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For those who don't know this past week has been pretty intense and eye opening for us as a family. On wednesday I was out of the house before 7am and on my way to Heath Hospital to have a surgical procedure to fix a heart defect that is the cause of electrical misfires in my heart, making it race from 70 beats per minute to 200+ in a split second, something I have found hard to cope with for the past 3

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I am not going to lie I was terrified, especially since I would have to be awake the whole time but with a 95% cure rate if you have two of the three of pathways affected it always felt like the right thing to do. Unfortunately after nearly two hours into the procedure they could confirm my pathway (the third one) is located in an area considered high-risk and would involve piercing the heart to get to, this meant having come all this way, lying on the table with wires around my heart to be delivered the blow that on this occasion they could not fix the problem. It was disappointing to say the least, especially since this procedure in itself carried risks but there were positives that came out of it, they now knew exactly where and what my defect was and how to treat it, it means going on medication for the foreseeable future with the prospect of more invasive surgery but we were told I could go ahead with a pregnancy which is what we were waiting for, of course with more monitoring and it wouldn't be easy but it's possible.

At the moment I am just relaxing, recovering and taking things slow. Things like this always make you realise how much you have in life and how grateful I am for all the wonderful and beautiful people I know and love but it's also the small things that make life so amazing, so wanted to stay sharing the things I have been so grateful for each week

1. Wonderful family support
2. Cuddles from my little man
3. Being able to work from home during all of this
4. Our vegetables in the garden starting to grow at a face pace
5. Having time to read a new book
6. A wonderful lazy lunch with my mother
7. Being spoilt with a new summer dress
8. Making lots of plans for the house, we have a year until we sell!
9. Looking forward to the future

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  1. Awww. Been thinking of you all week. So sorry it wasn't successful but I'm glad they now know how to treat it and you can make plans again. These are such beautiful photos- the love shines through xxx

  2. So glad you'er ok, though what a shame they couldn't reach it. But you're right, there are so many positives that have come from the procedure.
    I hope all goes well and you get fully rested!

  3. glad that you're ok, but sorry tht it wasn't succesfull. Love your gratitude list x

  4. Many blessings to you & your family - may the future bring health and more happiness!

  5. Many blessing to you & your family - may the future bring health and more happiness!

  6. I love your attitude and grateful heart. So sorry to hearth procedure wasn't as effective as you'd like.

  7. I'm sorry it wasn't completely successful :( but hooray for being able to go forward and make lovely positive plans.

    The condition sounds a little like something my brother had (WPW) ... But is probably completely different.

    Beautiful photos of you all. Onwards and upwards x

  8. I'm sorry to hear that it didn't go as planned but so glad to hear that you're okay, great news on the baby front too! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  9. Glad your ok honey, pity they couldn't sort it once and for all, but like you said at least they know where it is now. You have a very positive attitude on life so I wish you all the best, and hope you get to have another little thing to be grateful for in your life soon, hehe!

    Two Hearts One Roof

  10. aww Laura I'm so sorry they couldn't do the op but hopefully this is better situation, take it super easy! xx

  11. Oh blimey, I had no idea. What a shame you had to go through all that to find out it couldn't be done but love the way you are looking on the positive side and yay for the all clear to have another baby :) xx

  12. Bless you, have been thinking about you. I'm glad they've found and identified the cause and hope you're getting some much needed R&R xx

  13. In spite of, glad to know that you still have such a positive and upbeat spirit. It's important to give thanks as you've done through your gratitude list. God bless you and thanks to Him that it is not worst, even though this sounds a bit scary. Stopping by from SITS.

  14. XOXO. I hope the meds truly help. (stopping by from SITS )

  15. Heart issues are no fun. I have dealt with heart issues of a similar issue for a few years now.

  16. Okay Google did it to me again..Comment disappeared... I have dealt with a similar heart issue for a few years now. It is amazing what they can do now.

  17. Thanks for sharing what you're grateful for in the midst of a difficult week...stopping by from SITS


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