Wimbledon - A Summer Institution


picnic idea
Strawberries and cream, a perfect dish for Wimbledon (image)

Ever since I can remember my mother, who was a Welsh expat living in South Africa at the time would by the "special Wimbledon newspaper" with the double page pullout that we would fill in every day to see who had made it through the next round. Even though Wimbledon is very much a British tradition, in South Africa it was very much apart of our lives to from a young age. Both my brother and I had tennis lessons when we were children, in fact my brother did quite well at club level and with the constant sun in South Africa you can imagine it's a very popular and accessible sport and both of us loved it and still have a game every now and than.

tennis racquet

Wimbledon to us was two weeks spent as a family, excited about the matches and keeping fingers crossed for the odd South African player to make it past the first two rounds at the tournament and even today I still get that same sense of excitement and anticipation and it is very much on my bucket list of Must Do Things in my life to take my mother to Wimbledon one year to watch a match on centre court, preferably with all the bells and whistles and hospitality, until then we are getting our garden ready for a little party with friends and lots of strawberries, Pimms and with a dash of South African flavour a braai (or BBQ) of course.


Wimbledon to me marks that summer is finally here and we have high hopes for it being a dry, sunny and hopefully hot one this year. We have been working hard on the garden, repainting an old table, picking up some new chairs, planting our own veg and everything is starting to take bloom and can't wait to cheer on some of the players this year while having a drink a hand and fresh salads on the table.

summer strawberries

So at the bunting goes up and sun starts to shine why not get in the swing of things and join in the festivities, it's a great way to celebrate being British or living in bonny UK and throw a summer garden party or quintessential bubbly picnic, or if you are lucky enough witness all the action at Wimbledon.

picnic in style

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  1. Love the picnic hamper image at the end! I want!
    My family get really into Wimbledon every year too. It always seems to have amazing weather, so we have BBQs, watch as many live games as we can and enjoy getting all emotional, cheering on our favourite players.

  2. love those vintage rackets! I want to come over to yours! x

  3. What a great idea. Wimbledon really is summer isn't it? This makes me want to get the bunting out and have a party!

  4. hope your veg grows well! i've never been into the whole tradition of wimbledon, but tennis is pretty much one of the only sports i can bear watching.

  5. I love strawberries and cream, and Pimms! x

  6. Oooo strawberries & cream whilst watching Wimbledon - it doesn't get more English Summertime than that :) I love those old rackets too!


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