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striped rug
I love this striped rug (image)

We are really trying to bring more texture, patterns and colour into the house and it popped in my head the other day how much I love stripes and as long as you plan your room right and don't go over the top it can be a real statement pattern in any room in the house, such as this amazing rug in a kitchen. By keeping the kitchen simple and neutral in colour it means that is does not look over cluttered or too busy with the stripes and intact they add to the beauty of the room.

This technique can also be followed through into a hallway and I love how the colourful stripy rug really adds to the room and brings in an elegant but fun element to the space.

A more personal way of adding stripes and colour into a room is by painting a key piece of furniture such as the chest of drawers above, the main thing to remember is only do one piece of furniture otherwise it just won't work and don't clash colours, keep things simple and it can become a real centrepiece of any room.

Apollo blinds

You could also bring striped into a room through some quirky and interesting blinds, such as these by Apollo blinds from their new made to measure Twilight range, which allows light in but also with totally privacy (win win I say). Rolled up you wouldn't notice them and then when pulled down it creates a lovely effect and is really striking and adds a little something extra to your window and doors. A easy, chic and practical way to add the stripe print to any room.

striped bedding
How beautiful is this tie dyed bedding? (image)

A real easy way to utilise stripes and colour together in the bedroom is with bedding. I love bedding and I have always been a fan of the classic hampton striped simple bedding but I have to say I also really love this more relaxed and quirky tied dyed effect as seen above. I would love to have a go at making some myself for our bedroom to add that extra personal touch.

This post is part of my competition entry into #ApolloTwilight 


  1. I have to admit that I'm usually not a fan of anything even remotely geometric in decor prints. That said, I love that chest of draws so much I'm tempted to try my hand at some DIY.

  2. great images and inspo i also love stripes and this shows how lovely it can actually be in home decor

  3. Your house looks wonderful. I'm very envious of a kitchen big enough to have a table in it. And the stripy stairs are fabulous.

  4. These are all gorgeous. That chest of drawers is divine. I'm thinking of getting some sort of wall hanging to add some texture to our lounge wall! Not sure where to look or how to find one. May start with eBay!

  5. That stripy stair runner in the white hallway was basically my dream. I got the white hallway, but the stripes ended up being a beige runner instead! Good choices - there's a flow about stripes that always calms me down, I find.

  6. The striped rug in the kitchen is such a cool idea!

  7. love that rug in the first photo! as much as i love stripes, i don't actually like them much in home decor for some reason. i really don't know why! saying that, we do have a couple striped rugs..

  8. Great pics. I love the rug and the stairs look great too. It works well as both rooms are white so the stripes are the main feature and aren't competing or clashing with anything. I also agree that simply adding a key feature piece of furniture can totally transform a space, but like you said only have one feature to avoid confusion on the eye.
    Hope you find the perfect way to add some stripes to your home :O)

  9. i really love the black and white rug, in fact that whole kitchen is lush and a great way to add pattern by using a blind. If you change your mind you can keep it rolled up or change it easily. x

  10. Stripes look great! I would love to take up our stair carpet and paint the stairs and add a runner. Dave doesn't like the thought of the work involved though...but it would look so good! x

  11. love that stair case, we literally just ripped up the carpet from our stairs and I'm thinking of painting them stripes though! x


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