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Kenwood KMix

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and we agree with that. I know personally as a family we spend a lot of time in ours and want to make it an area we love and enjoy, full of fun and colour. I don't think I have ever been so excited about a new kettle in my whole life, our last kettle died a sudden death after springing a leak and rendering it useless and with something we use everyday having a decent kettle is rather important. When I came across this super stylish and colourful Kmix Kettle by Kenwood from RedCandy I instantly feel in love, it has a real retro feel to it with the modern convenience of being electric and adds a real pop of colour to our kitchen.

Retro kettle

When it arrived I actually did a little dance around the kitchen, it had been a few days of boiling water on the stove so I was keen to try it out. It's so solid and well made and I simply love things that combine design and practicality together so perfectly as does this and it really could fit in any style of kitchen from modern to traditional.

So I am actively trying to bring in more colour into every aspects of our lives, especially since I come from such a bright and colour city that is Cape Town and sometimes Wales in comparison can feel a little grey, but even though the sun may not shine as much over here it does not mean I can't full our home with uplifting colours and you can see how we have dressed up our little seating area in this blog post. Here are a few of my other favourite things in our kitchen at the moment

kitchen storage

I love clear storage glass jars, these Kilner ones were a christmas present and I could not live without them. I have also had our retro style colander for years and it's still going strong, I love well made things. Our slightly over the top blue china plates always make me smile for some reason and I can't seem to stop buying tumblers and mugs especially on our trips to Ikea and I love using my camping ones at home, simple comforts.

fresh apples
colourful tumblers

We were given the Kmix Kettle in exchange for an honest review 


  1. Hi Laura & I agree that your new yellow tea pot is a great kitchen color. I've always used bold color in my kitchens - here's my old red kitchen, ... and when we moved my husband wanted something different so now the kitchen is blue, (just a photo as I couldn't find an article)

  2. Your retro colander is adorable! And I LOVE that color yellow in the kitchen! So cheery and bright!

  3. wow thats a fab colour ,love Kenwood products, would love to review the stand mixer ;)

  4. I love clear glass containers too for done reason and that kettle is very pretty I love it.

  5. Lovely bright colours to brighten up any kitchen! The bright yellow kettle is like a ray of sunshine! :-)

  6. I also love that yellow tea pot. . .and I don't even usually like yellow! I know what you mean about trying to brighten up the place - my hometown is kind of gray compared to other places I've lived and I'm always looking for ways to cheer it up.

  7. That kettle is gorgeous! I'll be on the hunt for some pretty kitchen accessories soon, can't wait to get started! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  8. Please can you let me know where you purchased the kettle, it would be perfect in my kitchen.

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  10. where can i buy the yellow kettle?

  11. Where can i buy the yellow kettle?

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