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Pregnancy Update - 16 weeks

16 weeks pregnant

Wow I cannot believe how the time is flying this time round, I think I am just so busy with the little man there is hardly time to think about it and my growing bump - which I can say has finally arrived (this striped top covers it well). I have found it harder to sleep lately, my mind seems so active at night but otherwise I am all good. I am in a strange part of the pregnancy with regards to clothing, not quite there on maternity clothes yet it's getting a bit of a squeeze to get into my normal jeans.

Also as we are gearing up for a holiday this week has also been all about relaxing, finding calm and keeping on top of things and I personally prefer to use natural products and have always sworn by Rescue Remedy especially when travelling, which is the first thing I am going to pack on our holiday to France. It simply helps to find that inner calm and clarity.


  1. Crikey I can't believe you're 16 weeks already!!! Just think, the next time we see eachother, you'll be blooming and I'll have my new baby! CRAY!

    Mummy Pixie

  2. Time does fly by when you already have a child..... this fourth pregnancy is speeding by so fast! I swear by the Resuce Remedy Night - great for when I can't switch off! Hope you have a fab trip away

  3. I love Rescue Remedy packaging. So retro but recognisable.

  4. I love rescue remedy products, they are amazing. Helped me pass my driving test too! x

  5. I found the second pregnancy went way quicker - you don't have the luxury of sitting about like you do with a first pregnancy when there's a toddler to run around after! I swear by Rescue Remedy as well - I've suffered from anxiety for years, and find the spray so helpful.

  6. I didn't know Rescue Remedy came in all these forms. I swear by it too.

  7. I remember the early days so well- nothing fits, normal or maternity. So annoying! Congratulations on your pregnancy :) x

  8. I really like Rescue Remedy too, I like to take it to help me sleep (or when I'm all wound up is often!!) Lovely pic of you and growing bump!

  9. what how did that happen! you were only 12 weeks a second ago! I didn't know it came in these forms either! x


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