Shades and Street Food


Firmoo sunglasses
Me rocking my Firmoo shades
Over the past two days both Mr A and I have been hit by a horrible little cold, which we have been attacking with healthy food, early nights and lemon tea but with a Street Food Festival happening in Cardiff we just couldn't resist. So after a hot shower and finding the mental strength we ventured outside, which I think did us all a little bit of good, especially since the sun was shinning down, something that has seemed a bit of rare sight of late. It also gave me a chance to try out stylish tortoise shell shades that the lovely people at Firmoo kindly sent me. They have to be one of the best quality glasses I have which I was a bit of surprise considering the reasonable price, they don't feel flimsy at all and I can see these lasting a very longtime and I can't wait to be wearing them on our upcoming trip to the South of France.


So back to the Street Food fest - there were a bunch of stalls both on The High Street and Womanby street and we flickered between both tasty some lovely foodie delights. I enjoyed some fresh veggie fajita taco's which the two boys went for Greek Halloumi Pittas and than we all tried something called the "hippy dirty burger" which was basically spicy halloumi with homemade slaw and salad - Halloumi seems like the veggie option of choice lately.

mission burrito tacos

Street tapas

street food

stylish toddler

We had a lovely time, great food and really enjoyed the sunshine. We were however absolutely exhausted by the end of it, they cold has sapped my energy for sure but it was well worth the adventure into Cardiff. Also my new shades hid my tired eyes for most of the day, John actually noted they were a bit smaller than my usual ones but in fact they were simply a better fit and I came across this infographic all about getting glasses to be the right fit.


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  1. yum...i'd have ventured to the street food fair too! Love the glasses too :)

  2. ooh I do love street food, and if it comes from an airstream even better! x

  3. haha i never know about any of these things going on! glad it was sunny for you.

  4. Love the glasses, they're such a classic style! Halloumi is my favourite meat alternative, its incredible. Yum!

  5. I wish we had more cool street style food markets like this in Harrogate (it's all very farmers' market round here). Your glasses look great!
    P.S. For a moment i thought the burger wrapper had a slightly erm phallic print on it and then realised it was just chickens. Am I the only one who sees these things ha!?

  6. Oh my goodness. This food looks gorgeous. How cool is the airstream too? Around here, streetfood is sausage, burger in roll and chips. Someone had to check with their boss the other day if I could buy chips with a bread roll? It's crazy! x

  7. Oh I didn't know about this! I absolutely adore street food and currently have a bit of an obsession with halloumi. I'm gutted I missed it. I hope you're all cold free and feeling better now. Great shades by the way!


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