How to create a unique bathroom for your home


rolltop bath
How beautiful are these tiles (image)

For many people, the bathroom is a relaxing sanctuary. Locking the door, filling the bath and lighting some candles is a fantastic way to unwind after a long and stressful day. For others, a long and luxurious shower is the best method to wash away their cares and troubles.
Whatever way you choose to wind down, having a beautiful bathroom can make a real difference when trying to create a sense of peace and tranquillity. You might also want to create a unique bathroom that will amaze your friends and relatives when they come to visit. There’s no better way to make a great impression than by offering your guests access to a stunning bathroom.

simple bathroom
I love this simple and stylish bathroom (image)

Here are some ways you can create an incredible bathroom that you’ll adore for years to come:

Picking a theme

When designing a new bathroom, you might be preoccupied with choosing the colour of your tiles and deciding on materials for the cupboards, sinks and taps. However instead of just focusing on colours, why not create an amazing bathroom theme that will add an intriguing element to your home’s interior design? For example, you could model the room on Roman baths and include a stucco render for a sophisticated stone or marble effect. A large and deep bowl for the sink or a square stone effect design will help to complete this decadent Roman look.

Alternatively, you might want to create a refreshing rainforest effect. A bamboo shower screen and matching cupboards, along with plenty of greenery, is the perfect way to achieve this theme. A huge waterfall shower will also give your bathroom that unique rainforest feel.

chic bathroom
I love the fun use of colour (image)

Think carefully about your appliances

While you might have the perfect idea for a bathroom in terms of the tub, sink, tiles and other decorations, it’s easy to neglect smaller yet equally as important features such as shower taps. Having neat and attractive fittings really helps to complete the look of the bathroom and tie it together with seamless style. Don’t forget about the little details, as these can often be the most important. If you need some inspiration, check out some of these stunning Mira shower taps.

vintage bathroom
In love with this rain shower and simple bathroom (image)

Consider the space

Some of us might not have the biggest bathrooms in the world, so making the most of the space we have is essential. If you don’t get much use out of the bath, perhaps consider replacing it with a shower cubicle instead. By removing the cumbersome tub and replacing it with a sleek and smooth shower, you can use the extra space to install cupboards. These can be used to house towels, cleaning products and the range of lotions and potions that make your bathroom time so relaxing.

bathroom storage
Savvy storage in small bathrooms is essential (image)

Smart storage solutions, such as utilising the space under your sink with a convenient cupboard, are a great idea. Don’t be afraid to add a shelf or two on the higher parts of the wall to really maximise storage for shampoos, shower gels and cute ornaments. However you decide to decorate and style your bathroom, make sure you keep that calm and tranquil feel. By doing so, you can really look forward to getting home and spending some quality time relaxing in the bath or shower.

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  1. Really great tips and wonderful images, I can't wait to own my own home and have the ability to design the rooms to my own liking!!

  2. These are some good tips, funny enough I never really put much thought into thinking about appliances probably would have had to tazed a but before I remembered.

  3. Lovely ideas here, great photos! I love the funky tiles in the first bathroom.

  4. love those tiles in the first photo - and i would love a roll top bath!

  5. those tiles are amazing! the tip for thinking about the space is great.

  6. I love baths, I have one every single night as we don't have a shower. It's the one thing I do to chill out and relax. I hate our bathroom though it's so small x

  7. Great tips - we're currently on the look out for a suitable mirror, it was yet another thing the vendors promised us from our house that was missing when we arrived!

  8. ooh I love that green bathroom! x

  9. Pretty much loval all of those bathrooms. Especially love those storage solutions in the bottom picture - the shelves look so clean and uncluttered....makes me feel it's time to do something about mine!

  10. Such great tips! I can't wait to plan and decorate my own bathroom when we eventually move to our own house. Our bath is teeny tiny. x

  11. Great tips - especially the storage. We have a very tiny (and rather awful-looking) bathroom and storage is the thing currently on my mind.

  12. Love the first one - beautiful tiles and simple wooden accessories, perfect. Just needs a few dozen plants!


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