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Do you ver feel like both your mind and your home is cluttered? I also try and find a good balance between being sentimental (which happens when you have kids) while also not keeping anything we don't need or doesn't have a purpose. I do sometimes wish I could leave it all, I am a pretty unmaterialistic type of person but to be extremely minimal I do think is a real art.

minimalist living
Super simple bedroom (image)
simple minimalist living
All you need - books, clock, radio (image)
chic wardrobe
Wow wish my wardrobe was so simple (image)


  1. I would love to keep my interiors so simple - as it is, I have lots of boxes crammed full of books, toys and shoes! Still, a girl can dream...

  2. I really like the minimalist lifestyle and decor. Find it impossible to live like that As I keep everything but I still like it nevertheless.


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