When the chips are down - the best potato recipes


Milgi bar
Veggie delight with chunky chips at Milgi Bar in Cardiff

Ever since the sixteenth century, the British have had a very close relationship with the humble potato and it isn’t hard to see why. If it isn’t down to the fact that potatoes are a good source of potassium, vitamin C and fibre or that they are so affordable, it must be down to the fact that they are so simple to cook and so versatile.

Mashed potato

Everybody has their own favourite way of cooking mashed potatoes. The addition of a thick dollop of real butter and some full fat milk creates a devilishly creamy texture and taste that compliments anything from steak to sausages, tofu or pie. For some people the quest for the perfect mash is an art – for others it is a science.

homemade chips
Homemade Wedges go down really well with the little man

The chip and Wedges

Any real chip connoisseur will tell you that the limp shoelace chips served in your local late night kebab shop is an abomination to the potato. Thick chunky chips like McCain chips retain the flavour of the potato and due to the surface area to oil ratio are healthier too. The true way to cook the perfect chip is to start with Maris Piper potatoes and cook the chip at two different temperatures.

Roast potato

Surely as important a part of any roast as the beef, the classic roast potato is another fine example of the perfection in simplicity of potato. The key to a good roast potato starts of course with the potato, ideally a DesirĂ©e and some good quality oil or fat. Some insist on goose fat being the best way to roast potatoes but others say it’s down to good quality vegetable oil. Fluffing the potato by shaking it around the inside of a saucepan is evidently the key for many people. The downside of roasting is the time it takes but great roasties are available ready for oven baking.

egg stuffed potato
I love how versatile baked potatoes are 

Jacket potato

There are things to remember when considering how best to cook a jacket potato. The first thing is to choose the right potato (again, a Desirée is perfect). The second thing to remember is that the microwave is not your friend. Scrub the potato skins clean, rub some salt into them and bake them for a couple of hours, Delia Smith recommends not pre-heating the oven. Then serve with either butter, cheese, humus, tuna, beans or anything else you can think of.

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    I never knew that you shouldn't preheat the oven before you bake them... have to research the reason for it


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