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garden chic
I love window boxes and country chic (image)

To me outdoor spaces is nearly as important as indoor space. Mr A and I love nothing more than pottering around in the garden and this year we have been growing a lot of our own veg, we started doing it last year but this time round we have been far more successful. One of the reasons we bought our current house was because of the outdoor space and even though we know we are not going to be here forever we have really enjoyed making it our own.

garden inspiration
Mr A enjoying eating lunch outside

We first started with salvaging this outdoor class top table, it was rusty and in need of some TLC so we sanded it down and painted it, giving it a new lease of life. We than procceded to make a raised vegetable patch which we have planted tomatoes, corn and courgettes in.

grow your own

grow your own
Very happy with how our corn is looking so far

We love sitting outside on warm evenings and have a small seating area at the bottom of the garden with a little canopy over it, it's a great place to spend with a glass of wine watch Mr A run around trying to spot bats flying above. The only downfall about sitting outside in the evening is midges and mosquitos so when Prezzybox offered to send us Citronella Candle Craft box for the garden and we couldn't wait as it's something we could do together as we love to paint and get crafty.

Candle craft

toddler craft

butterfly painting

toddler fun

Garden Candle

We had a lot of fun making these, especially Mr A who you can see also took the liberty of painting over his arms. The box came with two ceramic post, wax pebbles, wick, transfers, paint and citronella scent to add to your candles to detract any buzzing insects, which is perfect for summer evenings when the sun is going down, you just light these and they keep you pretty much bite free. I really recommend kits like these that allow kids to get involved but you also end up with something lovely and practical - win win all round

Preezybox were kind enough to send this kit for a review, opinions 100% our own


  1. Fantastic pictures. I agree with you, outdoor space is just as important as indoor space. We are also growing our own vegetables and trying to make it very comfortable outside.

  2. What a lovely set. Candles look lovely and nice you got to do this together

  3. Ah, I'm so jealous of your veg patch! We grew lots of veg the year we weaned E and she ate lots of it. Last we were were too busy juggling work and our lack of childcare, hopefully next year we will find the time to grow veg again :) x

  4. i didn't know garden candles were a thing! i love that second photo, so sweet.

  5. ooh I love little kits like this! so much fun for an afternoon and pretty too! x

  6. Frankly speaking, I didn't have idea about Garden candles. Really candles are so beautiful. I would definitely try this crafting.

  7. Frankly speaking, I didn't have idea about Garden candles. Really candles are so beautiful. I would definitely try this crafting.


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