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Classic style

I thought I would get one more spring outfit in before the sun really does start to shine. I love British heritage styles and old prints and patterns and to be honest if you stick with classics they never go out of style. I recently picked up this BDG jacket from Urban Outfitters and I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of it as it's actually quite thin so I can still wear it in the warmer months but keeps out the wind and being oversized I can layer underneath in the colder months and it goes perfectly with my Barbour Heritage Bird Print shirt.

outfit post
Laura wears - BDG Jacket, Barbour Shirt, Topshop jeans and HM Boots

I am in love with the print's vintage feel and it's countryside inspiration and I've not seen anything like this for a while, it feels really unique and captures Barbour's stylish, practical and high quality ethos, something which has stayed with them for the past 120 years. I can see myself wearing this a lot in the future.

bird print

Barbour kindly gifted me the shirt in exchange for an honest review 


  1. I love my Barbour jacket and have got so much wear from it. Really need to get it re-waxed x

  2. It's nice to see Barbour has come a long way - my Dad was a conservationist and we lived on the North Norfolk coast so his barbour jacket was an old, rarely waxed stinky thing and for years that's all I thought of when anyone mentioned them and not sure they used to do other clothing. I love the shirt, both style and print.

  3. That shirt is gorgeous! I love the print!
    I remember when Barbour jackets just used to be for farmers and people in the countryside x

  4. I've go a Barbour International Jacket that I love and wear all year (apart from when it's snowing) and as for the shirt ... just beautiful. I'm envious, biggish boobs and shirts just don't go together

  5. I adoremthat shirt! What a beautiful pattern. I wish I could buy the fabric and make a dress with it. Beautiful.

  6. I adore that shirt, such a beautiful pattern. I would love to make a dress with the fabric :)

  7. love that pattern :)

    stop by,

  8. I love the bird print on the shirt. I need that in a shirt dress. :-) x

  9. I'd love a Barbour jacket! also well jel of your shirt. Great to have you on board #streetstylesunday xxx

  10. Super jacket on you, I am yet to own a Barbour! x


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