Tips for creating a floral themed room


fresh flowers
Nothing beats fresh flowers in the home (image)

One of the most popular themes for rooms in a lot of people’s houses is that of flowers. A floral theme can really brighten a place up, and those who really love flowers will really enjoy being able to match different styles and colours around the room.
Here are some tips for creating a room with an effective floral theme…

Don’t overdo it
The first thing to mention is to not overdo it too much. Of course you want your theme to be noticeable (otherwise what’s the point?) but if you slap flowers on absolutely everything then it’s going to be somewhat overbearing and even garish. Don’t put flowers on everything in the room; instead pick a few key areas and focus on those.

chic interior
I love this bright floral wallpaper (image)

Having floral wallpaper is a good way of injecting some interesting patterns into your décor. Again, however, you don’t want to overdo it. Try choosing wallpaper with a few flowers dotted here and there rather than every square inch being decorated with petals. This more subtle approach will still be effective without being overbearing. Alternatively, you could go for a floral border rather than the wallpaper itself. Next have some really nice flowery wallpaper in loads of different styles.

Floral curtains are also a great way of accentuating the theme. Curtains can be incredibly versatile as, depending on whether they’re open or closed, they can have a very different effect. They are one of the easiest ways to accessorise a room and add some real character. Clarke& Clarke have some really nice floral curtains that would suit all sorts of interiors.

stylish living room
I love how much colour there is in this room without being over the top (image)

If you have quite neutral colours throughout most of the room then a bright coloured floral rug will really stand out. It doesn’t have to be anything massive; even just a small rug in the centre of the room will look fantastic. Due to the material and texture of rugs, floral patterns tend to be quite large so will make a good centrepiece for the room.

colourful flowers


You can’t have a floral theme without actual flowers! For the umpteenth time, you shouldn’t overdo it with the flowers or your house will end up looking like a florist, but having a couple of vases dotted around the room will really complete the room’s theme. Try to contrast the colour of the flowers with that of the décor so they stand out more and, of course, don’t forget to water them. Some people aren’t a huge fan of flowers in their home as they don’t see the point of buying them if they’re going to die, but this can actually be an advantage. This effectively means that you can change the décor of the room every couple of weeks if you want to, with different flowers obviously making the room look a little differently. Hereis a really helpful list on different flowers that look great at home.

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  1. How funny, I've just been writing about how flowers really cheer up my flat too!

  2. I absolutely love floral prints but I prefer smaller, ditsy prints rather than bold colours. Nothing beats having a few fresh flowers though :)

  3. I'm not much of a 'floral' person, but I do love having flowers spread around the home, they just make the place more cheery, and if like me, you go for lillies, they'll make the place smell naturally great too :)

    Mummy Pixie

  4. I wouldn't say I like "floral prints" all that much, but one of my favorite things to have in the summer time is fresh flowers throughout our tiny little house =D They bring such life to a space and they smell amazing =)

  5. the cast shadow of the petals. For the center part of the flower, I apply dots of darker yellow to indicate the form. 24 hour florist


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