How to Buy Maternity Clothes on a Budget


happy pregnancy
Me around 25 weeks pregnant the first time round in a lovely dress I picked up for a bargain

Buying maternity wear can be an expensive exercise, sending your modest bank balance into shock, as it distributes cash left and right, completely blowing itself of all proportion as you snap up an adorable booster seat you just HAD to have. Most Mum’s will scour the shelves in search for the perfect outfit for their soon-to-be-newborn, clutching at jumpsuits and cooing over little shoes, entranced by the design possibilities. While we want our babies to be blessed with the best (that we can afford), you may consider yourself for a moment and account for your changing body. Your clothes won’t fit at some stage in the nine months period; in fact, a growing belly and swelling boobs pretty much guarantee at least two areas will need to be accounted for, not to mention your butt and thighs. It is possible to spend minimally on a few essentials with the following tips:

happy pregnancy
Me throwing a casual look together during my first pregnancy

Buy Online

Online shopping is fast becoming a thing; more people every day log in and browse, on their lunch breaks or daily commute, whipping out a debit card to grab a bargain with minimal delivery charges. Digital commerce is a time and monetary savings exercise, allowing you (the consumer) to reach out and find the best price for a certain item or style, read reviews and make an informed judgement call before accepting the purchase and throwing it on the moment it arrives. You’re a bit time poor at the moment, so take advantage of the price comparisons and convenience of online specials at Maternity Sale, or several other maternity centric sites. Additional perk? No more horrible shop mirrors.

Mix and Match

What’s better, off-loading a couple of hundred off onto a nice maxi dress, or spending the same amount on basics suited to any occasion and configuration? Tees, stretch singlets, tights and maternity jeans are all cost effective staples to make your wardrobe go the distance without putting too much pressure on credit card mileage. It maybe be boring at first, but don’t be afraid to decorate and accessorise; jewellery and scarves can add a new, colourful dimension to any outfit, so don’t be afraid to express your personality and creativity!

maternity fashion
My mother picked up this look maternity top for me

Ask Around

Sisters, friends, relations…Most of us know somebody who was pregnant at one time or another, and if it was recently (say within the last year), tap into your network and ask to borrow their wardrobe for a while, until you get your own pieces together. You’ll be surprised by the kindness and versatility of some items, and you never know, once you have your first pair of maternity jeans firmly around your legs, you may be inspired to buy another for yourself, gauging what you need in terms of comfort and style.

Just be happy with how your body changes during pregnancy 

Buying clothes for yourself need not to be painful, nor selfish; if you look and feel good, those happy endorphins will be passed to your growing baby, and translate into a calm, confident and sexy Mum to be. 

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  1. omg you look so different in these pics (I mean I know you were pregnant) but still. I love your glasses, so cute! x

  2. Great tips - I spent a lot of time in leggings and tunic dresses because maternity wear was so ridiculously expensive. I love the section about basics as well, layering is always great when you're pregnant.

  3. Great tips! I mainly bought just regular clothes at the supermarket in a bigger size which was so much cheaper than maternity clothes.

  4. Great post. I didn't buy any maternity clothes but wore stretchy leggings, trousers and dresses. If I was pregnant and did buy maternity clothes I would make sure they were good for nursing too so could wear them after birth. Lovely to see photos of you pregnant the first time. :-) x

  5. wow, you look so different (yet still somehow not) ..i am totally baffled at how some people spend soooo much on clothes they'll only be wearing for a few months!

  6. Maternity clothes are almost always in the sale. It definitely pays to scrummage through the jumble rails!


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