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Exploring the Gower

beach life
Mr A with his cat face paint 

So last monday the sun was out and we felt like a proper little adventure, a day trip to somewhere new and The Gower popped into our head. This is a lovely stretch of coastline just past Swansea city centre but feels like you are miles away with quaint seaside villages, delis and beautiful views. We have been meaning to go for way to long and although both John and I have explored this part of Wales before we have not done so with Mr A in tow as it was around an hour and half drive but with the prospect of beach time Mr A couldn't wait.

beach sandals

beach family

The Gower

nautical fashion
Chilling in the sun

As always it's lovely to have a day without any rushing involved, we stayed on the beach until after 6pm, building sandcastles with moats, looking in rock pools and enjoyed some olives, pizza and ice-cream up on a cliff top bar overlooking Bracelet Bay. It was simply one of those lovely summer days spent with the family, you can't get better than that.

Bracelet Bay, Wales

digging on the beach

summer sunset

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. What lovely pictures you all look great. It reminds me of all those sunny fun days with my kids when they were little.

  2. Awww what a nice day at the beach! We usually go too as we live near one and its always a fun experience to go =) #countrykids

  3. I love The Gower! I camped there with my besties for my 30th birthday (and quite literally have the scars to prove it - ha!). Beautiful place & i've been saying for years how I'd love to go back & take the children :)

  4. Gosh this looks like bliss and you seem super chilled in that picture of you. Lovely family memories x

  5. Lovely day trip. We need to hit the Gower sometime soon. I love your beach look, by the way.

  6. It looks so beautiful there and a lovely day in the sun. A stunning photo of you too! Thanks for joining me for Country Kids

  7. Ah gorgeous photos. I really want to go exploring in Wales, def on our list of places to visit x

  8. This looks really lovely; we spent a lot of time in Wales when I was younger but not here, would love to go though. Where's the Star Wars t-shirt from? x

  9. My neck of the woods! Did you go to Casellamare for food? Thats where me and jon go sometimes!
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  10. looks like you had a wonderful time! i haven't been to a sandy beach for the longest time.

  11. This looks like a great spot to visit and I must say you're looking super stylish sitting on that rock x

  12. Love Mr A's face paint! and you look so lovely! I love the gower we spent lots of time there as a child x

  13. I feel calm and happy just looking at these photos! You look fab perched on that rock!

  14. My perfect kind of day! Relaxed on the beach and olives and icecream too! Yum! :-) x

  15. I haven't been to the gower in years, but would love to rediscover it with the fam! sounds like the most perfect summers day, I love spontaneous trips to the beach!


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