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Garden inspiration and Out There Interiors

outdoor space

I am really happy with how our garden is turning out, it's not the biggest garden but we are making it our own and a happy and comfortable place to eat, have fun and enjoy the outdoors. When we bought this house we literally had one garden chair and found this table which needed some TLC. I was over the moon when two lovely, sturdy and beautiful made gardens chairs arrived from Out There Interiors which is exactly what we needed to pull everything together and can now enjoy meals in the sunshine together.

rose in bloom
I love our new garden chairs and beautiful flowers are in bloom in our garden

We have been planting lots of vegetables as well as various flowers to attract more wildlife to the garden. We recently pulled up our first mini potato harvest and our radishes are nearly ready. Before that however I picked up some metal paint and gave the old table a new coat of paint and to breath life back into it as it was starting to succumb to rust but being so solid it would be a real waste to get rid of.

DIY painting
I love the new colour

I love the result, it's not a huge change but the shade works so well with the new chairs and reminds me a lot of my favourite Farrow and Ball interior colours. We still have a lot of plans for our garden and if we had space we would probably have a little section of Rattan furniture, maybe a spun-lounger or a little hidden nook. What I really love about outdoor space is you don't need a huge area to make a place is special, welcoming and inspiring, you can really work with any area.

city garden
I love this beautiful city mini garden (image)

outdoor seating
Love this simple and chic nook (image)
garden seating
How beautiful is this seating area

Love Chic Living and Love Your Home

We were kindly sent the chairs in return for an honest review 


  1. I love being outside in the garden and those chairs are perfect for that, lovely!

  2. The mini city garden is so cute! Just shows any space can be turned into something nice!

  3. Your garden looks cute! It's so great to have a place to sit and eat outside in the summer.

  4. I love your decking! The weather has been amazing this week, it's been so nice to spend so much time outside in the garden. Your revamped table looks amazing too! x

  5. those chairs look great, I want some new ones for our decking - it's the spot i sit in the morning and drink that first coffee!!

  6. I'm in love with that image of the city garden! Our paris flat had one and it was perfect x

  7. Your garden is coming along nicely :) i'm growing chilli and tomatoes for the first time x

  8. Oooh lovely, I'm redesigning my mother's garden this summer so I need lots of ideas! xxx

  9. Gorgeous chairs! I must check out Out There Interiors. #loveyourhome

  10. It looks like a lovely garden from what I can see. The new colour on the table makes for a lovely subtle change.

  11. Ever since we came back from my sister in law's garden F has been asking if we can move so we can have one too! Your's looks lovely x

  12. Ever since we visited my sister in laws garden F has been asking to move so we can have one too! The garden looks lovely. X

  13. I can't wait to move to our new house as it's got a lovely garden! We definitely need some more furniture though, it's something you don't really think about until it's summer and you suddenly need it!

  14. I love that you are making the most of your garden, let's hope the great weather lasts! #loveyourhome

  15. I need to tackle my garden. you've inspired me!

  16. It doesn't matter how large or small a space is you can always make it work for you. The chairs are very cute and fit very well in your garden.

  17. I love that mini garden in the city - so sweet!


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