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sustainable fashion
Striped slub jersey £12.99 and Lyocell shirt dress £24.99

I love to support fashion brands with strong ethics and love buying organic, independent or fair-trade clothing but this can't be possible all the time, simply down the cost, so usually I treat myself to something lovely at birthdays/ christmas etc or when I can, otherwise I also love to thrift and up cycle clothing. The great thing is for a while HM and have been crossing that bridge by producing organic and low-impact clothing under their Conscious label and everything is so reasonably priced and you can't go wrong. Most of the range is pretty simple and perfect for casual style plus they have some great little homeware pieces as well.

simple fashion
Lyocell shirt £24.99 and Simple jersey dress £12.99

Organic apron
Top R-L Tea towel £2.99, Apron £7.99, Bib £2.99, Cushion cover £3.99


  1. I really like that jersey dress and love that H&M is so affordable - it's brilliant for kids' stuff too.

    1. Hi Jo - I totally agree - they do some lovely kids stuff

  2. that grey dress is really nice! and that cat bib is adorable :)

  3. Aww I love the tea towel. My mum would love this too

  4. love the jersey dress and it is a great price, especially for a low impact brand,

  5. oh that jersey dress is perfect! I actually might have to pick that one up. Thanks for the tip! x

  6. I love H&M. Even better that they have a Conscious Collection too. I've been mainly buying kids and adult clothes but need to look at their home collection too.

  7. I don't think I could love H&M any more (apart from its really random delivery with online orders!) x

  8. I buy loads of my kids clothes from H&M because the design and price is so good but it's always worried me slightly about the ethics so I've been glad to see them adopting a better stance on this recently. Nice picks! x


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