Simple Summer Pleasures



I have to say I love instagram for documents daily do's and I love reflecting on the past week of what has made us happy, those simple pleasures and carefree moments, like lying back in the park looking up at the trees while Mr A plays with hide and seek with new friends, summer perfection. Here is what has been making us happy lately

1. Garden fresh Radishes - our first successful harvest
2. Polenta cake and coffee - simple
3. Pirate time
4. Can't get enough of these stuffed Romaine salad leaves

grow your own

coffee and cake

dressing up

stuffed salad leaves


  1. yum , nothing like fresh veggies is there :)

  2. Yum! I am loving my veggie garden right now. I am trying to regrow my romaine leaves from the stumps bc I saw on pinterest you could do that. Have you ever tried? This post made me happy...

  3. Those are such great summer moments. The pirate time is adorable!

  4. Your post has me wanting to get my hands on fresh produce and omg that polenta cake!!

  5. Those radishes look delicious!

  6. yum - polenta cake!!! and your veggies look scrummy too x

  7. I remember seeing the little pirate face in my feed and made me smile x


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