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Oh aren't toddlers just the cutest things when they are sleeping, but I think I talk on behalf of a lot of parents that getting them to sleep at the same time each night and having them dream peacefully throughout the whole nights is a real feat in itself and something that doesn't exactly happen automatically especially if your travelling a lot or have a busy schedule. I personally find that making the bedroom a place were your child wants to spend their time is easier getting them to settle at night so we have tried to design Mr A's bedroom in a light, safe and friendly space

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The great thing is if your in a bed of a bedtime routine bind or want to share what does and doesn't work for you why not join me this Saturday on twitter from 8-9pm for a #bettabedtimes twitter party with myself and three other bloggers as we talk all about bedtime, routines and what you child loves to read before going to sleep. It's also Roald Dahl's birthday and we are giving away two £50 vouchers to spend on the the Roald Dahl collection at Betta Living

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  1. children really are the cutest things when they are asleep! definetly agree that a light space helps with sleep, Mr A's room looks lovely! Looking forward to the twitter chat! x

  2. Cherry is a nightmare at bedtime lately, she spends at least 30 mins kicking off her cover, asking for things, crying, it's so frustrating when we are tired at the end of the day! x

  3. I love those cushions!

  4. F looks practically saintly when he's sleeping and then I always make the mistake of brushing his hair of his face and then he wakes ahh! X


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