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Being pregnant again has brought up a lot of memories and feelings about the first time round and I have to admit before having Mr A neither of us were particularly maternal, I mean we both wanted to have children at some point but we both come from a small families of which Mr A is the first grandchild on either side and in fact before having him I (Laura) had never held a newborn before, mainly because none of my friends had children yet and a lot of my relatives, cousins etc are scattered between two countries. I honestly don't think anyone can understand what happens that moment you see your child for the first time and know without a doubt that life will never be the same and for the better. Your heart opens up in ways you never thought possible and also suddenly the world seems a far more dangerous place than before and more than ever you want to protect this newborns sensitive skin, soul and wellbeing with all your heart.

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I had a fairly traumatic birth which ended up in an emergency c-section which meant a whole team of nurses rushing me into theatre, not what was on my all natural birth plan that's for sure, but that didn't mean I wasn't going to try and give Mr A the best start I possibly could. I persevered with breast feeding with the strong will and determination I approach many things in life and once I got to 6 months we didn't look back until he was past 2yrs. I also used cloth nappies for the first 7-8 months and pureed all his food (it's cheaper and much healthier) and we both natural committed all our time to this little man, something which just comes when you become a parent, you do this willingly.

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Knowing John has sensitive skin and has suffered with eczema in the past it was a priority of ours to make sure that when it came to washing baby clothes that we use appropriate detergents that is suitable for soft newborn skin. When your a new parent everything seems a little bit scary and you can take hours reading up what to use, what is best etc and we tried to stick to as much of a natural organic inspired home as possible or what was the best option within our budget that is why Persil and Comfort Fabric conditioner was perfect for us, it has babies sensitive skin in mind, using no enzymes helping to protect the skin and is recognised by the British Skin foundation and both are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested and can be found in most supermarkets at a very reasonable price. 

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Something else that is very close to my heart is the Tommys Charity, which fund research into stillbirth, premature birth and miscarriage especially since had the staff not acted so quickly when I came into difficultly during my birth things could of ended differently and when Mr A was around 9 months I did a sponsored walk for Tommys as it's a charity that really does affect more people than you know. We had friends who recently lost a child late in pregnancy as well as one of our other good friends giving birth 8 weeks early (luckily now she has a healthy bouncy boy). From the 23rd August Comfort Pure is pairing up with Tommys charity which special bottles being sold in Asda with money and has committed £100 000 to the charity #Mums4Tommys


From the moment they are born you watch them grow, wanting the best for them. Being a parent is an amazing, sometimes stressful journey but we wouldn't change it for the world and cannot wait to welcome our next little dude or dudette to the family next year.

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  1. All my kids have suffered with infant eczema but Florence our 4 year old has had it the worst and still suffers with it now so we have to be really careful not to aggravate her sensitive skin. It's good to know that this brand is doing what it can to develop the best products for washing kids' clothes as well as helping a great cause like Tommy's.

  2. Ahh that second picture of you by the high chair. Lovely stuff! Tommy's is a cause close to my heart so it's good to hear such a positive link up going on here.

  3. F has always had sensitive skin, as have I so I've always had to be careful what I used. It's so great to see big brands help charities raise funds to research miscarriages especially as they happen to one in three women. x

  4. My daughter had eczema when she was a baby, and it made me so aware of anything that touched her skin. We love Persil non bio and still use it today. Don't think we'd ever switch!

  5. oh that first photo is lovely! ahh, sensitive skin can be super annoying, can't it. nice to know they're supporting a good cause too.

  6. omg that second picture of you and A is stunning! I hope you framed it. I remember you telling me about how A's birth and how lucky you both were, scary stuff and you're right a wonderful charity x

  7. My daughter and I both have eczema as well. It's so comforting knowing about a brand that takes great care to make their products safe for baby's gentle skin. #client


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