A mini Bristol Adventure


Suspension bridge
Crossing over into England

Oh there is nothing more that warms my heart than jumping in a car for a mini road trip with the little man in tow. Thats the great thing about living in the UK that cities are not hours apart like in South Africa and I love to explore the surrounding areas. Last week we crossed the boarder from Wales in England on our way to Bristol to see the lovely Fritha from Tiger Lilly Quinn and her adorable son Wilf. It's always great to be able to explore a city with someone who lives there, you get a much better perspective on things, we parked up at Fritha's house, which is in a very vibrant area on the outskirts of the city centre, when then took a bus into the city, which I love because you get to see parts of the city you would usually overlook. We went through St Nicholas market which I have been to before but not for a quite sometime and it's always a treat to be able to check out all the quirky and cool shops with old records and books as well as a quick trip to the South African store to pick up a few homely goodies as well as passing all the street stalls with delicious fresh produce on our way to Castle Park.

Beautiful bike

Street food stall Bristol

fresh produce bristol

Tiger lilly quinn
toddlers exploring
The two boys fascinated with something 

Fritha had recommend we try out Edna's kitchen in Castle Park as they are well-known for their amazing Falafel's and I loooove Falafels so I couldn't wait to see if it would live up to it's name and I can safely say Edna's kitchen did just that, the food was fresh, healthy and very very tasty. Mr A enjoyed a hearty pitta filled with homemade hummus and it was street food at it's best - I highly recommend this place if your in town, plus you get to sit down under the trees in castle park - perfection. After our food the two boys had a chance to run around the park and take a stroll along the river spotting some houseboats along the way. We took a leisurely walk through the city centre and the market again before heading back on the bus - all in al a lovely day and Mr A and Wilf really enjoyed each others company as well.

Ednas Kitchen Bristol
Edna's Kitchen in Castle Park - lovely place to eat (image)
free range toddler


  1. It looks great, I love falafels! Such sweet photos too! x

  2. I have to say I am a bit jealous - I want to come to Bristol and meet up in all these great places. I might plan a road trip myself as Greig used to go to uni in Bristol and I'd love to check out the place again x
    By the way, your boys look like they enjoyed the meet-up just as much - cute pix!

  3. I love the first picture soooo much, makes it look like you are coming over the bridge in the 70s!

  4. aw, i love the pics! i havent been to bristol for ages, i would love to go and explore some time.

  5. it's so sweet how A looks after W when they meet up, I love the shots of the boys together and I have to say that one you took of Wilf an I might be one of my favourites ever! x


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