A week of Gratitude


yellow sunflower

Just wanted to share the small and simple things I am grateful for this week

1. Safe travel, especially when your travelling alone
2. Meeting some amazing people and being inspired at Britmums Live
3. Coming home after a hectic weekend to my family, loves and comfy bed
4. Our sunflower starting to bloom - this made our hearts so happy
5. Conversations with friends
6. Warm evenings
7. Outdoor adventures with both the big and little man
8. Picnics

What have you been grateful for this week?

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  1. a sunflower would definitely make me happy too!

  2. I love getting home after a busy weekend. You really appreciate it! x

  3. nothing beats home after a busy few days! that sunflower is gorgeous! Thanks for linking up :D xx

  4. It's great to be able to reflect and appreciate the little things! I love it when flowers eventually bloom too!

  5. Isn't everything so much lovelier in summer? And how long did it take to grow your sunflowers, I might try this with E x


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