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Creating healthy lunch boxes

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

lunch box ideas

Healthy eating an creating well balanced and healthy lunch boxes and picnics for our weekly outdoor adventures is very important to us as a family. I think it's something you need to start early on with a means to go on. Of course we celebrate homemade treats but we always try and keep things fairly simple and natural, so we were really interested to try and and learn more about the new Capri Sun Fruit crush drinks which is free from any added sugar or sweetener - something that is important to us and basically it's fruit juice mixed with spring water and is one of your 5 a day. We still keep fruit juices to a fair minimum but when we are going out to one of our homeschooling groups or longer outdoor adventures they are nice and refreshing for the little man.

kids lunchbox
What we normally packing our lunch boxes on any given day

We also have a yummy wholemeal sandwich - this one is packed with home-made egg mayonnaise which Mr A is loving at the moment, alongside a lovely crisp apple, some grapes and a few rice cakes - although these can change - we always pack fruit and usually some grated cheese or hummus with oat cakes or perhaps a nice homemade muffin or some baked veggie crisps, all of which provide an excellent source of energy for an active and growing toddler

free range toddler

As we are out and about most days, packing lunch is an important part of our daily routine, we cannot rely on eating out - first of all this would be very expensive and usually the options are not very healthy and even though Mr A doesn't go to school we have action packed days filled with visiting friends, groups or learning and exploring outdoors, all of which doesn't stop for lunch so having a packed lunch is essential. The good thing about the Capri Sun juices is that once they are done the sachet rolls down really small if you can't find a bin so your not having to carry around an empty bottle, also it's also ready and easy to use for when you are on the go.

tesco drinks aisle

We found all three flavours - Apple & Pear, Apple & Blackcurrant and Tropical in our local Tesco's downy he squash aisle. What is good is the box they come in is recyclable and it's not to see an option that doesn't contain added sweeteners or sugars which seems the norm in kids drinks. We still turn to water as our main way to hydrate but on a hot summer's day or simply when we have been out and about all day it's a really nice and refreshing option for kids (and adults). What are your tips for a healthy lunch box? I was really enjoyed being apart of the #CapriSunSchool #CollectiveBias campaign.


  1. Always important for kids to eat healthily. I have just discovered the genius that is the packed lunch, this summer. Before we spent lots of money buying lunch while we were out. Now I take a packed lunch for my daughter wherever we go. Luckily with free school meals starting this term we don't need to take a packed lunch but when we are out and about we definitely will continue.

  2. We never think to take a packed lunch when we go out on a day trip but it's such a good idea as it can cost a fortune to buy lunch - especially at the prices some places charge! Looks like he's really enjoying his Capri-Sun!

  3. That looks like a very healthy lunchbox indeed! I think healthy eating in childhood is so, so important, I'm really strict about the foods I give Ebony, she will probably grow up to despise me for it... but she'll have really good teeth.

  4. My daughter is 17 months now and lunch boxes are still being formed in my mind. She is a big oatcake fan, but sandwiches...sometimes not so much. She has, however, proudly learned to use a straw, so I'll be trying out these Capri-Suns once in a while! Thanks for the tip!

  5. I had to pack Cherry as packed lunch for pre-school today as she's started going longer days. I really wish I was prepared enough to make them for days out but usually I end up stopping somewhere which ends up costing a fortune. Capri Suns remind me of my childhood, I used to love them! x

  6. Capri Sun were my favourite childhood drink! We take packed lunches out with us as well, although if I had my way, I'd be in cafes every day!

  7. Oooh, I love a Capri Sun! They remind me of being little and stopping to buy dinner in a garage on the way home from a day out :-)

  8. MY girls love capri sun... we always take packed lunches on days out to keep costs down, this one looks yummy {and healthy}

  9. It's really hard to find healthy drinks for kids when you're on the go. I try to give them water but they do like fruity drinks so this sounds like a good compromise. Will look out for them! x

  10. We are fans of Capri Sun - the crush drinks look great, we will have to try those.

  11. I've got to start making Theo lunches this term, I'm quite excited by the challenge...but totally won't be saying that a few weeks in!

  12. it's great that they don't have sugar or sweeteners in them! So many do! x


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