Paris - We will soon be seeing you


So we will be heading off on a really exciting adventure this month, partly because we want to feel some real sunshine for a few days and partly because I am turning 30 this year!! Before we head down to the South of France and our stunning James Villas property for a blissful week will will be spending just under two days in the city of lights and it seems like years (5 to be exact) since I have walked the streets of Paris and it's a long overdue stop in this stunning city and won't be our last that is for sure.

We arrive in the late afternoon and this is a rough of what we have planned so far, after making our way to were we will be staying we are going to try and find M.O.B a vegan veggie burger delight of an eatery before a leisurely stroll along the Seine and finally making our way to the Eiffel Tower at night time.

The next day we plan to take it easy, visit Notre Dame and than walk down Le Jardin Du Luxembourg to sail some boats in the park before heading over to Ralphs for a special birthday lunch.  If we have time we may make our way over to Sacre-Coure or simply stroll the cafes and take in the city in a very relaxed way,  the thing is with a toddler is not trying to cramp too much into one day . The next morning we enjoyed a nice relaxed breakfast before boarding the TGV down to the South of France. Very exciting.

Love lock bridge Paris
Can't wait to be strolling along the streets of Paris


  1. That sounds like a great plan. I haven't been to Paris for years either and I noticed Eurostar have a sale on at the moment which made me ponder for a sec.
    Look forward to seeing all your photos from this trip - it's such a beautiful city x

  2. Exciting! We are off to the South of France soon too, I can't wait! x

  3. Oh have fun! I'd love to go to Paris!

  4. woo! have fun! i'd love to go to france some day.

  5. So so wonderful!! I love Paris and would go back in a heart beat. I canny wait to read about it x

  6. So so wonderful, I love Paris and would go back in a heartbeat. I hope you have a fab time on your hols and can't wait to read about it x

  7. Try East Side burgers too! They are veggie/vegan and SO SO good! x

  8. We've been talking about Paris for the last few years, and I reeeeeally want to visit! Hope you have an amazing time and birthday! Bon anniversaire!


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