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 I think there must be very few people who don't know about Swatch Watches (if you don't seriously where have you been for the past 40 years?), with their creative and colourful designs and great prices they are the perfect fun accessory. Luckily there is an amazing store in Cardiff and I was kind enough to be invited to a little blogger shindig the other day to see a few of their new pieces and basically have a proper look around the store. Johns first watch was actually a swatch and I have owned a few in my lifetime as well.

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Two of the things I was really impressed and surprised with was the lovely jewellery they also do - the beaded bracelet and necklace really reminded me of similar pieces I used to pick up in markets in South Africa when I was younger - something to do with the bead designs I think, they also had a stunning ring. Another thing was there slightly more grown up and classical style watches most of which were unisex and oozed quality without costing thousands. Also seeing there kids range made me think that perhaps it was time for the little man to have his first proper watch and with his birthday around the corner this might just be the right time to get him one. Did you ever own a Swatch Watch as a kid?

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  1. They are gorgeous, am very tempted to get a pair for our 7 year old Isabelle.

  2. They have some lovely kids watches :)

  3. Wow love all the designs and pops of colour - great photos, sounds like a wonderful event

  4. It's wonderful to hear about your experience with the watch, and I can imagine how it must have added a touch of elegance and sophistication to your style.


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