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festival style

I have to say one of my favourite accessories has to be bracelets, especially when summer and festival fever kicks in as I love the natural wooden beaded ones such as my "Wild and Free" bracelet above and I like layering them for a boho effect which goes perfectly with a flowing sun dress or shorts and a loose tee. My blue brass bangles below have all actually been found by Johns father who goes metal detecting and I love that they have a story behind them.


Talking about stories and memories my mother has a beautiful tennis bracelet that will one day be passed down to me and than hopefully onto on of my children, which is what is also so great about bracelets is they can also be that added little extra sparkle when your going on somewhere smart and want to look chic or even a family air loom and there are some really stunning ones on the market.


Anjolee diamond bracelet

I really would really like a delicate gemstone or Diamond bracelet, like the ones above from Anjolee, they are so beautiful and you can customise them but picking what kind of gemstone you want, metal type, diamond quality etc which makes them a very thoughtful and beautiful gift, esepically when it's for something special like graduation, 18th birthday or a 30th (hint hint, for those who don't know I am going to be turning 30 this year). What is your favourite jewellery accessory? 

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  1. My favourite jewellery is probably my necklaces omg I can't get even. I love the family heirloom it's really pretty! Happy 30th

  2. love those bracelets :)

    stop by,

  3. I'm a statement necklace fan but I have just started ti love rings too! :)

  4. I love bracelent but I adore statement necklaces. They are my thing at the moment. x

  5. I love bracelets but can never wear them, they're always too big! But I really love that ring in the first picture


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