Staging Your Patio for House Guests


beautiful wicker chair
How beautiful is this chair (image)

Wicker always reminds me of my childhood - my mother had large wicker chairs in the living room with lovely comfy cushions on them which I often use to fall asleep or daydream on. We also had wicker chairs out on the patio which many hours were spent lazing in the sun. There is something truly beautiful about the natural nature of wicker and it's so aesthetically pleasing and timeless and if you read the blog you would know that I love anything wooden, organic or natural based

Even though the height of Summer may be behind us, but parts of the country don’t know it yet. There is still plenty of fun in the sun to be had before winter, and weekend gatherings are the perfect time to do it. Be sure to do some simple maintenance before guests arrive, like painting or staining wood fences. Set up a wicker paradise like a dining table or patio chairs, to make the space look more accommodating. Here are some design tips for staging your backyard.

stunning wicker dinning set
How beautiful is this table and wicker seats (image)

Seating Arrangements
When you want patio chairs, but you don’t want plastic chairs, you have a few options. Aluminum chairs are probably your cheapest option. They won’t withstand many seasons, but they look nice today. Resin Wicker patio chairs are lightweight, durable and attractive. They will last for a lot longer because the materials are higher quality. In the end, the price you are willing to pay is up to you, but long-term, wicker usually ends up being more affordable for you than aluminum or plastic sets.

How beautiful are these patio lounge chairs (image)

Barbecue Area
A built-in barbecue area with a bar can be a centerpiece for people to gather near, but it’s best to have a set of chairs where you can seat everyone. People will naturally congregate there for fresh food off the grill, and good conversation. Spruce up the space with tiki torches or solar lights. A storage basket can store all your barbecue utensils, or provide a space to clear general clutter. If you plan to have a drink station, position it near the grill to give people a natural focal point.


  1. I don't own any wicker pieces and I wouldn't naturally tend to buy wicker. However as I was reading this and looking at the images, I remembered some pieces of wicker furniture my mum has had for years and has had enough of. The chair in the first image has inspired me to give her furniture a lick of colourful paint!

    1. Thanks so much Lorna - yes with a lick of paint they can look great
      Laura x

  2. There's some lovely choices there. It's a shame I didn't get to use the patio/decking for guests this year due to poor weather but I still like to sit out something and admire the stars.

  3. Lovely! Gave me the taste for more! Thank you


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