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learning photography

 So I have been keen to get Mr A interested in photography but it can be really hard to find a decent camera that can withstand an active toddler. I didn't want to go down the route of getting a plastic "toddler camera" as most have very low resolution and anyone would struggle to produce a clear image. So when I came across this waterproof, shatterproof and basically toddler proof Nikon Coolpix S32 from Clifton Cameras it seemed like a really good idea and the perfect compact to start off with.

Nikon child's camera

So what are the CoolPix S32 main features

1. Shockproof 1.5m
2. Waterproof 10m
3. Easy to use
4. Simple layout
5. Large buttons
6. Large viewing screen
7. 13MP
8 Good price - £79

How Mr A got on with the Camera

I have to say I was really surprised with how quickly Mr A got to grasps with it and can now confidently turn it on and either take a photo or shoot a short video segment (two large buttons on the top). There is a large viewing screen on the back and it's pretty easy to navigate.

You are slightly limited with regards to options,  for example you cannot set the ISO but you do have scene settings which include macro, shooting at night, soft focus etc and this is really all you need for a child, it also has some fun in-house editing and effects and the video quality is also pretty good.  We cannot wait to try out the waterproof feature on our trip to the South of France next month. Overall this is perfect for a toddler or young child getting to grips with photography and with the layout being somewhat simpler than a more advanced compact everything is where it should be and would be found on an more advanced camera which is what I really wanted.

Outdoors cardiff


Mr A took the two photos above, he is still getting his head around composition and loves taking photos of his feet at the moment. Since having a few weeks to play around with this camera he is now also able to take photos on my DSLR such as the one below which he took completely unaided

happy mother

We were kindly given this camera to do an honest review


  1. Oh my! I think this may be Talitha's Christmas present. Laurence has wanted to get her a camera but I've been reluctant, I think more out of "in my day, we didn't have such things" grumpiness than anything else but it makes sense to get them into it young. And I've been thinking about giving her more grown up art supplies anyway because they're more satisfying than the kiddy version, so why not a camera so she can start learning the art?

  2. Ok, now I feel bad - Mr A can already take a better picture than me!

  3. His efforts look outstanding, better than mine! and that one of you he's taken with the amazing natural smile - you're looking at him, and that's how he sees you, it's so LUSH!!!! Arrggh I can't wait for my daughter to be old enough for a camera like this!

  4. I LOVE that cloud picture and the one he took of you is so heart melting! It's like seeing you through his eyes! p.s taking pics of his feet? totally bloggers child! ;) x

  5. Great idea. You're so right about "kid cameras" not really producing the results that will get anyone hooked on photography.

  6. Aw these are lovely photos. Mine love taking photos too although I have about a million of the top of my 2 year old's head as he attempts selfies!!

  7. This is a great idea, we got Cherry a Kiddizoom one but you are right about the resolution, it's awful and the photos are such bad quality that nothing could be done with them. It is good for teaching her how to hold the camera still though, something which she isn't very good at! Mr A's photos are great! x

  8. That's amazing! I'd love to get our son a camera for Xmas, this one looks great. X

  9. What a brilliant idea! Francesca has my old iPhone as a camera but a proper one is top of the list for Christmas. I adore his photo - they're beautiful!

  10. What a great camera for a kid and I love the colour too. His pix are great and I love the fact that he's taking photos of his feet already (born blogger!) x

  11. oh, i love that you're encouraging this! and wow, he's good already!

  12. I've been thinking about getting a camera for Theo, he loves taking photos especially with our film camera. If film wasn't so expensive to get developed these days I'd happily let him play with that, then experience the magic of getting film developed, but I'm thinking digital might just be easier at the moment!


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