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They say that the way to a mans heart is through there stomachs but not with John, oh no, in fact to be honest he has a much larger wardrobe than I do and more clothes to boot. After becoming a father I think everyones finances take a strain so when special days such as Fathers Day come around it's the  perfect way to treat him to something new, such as some shoes, some when the lovely people at Jacamo asked me to pick something for John that I thought he would love I knew straight away these Superga shoes would be perfect.

leg tattoos
John wears Superga Shoes, H&M shorts, Bathing Ape t-shirt, Ebbets Field Flannel cap
Fathers Day is one of those special days we love to celebrate in our house. Mr A and John have such a special bond and the little man loves to make his Dad a card and bring it to him first thing in the morning and I also think it's great way to let the men in your life know how special they are as they can sometimes be overlooked. They have such fun together and are as thick as thief's, always laughing, playing tricks and up to something mysterious, which is what boys should be doing.

father and son
The two boys being funny and Mr A showing off his slightly worse for wear New Balance trainers

The people at Jacamo asked me what I thought are the qualities that makes a super Dad? Well even though John works long hours he is extremely hands-on and has always been, he always makes time for Mr A and helps put Mr A to sleep when I am too knackers or have too much work, he also helps out with the dishes and laundry as well as being handy with power tools and painting the house. He really doesn't get much free time at all and hardly ever complains about it and relishes his time with Mr A and loves being a Dad.


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Jacamo was kind enough to gift us the shoes in exchange for an honest review


  1. I love Johns shorts! If only my Jon would wear something like that!
    Two Hearts One Roof

  2. I love the t-shirt, it is perfect for my husband!

  3. Cute outfit post! :-) The special father and son bond definitely comes through in these pictures.

  4. love that t-shirt!!! great photos - you can really see their love shining through x

  5. Totally loving the Bathing Ape tee and the shoes. x

  6. My husband is the same - more shoes and clothes than I have!

  7. I love the photo where they are both stood with their hands on their hips, so cute! x

  8. love those pumps! I'm always on the look out for trainers for T that aren't too 'trainer-y' x

  9. Love both their shoes, have been on the look out for good summer shoes for Rob!

  10. Love the shoes! Also, another fan of the tee too - my hubs would love that!

  11. Aw such lovely photos of the two of them. Really like the shoes too.


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