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I think it's pretty safe to say that all young kids and toddlers love stickers so it's no wonder The Sticker Club weekly sticker pack, that pops through the letter box in a nifty square envelope has been going down a storm in our house and seriously what a great little idea. I personally love the cute and creative illustrations, they are super cute and different to what you would find normally in a store and I like that they are not TV Characters but instead lovely wildlife, animal, colourful, bunny people style graphics. 

sticker fun

The other day we had to pop into London for an event and as we don't have a tablet or anything like that and with it being a two hour train trip to the Capital it always means I have to have a few tricks up my sleeve to keep Mr A entertained and the pack is super portable and he had a lot of fun sticking his rockets, stars and other bits and bobs into his journal and it mean 45 minutes of blissful creative time, making up worlds and stories around the stickers, which meant with one little pack we were already halfway into our journey which was great for me.

Rocket sticker

He looks forward to his yellow envelope to pop through the door each week and I love that its such a simple pleasure,  no bright lights or noises just good old fashion stickering fun.

We were sent a sticker club subscription to try out and provide an honest review.


  1. Great for big kids too as I would totally love a weekly sticker delivery! lol!

  2. This is such a sweet idea. I bet it keeps them entertained for hours.

  3. Oh I absolutely love stickers. So do my two monkeys :)

  4. Love this idea, I'm off to sign up for one for my son who's obsessed with stickers! Thanks


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