Backyard Style Tips for Beginners


Is the onslaught of DIY renovation TV shows making you feel insecure about your backyard? Don't think your yard measures up? The good news is, with some simple styling tips, you'll be on your way to a dream backyard. Read on to get started.

Make a List

Before designing your backyard, make a concise list of your needs and wants. To create this list, ask yourself what purpose you want and need your backyard to serve. For instance: Do the kids need some space to play? Do you want to grow fruit and vegetables? Would you like to use the space to entertain friends? Once you have defined your objectives, draw some very rough sketches of your outdoor space, in regard to where you would like to place things. Both making lists and sketching the area are great organisation principles in landscape design for beginners.

DIY garden project
I love this cute DIY planting project - start small (image)

Start Small

Although reality TV renovation shows like to claim anyone can transform an entire house in the space of a weekend, most of us do not have a crew of 60 handymen at our disposal. It is not important that you transform your entire outdoor area in a weekend; what is important is that you make a start. Visualise the finished product in your mind and start working at small, achievable tasks, such as planting a garden or pruning any overgrown trees.

When it comes time to tackle the major tasks, such as building a deck or pergola, it is best to contact a professional such as Additions Building; you can click here to check out some of their previous work. This leaves you more time to focus on the finer details, not to mention helping you to avoid unnecessary stress.

family garden
We work around our seating area in our garden

Work around a Focal Point

The focal point in your backyard is the feature or features you feel draw the most attention - such as a sculpture or a water feature. The rest of your design should focus on complimenting that chief component of your space. This landscape design principle will guide you in seeing your backyard as a complete picture. That is, whilst your eye is drawn to the focal point of the space, the rest of its features should naturally compliment it.

children in the garden
Even when Mr A was young he has always been up for a challenge

Be Open to Change

As the saying goes, "a change is as good as a holiday", so unless you are strongly devoted to your backyard's design, always be open to the idea of change. As people go through stages of growth and change throughout life, so must your outdoor space if it is to truly reflect you and your current tastes. This does not have to be a complete tear-down of the space you have created; it could be as simple as planting different trees, or installing a different water feature.

beautiful porch
Outdoor space however small can be beautiful

By spending a few days integrating these ideas into your backyard, it will not be long until that once empty space is transformed into an expertly styled, tranquil environment. What tips have worked for you in the past? Leave your comments in the section below.

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  1. We have a lovely back garden which is perfect for our children. I'm looking forward to having some time to make it a little more grown up one day though :)

  2. Our back yarden is lovely but aimed too much at adult style. I'm thinking of removing a raised section and AstroTurf'ing it for the kids. But nervous tho!


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