Snippets of our Home


home interior

I have been meaning to do little room tours of our home but with so much change going on at the moment none of our rooms are actually finished. Next week is all about getting our bedroom sorted with more painting, stripping, sanding, then next stop is some finishing touches in the kitchen, re-painting all the skirting boards in the lounge and hallway plus sanding and painting the doors, the bathroom still needs some work as well as the spare room which has become somewhat of a storage room. But for now I thought I would share the above photos as a sneak peak.


  1. Your house is gorgeous. This could easily be a spread in a home magazine.
    Sisley x

  2. Lovely interiors! Very clean and uncluttered, unlike our house which looks like a mix of a toy/book/tea shop. :0

  3. I love the living room and the chairs in the dining room.

  4. What a lovely home you have! Looks so uncluttered!xx


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