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So I am off on a mini road trip today with the lovely Fritha from Tigerlilly Quinn. We are making our way to Elstree to the first blogging festival BlogStock. It's a blog conference with a difference and I can't wait to see what it's going to be like, with sessions happening in a Tipi's and tents as well as live music in the evening, sunrise yoga in the morning and lots of yummy food options. We are only spending one night under canvas but that doesn't mean I won't be packing a few essentials as I totally believe in being as comfortable as possible when camping. First of all I love to enjoy festival food but  I don't want to be relying on that solely so I always pack snacks to much on in-between meals. So in my snack pack this time I have some homemade healthy Courgette muffins, nuts, yo-bears, fresh fruit and a trek bar. Plus I always pack a few bottles of water and some sandwiches for the first day.

snack pack

Argos my lovely sponsor for Britmums earlier this year also have some great camping essentials at very reasonable prices ad high quality names that match most outdoor stores. For those who read my blog will know we do quite a bit of camping each summer, this we be my second time under canvas this season and we are going on a family trip later this month in St Davids in West Wales and we have often popping into Argo's for last minute essential items. Here is my must have list....

Lichfield Camping Lantern £7.99

Camping Accessories pack with Mallet  - half price £4.99

Planning on having coffee in the morning this Vango Camping Kettle is a must £9.99

cooler bag
This picnic set backpack doubles up as a cooler bag, very handy £9.99

Other camping essentials include a decent air bed, this really is a must have if you want to have any kind of decent sleep. Also a basic camping stove is all you really need but I would recommend some kind of wind breaker as wind can make it very difficult to cook, you can use the ones you see on the beach. If your going camping for a few nights than invest in a cooler bag and freeze a large 2 litre of milk and place this at the bottom of your cooler bag with ice-packs this will keep you cooler cold for up to two days. Sleeping bags are also important, we tend to use a season 3 in the UK as this allows us to camp in the slightly cooler months like May and October without feeling the cold.

What are your best camping tips?


  1. I'm so glad I'm camping with you, can't wait to eat one of those muffins! x

  2. Ooh I'm intrigued to hear more about Blogstock when you two get back. I was seriously considering it but it felt like a bit much after me and Flo have just been down to London once already this week. Have fun x

  3. hope you have a great time!

  4. Have fun it sounds lovely. I'm jealous of the sunrise yoga - wow!

  5. I hope you had fun, can't wait to read what it was like! x


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