Five household repairs that any sane person would outsource


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Anyone with a home knows that there are occasional repairs needed for malfunctioning appliances or broken fixtures that require the expertise of a professional.

One: Furnace Maintenance

Most homeowners take their furnaces for granted until the system breaks down on a cold winter night. This is when a homeowner opens the utility room door to look at the furnace. The problem is that furnaces are often dangerous because the devices operate on fuels such as oil or natural gas. Alternatively, a furnace that is electric has numerous wires and fuses that can spark to cause injuries. Trying to make a repair to a furnace can lead to a buildup of lethal carbon monoxide in a building. Call a trained heating, cooling and venting specialist to make repairs to a furnace.

Two: Broken Pipes

Running water in a home is essential for drinking, cooking and cleaning, but water pipes eventually wear out, leading to leaks. Most leaks start as tiny drips that homeowners do not notice until there is water damage on carpets, walls and ceilings. Occasionally, a pipe ruptures due to poor water pressure or cold temperatures. Whatever the reason is for the broken pipe, homeowners need a plumber immediately to make a repair. Delaying to make a repair while learning how to complete the job can lead to extensive damage to a home’s structures.

Three: Laundry Room

One of the best things about owning your own home is having a laundry room, instead of needing to visit a crowded and expensive Laundromat. Instead of reading books about how to repair your washing machine when it is not working properly, call an authorized technician. Knowledgeable technicians understand how to work on numerous brands and models of laundry room appliances. They can diagnose the problem before replacing broken mechanisms with parts that are on their service vans.

Four: Cracked Windows

Having a cracked or broken window in a home leads to losing climate controlled air. Homeowners may think it is easy to replace windowpanes, but it is actually difficult and dangerous. A glazier is trained how to fit glass into doors and windows properly to ensure the panes are secure. Before replacing broken glass, the expert must remove the broken window carefully to avoid damaging surfaces in a home or incurring an injury. Specialized tools and supplies are needed to replace windows to prevent the items from falling out of a frame.

Five: Water Heater

A home’s water heater lasts for many years but eventually malfunctions or corrodes due to rust. There are plumbers who understand how to help homeowners select a new water heater that is appropriate for the family’s size and the home’s fuel source. A water heater that is installed incorrectly might leak water from its tank or fuel from its ignition system. Because many water heaters operate using natural gas, a plumber must also know how to connect the device safely to gas lines.

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  1. I am a fan of DIY as well and the pictures look really cool. The laundry room looks awesome, I live in a flat but I do experience some the issue that you wrote on.

  2. Agree with all of these. Not into DIY at all, and even though hubby is a builder/carpenter, he hates working when he gets home!


  3. Oh my goodness! Yes I definitely would not think replacing my own window pane would be easy etc. You see a lot on house and car forums people thinking about doing things themselves that they have NO experience of- scary! Dave does do all of our own plumbing, electrics and wash machine etc though but he is well trained. :-) x

  4. Ooh I love the look of those exposed pipes too. I'm rubbish at DIY, I can't even put a shelf up let alone fix anything.

  5. I love that exposed pipe shower!


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