A night in Mayfair


Red lipstick
Our beautiful hotel room and me relaxing on our balcony before heading out 

 I touched on our little night away in a post two weeks ago and thought I would share our little city break with you in more depth. For Johns 35th birthday he didn't really want anything in particular but he was keen to visit a few stores in London we often had to give a miss if Mr A is with us and it seemed like ages since we had had a day to ourselves just as a couple. So I decided to book a night at the St James Hotel in Mayfair as his present, paired with some cash back I had been saving up and also taking advantage of our two together railcard it meant that a little bit of luxury was in order and St James did not disappoint, it was in fact our first 5 star hotel stay we have taken together and they kindly upgraded us to a deluxe room with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a wonderful balcony and the biggest bed we have literally ever slept in. The location of the hotel is also great as it's in central Mayfair but down a quite street, housed in a stunning building, we had such a peaceful sleep you never would of guest our right in the middle of a bustling city.

Mayfair Hotel

hotel room

Super King bed

We arrived early afternoon and spent most of it walking around Mayfair and simply enjoying the streets of London. We also popping in the RRL store with is Ralph Lauren's take on vintage Americana and somewhere John has really wanted to visit. After that we took a taxi over to Soho and had a bite to eat at Honest Burger before popping over to the French House for a drink and taking a slow walk back to the hotel and stopping off at quiet little pub off New Bond Street. In the morning we filled up on a lovely breakfast of muesli, fresh fruit and yogurt, various cheeses and freshly baked pastries before heading out to the V&A after which we did a little more shopping and got a bite to eat alfresco in a pretty little park.

freshly baked pastry

Stylish couple
V&A gallery
Taking in some Art and Architecture 

Overall we had a lovely time, although we both did miss Mr A, I think since it's been so long since we have been apart it almost made it harder and since we including him in all our travels and adventures it seemed strange without him, especially as he loves London. I suppose this is what parenting does to you but it was lovely having a bit of us time.


  1. That hotel looks so lovely! Jealous! I've barely been in Mayfair at all since I came here, kind of forget it's like a whole borough half the time!

  2. It's funny isn't it - I really look forward to a little time alone, but then I spend the whole of it missing the children!! Looks like a lovely place to stay though :)

  3. The hotel looks lovely, I really want to have a night out just the two of us but we are so busy over the summer! Hopefully in the Autumn. x

  4. The hotel looks lovely and you guys sound like you had a great time! It's always important to treat yourself now and again! X

  5. that hotel looks great, and how fab to have a night away just the two of you... we havne't had one of those in 11 years :p

  6. wow, this place looks awesome! also, that first photo of you is super lovely :)

  7. I would love a night with just Matt and I, we just don't have anyone to have the kids though so have to make do with pretending we are in a hotel when they're in bed ;) x

  8. it's so nice to get away as a couple isn't it? Although Tom and I often end up just talking about Wilf (not that we've done it that often tbh) this place looks stunning, what a treat! x

  9. Ooh la la. I used to do a fair bit of work in Mayfair. It's such a glamorous place. What a way to spend a weekend! We've only done two nights away from our three-year-old. One was the night I was giving birth to her sister! I look forward to doing it again but it's going to be a while.

  10. You guys are a very stylish couple! :) It's such a sweet thing to pay him a nice getaway in a five star hotel nonetheless!

  11. Isn't the St. James Hotel wonderful. And Dukes hotel just right around the corner serve up some of the best Dry Martinis in London ;) A great place to stay.


  12. That's a wonderful idea for a birthday present! One night in a hotel can do wonders.

  13. Ooooh what a great place to escape to. I love Mayfair :)


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