Fathers Day Dreams


Father and daughter

I loved my childhood spent growing up in South Africa and I love that I came from multi-national family with my father being South African with German descent and a Welsh Mother, it always meant that there was something interesting going on in the house and I always thought the word "cwtch" was normal (although my friends had no idea what I was talking about).

My father really implored that with hard work anything was possible and having funded himself all the way through three University Qualifications and his friends would always say "every rand was a prisoner" as he lived on air as a student while some of his friends were already out making money, he did this to insure he had a great future. It was all worth while and I will always be in awe of him, he constantly inspired me and impressed me with his love for life, travel and viewing the world with an open mind.

Unfortunately he is no longer with us but I can still hear his laugh and see him listening to records with the doors flung open wide on a lazy sunday afternoon at our home in Cape Town. I always find Fathers day as a day to remember him and look back on memories with really fondness and the best thing is I now also get to live the day with Mr A as we treat John to a day of man-pampering.

I have put a little video together with Braun about my Fathers Day Dream and what I would love to treat my father too if I had the chance as well as John who is a great Dad to Mr A. You too can join in and have a chance to win an amazing dream experience for the special man in your life. All you need to do is send a tweet @Braun using the hashtag #FathersDayDreams stating why your Dad is your hero and what his dream would be, it closes on the 16th of June and you read more info about it here


  1. Cute video! It's so interesting that your father liked to travel places because of quotes or film scenes.

    What does "cwtch" mean?

  2. love the video! I've lived in Wales for ten years now, and my husband is welsh, so we use lots of welsh words every day - i forget when i go back home and get funny looks that not everyone knows what a panad is!!

  3. Aw. Love a cwtch. Like you, I have lost my wonderful father. I love how you say you feel happy on Father's Day remembering the happy times. I will try and remember this on Sunday. x

  4. You know what I had to Google what cwtch means hehe. Cwtch to youuuuu. :)
    How do you pronounce it though?

  5. aww, this is so sweet. gotta love a cwtch! :)

  6. Your video is so sweet and so lovely that you have so many amazing things to say about your dad. I love the idea of driving through Paris with the wind in my hair too! x

  7. I don't think my comment went through! Anyway I did write to say I love this, so heartfelt and your dad would be so proud of you and all the adventures you have x

  8. Great video indeed, I hope my son can tell that to me one day.. :)


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