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How amazing are these decorations (image)

While decorating for an child events from birthday parties to christenings, you need to consider the atmosphere of the party, wether you want it to be fun, colourful or a more classic and elegant and affair. To achieve the ideal combination, plan the following aspects:

Colour scheme of your decorations for the party

Pastel colors will be more than appropriate for a baby’s christening or birthday party. You could choose decorations of pastel yellow and light browns or soft pink, blue and lilac. Keep in mind what you would like your main colours to be and work around those. It is possible to accent them with metallic or bold colors. For example, to emphasize light blue party decorations hang some baskets with bright yellow flowers. Use your intuition when combining colors for a child's party – the palette must be mostly of light colours not too gloomy.


Wildflower or rose bouquets can add feeling of celebration to any party, but you may choose non-conventional bouquets or hand made paper decorations. For instance, instead of flowers, you can order a balloon bouquet and place it in the middle of every guest table. Or you can bake the so-called cookie bouquets for every guest table instead.

Bake cookies looking like little crosses or in different fun shapes, such as animals, you could also put your child’s name on the cookies with the date of the event for a personal touch. In this case, the frosting should match the chosen color scheme if you want to stay in keeping with the decorations. Guests could take home such cookies so do not forget to have something small to put them in, I usually order a bunch of small recycled brown bags and customise them.


The food is as important as any of the decorations, so I always try and provide healthy snacks that are also visually appealing. For each of Mr A's birthdays we have never bought a cake but have always made one at home, as well as savoury targets, mini veggie burgers, muffins and other little delights. I always try and lay it out in a way that can include a few decorations without being too busy or over the top. You can also purchase cute accessories such as traditional straws for drinks, colourful muffin cases or traditional popcorn or biscuit boxes.

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  1. WOW! Some of those ideas (and pics!) are amazing - i love getting brown bags to customise too for party bags, there's something special about treats in a little paper bag!

  2. Great tips, how amazing are the balloons in that first image?! Planning a children's party is so much fun!

  3. Some great ideas here, sometimes it can be hard to decide what decorations to have. I love those decorations in the first picture x


  4. Your pictures present some lovely ideas. What lucky children to see these delights at a party.

  5. i love those balloons! I've ordered two for the wedding! x

  6. Love those pastel straws and jars! The rainbow one is very cool too though...I can imagine the children grabbing handfuls of sweets! Parties are so much fun!

  7. You can get so many great free printable things like bunting, you can definitely do it on a budget x

  8. Wow what beautiful ideas. Love the sweeties centrepiece and the fruit kebabs. :-) x

  9. Such cute ideas, especially the taste the rainbow one. I love that there are so many free printables around. I used Winnie the Pooh ones for T's birthday. It actually worked out cheaper than way.

  10. I love the rainbow theme idea and the little bottles with the pastel straws are so cute too- I want to arrange a kids party now! Alice xx

  11. The decorated strings on the balloons are genius! What a riot of colour, some amazing ideas.

  12. Great! This is such an informative post. My niece’s birthday is next month and I am organizing a surprise party for her in an event venue Atlanta. Even my sister doesn’t know about it. I want to keep the surprise for her as well. This is such a wonderful post.


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