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beautiful dress
The lovely Fritha from TigerLillyQuinn

Hello! I'm Fritha from Tigerlilly Quinn sharing a little guest post for the lovely Laura whilst she is on her holibobs! 

I've done an Etsy wish list. I think mainly because I've had little time to spend over there, but on a rare evening of freedom this week I found myself trawling though yet more beautiful items to add to my 'one day' shopping basket. Rock and roll ey?

I though I'd do a travel themed 'wish list' because y'know, holiday! So let's start with:

New Adventure’ journal I love that this can be used as a note book for your travels or just as a chapter of a new stage of your life!

new adventure

floral print

I love anything with a vintage floral print and this is just perfect! Look at those colours! 

Wall art

One of the places that is top of my wish list to go day one day

and lastly this locket, isn’t it just perfect? To remind you of all the places in the world that you can visit!

map locket

Thanks for having me Laura!


  1. LOVE that bag! It's gorgeous x

  2. That notebook is ever so cute and I could give that New York print some house space too :)

  3. What a fab wish list! I love the New York print! I actually have a list of all the lovely things I'd like and it actually comes in handy for birthdays and Christmas so it's always lovely to ask for the extra special things that you would feel too guilty about purchasing for yourself x

  4. I love the NY print! Wonder if they do a London one..... PS congrats Fritha on your recent MADS win!

  5. I love the print, a Paris one would be fab as well - all the big cities!

  6. Ooh, I love the journal and the locket. Both Danny and I love things like stationery with maps on (something to look at and places to dream about when we're bored! lol) x

  7. That locket is so pretty! I have (at my parents' in Spain) a set of envelopes made from maps. Never got to use them but I actually have a picture I took of them up on the product photography section of my portfolio.


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