Celebrating family in the home


photo collage
I love an array of different sized frames to display family portraits (image)

Capturing the special moments in life and the people you love has always ranked highly on my favourite past times, time flies so quickly especially when you have children and if you blink they look older than they did the day before so collecting a few beautiful portraits and moments is an important way to document your life together. What a lot of people forget is how lovely these images can be hung up in the home and while we are still working on our house by simply framing and hanging our favourite moments can transform a once boring room into something special and really makes a house a home.

picture frames
Its important to get a good balance of simplicity and not been over cluttered as above (image)

A few years back I had a home studio and got a few lovely images of John and Mr A which we have turned into a canvas but if you don't have access to a professional camera or lighting it may be worth every now and than having a portrait session for you and your family and these really don't need to be the boring straight on awkward photography of years past, oh no with places like Venture they can really bring out the cheeky sides in your little ones and if you don't believe me check out there latest competition to find The Little Face of Venture and you can help choose the winner by voting for your favourite and for every child who took part £1 has been donated to WellChild, a charity that helps sick children across the UK. I know that there is always one image of your child you just love - I really like this photo I took of Mr A when he was a little baby

baby portrait
One of my favourite pics of Mr A just after he learnt how to laugh

I am currently working on my office space at the moment and I cannot wait to make it a creative and inspiring place for myself and like my last "mini office" space in our last cottage it was accessorised with a canvas print of John and the little man, although this year I am going to go for a bit more of a collage with some hanging polaroids

creative working space

I love all the creative ideas you can find online for hanging and displaying images such as removing the window panes from an old door and using them as frames, if I had the space I would love to do this in our hallway or lounge for a really unique statement piece

door hanging photo
I love the idea of turning and old door into a place to display photos (image)

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  1. Beautiful pictures. I really like the canvas that was in your office. I love the idea of turning a door into a photo frame but there is no where in my house that I could put it.

  2. I love the idea of a indoor door picture frame.
    It would really make a room look special.

  3. Love the mix shape/sized frames idea! I couldn't agree more about displaying pictures/memories too. With social media these days it's easy to get carried away and forgot how nice it is to get physical pictures printed.. I recently bought some white and red craft string and small wooden pegs to hang polaroid pictures from around my room. It's been a really cheap, simple.. yet effective way to capture memories and display them!

  4. Gorgeous pictures and if I had the space, I'd also turn an old door into a giant picture frame x

  5. amazing i love the pictures and love how lovely your home looks. the old door picture frame is amazing wish i had the skills to do some upcycling.
    love your blog by the way you have a very good eye for detail xx

    caroline xx nomorefrizzyhairdays.blogspot.co.uk

  6. That bottom picture of the door used as a picture frame is such a fabulous one. Like everyone else though, there is a space issue.


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