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indulgent pancakes
Indulgent pancakes - they way to start a sunday (image)

If anyway was made for dream Sunday was, it's one of those days when my mind wonders to wonderful places, enticing smells of exotic food, dreams of lying on a hammock near white golden sands or putting the key into a beautiful red door of my dream home and why not I say - what would the world be without wonderful dreams.

baked treats
These look simply amazing

I think my love of whimsical Sundays has come from my mothers love of a lazy brunch. Growing up in South Africa sundays were always long sunny affairs that were spent taking things slow, she was the master of putting together beautiful sundays brunches with french toast, different jams, frittatas, freshly squeeze lemonade from our lemon tree and all of us sat around the table outside overlooking the garden and simply enjoying the peace, quiet and family time together.

Growing up I never wanted to live anywhere else - I have a happy childhood and loved our home, to me it was perfect, not to big not too small and with some character feels like the wood burner and wooden flooring throughout, there was nothing more I wanted from it and I do wonder if we will ever be able to find such a home today. A place you feel truly content. I don't want anything too big but it would be lovely to have something full of character and wonderful wooden door and of course in a real dream world having a character in appearance electric garage door to keep the car would be an amazing added bonus as thats the one thing about living with on street parking it was keep getting our side view mirrors damaged - not a sunday dream thats for sure.

outdoor inspiration
I love traditional style garages

What is your lazy sunday dream? Where does your mind drift off too?


  1. Your mum's sunday brunches sound like bliss - I'd love to recreate that for my kiddos. We've sort of got a little tradition of boiled egg and soldiers going which the kids really enjoy and it's my favourite too x

    1. We have that too - on a Sunday night though, not in the morning! Funny how eggs are such popular Sunday foods, guess it's cos they're uncomplicated and every family has a special way of doing them!

  2. What a dream. Your mother's brunches sound amazing! My Sunday dream would include a chance to actually read the papers and maybe a countryside stroll.

  3. Sundays are our one and only lazy day each week.... starting with pancakes and cartoons :)

  4. how cute is that cottage? we never have/or have had any sort of routine, so it would be nice to have a little sunday 'thing' going on.

  5. those pancakes look aaaaamazing, I need them x

  6. I think the perfect Sunday would include absolutely no work, the papers, a visit to a vintage shop, a good brunch and an afternoon at the park followed by dinner at my parents!


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