the globe in search of the best designs, materials, and craftsmen to formulate their unique concept. In traveling to London, Italy, Switzerland, and Japan, while still employing local designers in Los Angeles, they have been able to come up with a style all their own that can only be described as unsurpassed.

Haxby denim

Introducing the Debut Collection

The debut collection is comprised of a variety of different pieces, each distinctively created and completed with their own unique craftsmanship and design.

  • Denim – The denim is sourced from the best denim mills in Japan and Italy. The design team, which is based in Los-Angeles, oversees all aspects of creation to ensure exceptional quality. Paying close attention to detail, each pair of jeans comes with 24-karat gold-plated zippers, buttons, and rivets.
  • Belts – The belts are crafted in Switzerland and Italy, which are both regions known for their leatherwork. Each piece is painstakingly forged from a combination of hand-cast precious metals, stainless steel, precision-cut polished sapphire crystals, and, of course, the best leathers and fabrics available.
  • Sneakers – The sneakers are suitable for more than just casual wear. Handcrafted in Montegranaro, Italy, with hand-buffed leather, these shoes were designed to serve as a classy statement piece for any outfit. With their sleek, timeless fashion and durable material, you can feel free to dress them up for a night out or wear them during a full day’s work.
  • Glasses – Each pair of glasses is handcrafted through a 200-step process, completed in the renowned Masunaga Optical Factory in Fukui, Japan. The eyewear combines classic British designs with precise Japanese craftsmanship, as well as the luxury of either 24-karat yellow or 
    white gold inlays.

stylish mens glasses
Really like these round sunnies 

A New Standard for Luxury

With their unique craftsmanship and high-quality materials, you can rest assured that you are receiving a one-of-a-kind, high-quality piece when you purchase an item from this debut line. Even with the bar set high, there are only more high-quality fashion pieces ahead in the future for this brand. With their experience and commitment to excellence, Dow and White seem to have struck gold, which elegantly merges traditional craftsmanship with modern style, setting a new standard for true luxury in men’s apparel.  


  1. Looks like an amazing collection! The outfits look really lovely too!

    1. Hi Georgina
      Thanks so much for stopping by and yes it's a great collection :)

      Laura x

  2. I've never heard of this brand before, but I love the tailored pieces. I think it's something that my hubby would love.

    1. We hadn't heard of it until recently - really love their shades

      Laura x


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